SEPTEMBER 25, 2013

Governor Jan Brewer Issues Executive Order

Reaffirms Arizona’s authority to set own education policy
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PHOENIX – Governor Jan Brewer signed an Executive Order reaffirming Arizona’s constitutional right to set its own education policies. The Order reiterates the governor’s longstanding belief in the importance of local control in education.

“This Order reinforces my priorities for Arizona’s education system: raising the standards and expectations for Arizona students and educators, increasing the high school graduation rate and ensuring college and career readiness to meet the needs of a competitive workforce,” said Governor Brewer. “The power to make important education decisions involving curriculum, instructional materials and literature must occur at the local level, with input and influence from parents – the people most attuned to their children’s schooling needs. It is imperative that parents, and all Arizona citizens, engage regularly with their local school boards to ensure the standards are being met and implemented effectively.”

The Executive Order requires that executive agencies refer to the standards, adopted in 2010, as Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, and encourages citizens and education stakeholders to do the same. The order’s other provisions direct that no standards or curriculum be imposed on Arizona by the federal government, and that the power to set and define learning standards for students in Arizona’s public schools remain within the State Board of Education.

“The state’s education community is working hard to equip Arizona’s students with the knowledge and real-world skills that will enable them to compete with students from other states for college and high-paying jobs,” said Governor Brewer. “With Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, we are setting our students on the path to lifelong success.”

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