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September 25 – October 1, 2013


For All Signs: Venus, the ancient goddess of love, and Mars, the warrior, are squared off for battle at this time. Many relationships are up for review and the basically firm ones will be tweaked and fine-tuned. This occurs not only between individuals, but also among governments and special interest groups. More energy needs to be poured into the connection or it may be dissolved due to lack of interest or resources. In particular, we will be reviewing relationships and/or projects begun in April 2013.

Aries: Check the lead paragraph because Mars is your planetary ruler. At this time you are being asked to invest more deeply into a relationship. The Other wants more from you. This could be measured in money, time, energy, or willingness to be intimate. It can be either a personal relationship or business.

Taurus: This is a time of evaluation. The subject at hand is a new relationship beginning or a fresh promise in an ongoing partnership which developed late in the spring of ’11. If you want to grow this relationship further, then a new surge of energy and resources are required. So, is it worth the effort?

Gemini: The early part of the week may be disappointing. A promise or business contract may evaporate for weird reasons. Someone has changed his/her attitude. On Sunday you will let go of this situation and focus your intention on whatever activities you need on a daily basis to promote better mental and physical health.

Cancer: The intuitive visionary in you is especially strong at this time. You may serve as the Voice for a greater spiritual purpose if you keep your ego out of the picture. Give to the Greater Whole whatever is within you that needs expression. But if you do this in service of the ego, you could make a mockery of it.

Leo: It is of paramount importance that you control your mouth this week, especially in the work arena. Although you have an opinion about whatever is happening, let it go and say nothing unless asked for it. Being "right" is not as important as maintaining human relations. This is not a good time to argue.

Virgo: Your imagination could go overboard this week and you might be overly reactive to imagined slights. Double check on facts, data, and directions that come your way. Over the weekend you will recognize the pain you have inflicted upon yourself via your thought processes. Hopefully, a shift in thinking habits follows.

Libra: Your love of luxury and fine things may cause a battle with your partner, who prefers to keep the belt tightened. This reflects a genuine inner conflict. A fairly strong part of you also wants to play it safe as well. Look for a way to satisfy your wants a little more inexpensively.

Scorpio: This is not your best week for getting along with others on the playground or at home. Even if you keep to yourself, you may attract those who want to take pokes at you. Don't get caught up in a battle of wills. The energies are short-lived, no more than a few days, and you can return to peace.

Sagittarius: You want to move forward, but something is holding you in place. You may be barely conscious of it or have trouble putting your finger on just what it is. One clue is that the problem holding you back is a belief or a secret that has been handed down through the history of your family. You picked it up unconsciously.

Capricorn: You may be applauded for your ethical and moral behavior patterns. Others will let you know your efforts have been noticed. If you are one of those who slippy-slide around the line, then a person of minor authority may find the error and bring it to the attention of others. One gets what is deserved on this aspect.

Aquarius: Your leadership role is major right now. Others are relying on your skills at organization as well as your ability to concentrate on a goal. There are probably a number of people around you who are interested in your target and helping it to be accomplished. The mission has political leanings. (Use the word broadly.)

Pisces: Your intuition and creative energies are high right now. But “something” keeps you from allowing the muse to manifest through you. Is it fear of being wrong? Maybe you worry about what others will think. As long as you are not trying to prove yourself better than others, you can allow a pure expression of the muse.

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