canfield letters

Dear Mr. Sorchych

It is very easy to let our national security slip off our personal radar screens when we don’t seem to be threatened.  It is also very easy to squawk and complain about our nation's high-expense defense industry when nothing is on the line.  But the news coverage for the last week has certainly shown how quickly things can change and once again we are reminded we should be ready through the good times to meet the bad times when they come.  I don’t know what we will do with regard to Syria, but I do know with Russia making threats again, it is comforting knowing our country has remained committed to our nation's defense with programs like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.  It is a major portion of our national preparedness and even though it and other programs have been very costly, it could prove to be worth every penny if we are to need it for our own protection.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Alexis Monty

Audacity of eloquence

I believe, in my personal opinion, the public and media are not giving President Obama enough credit for what he has achieved during his first six years in office: 1) Dismissal of convictions in the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case for 2008 elections.

2) A book that promised nothing but hope that earned a Nobel Peace Prize.

3) Forcing a complicated, bureaucratic, earmarked healthcare entitlement system upon citizens against their will.

4) Giving away multiple cell phones to many undeserving people, many of which then sold them.

5) Geometrically expanding a Social Security disability program.

6) Significantly growing welfare system.

5) Inflating the rolls of food stamp programs.

6) Delaying for years the Keystone pipeline that could have added jobs and GNP for U.S.

7) Politicizing the IRS and regulatory agencies to target successful taxpayers and conservatives.

8) Giving articulate speeches that straddled any comprehension of intent or measurement.

9) Naively softening foreign policies costing diplomatic lives and U.S. credibility and standing.

10) Defending a choice for the Federal Reserve that will make it loyal to him with less independence.

11) Muddling immigration policy for U.S. in pursuit of Hispanic votes.

12) Increasing entitlements that grew U.S. debt record amounts to record levels and a lower debt rating.

13) Strangling the democratic capitalistic engine of America with bureaucratic oversight.

14) Facilitating terror, religious based organizations rather than throttling them.

15) Delaying infrastructure projects through lack of leadership.

16) Encouraging loss of U.S. competitiveness through union stipends in GM bankruptcy & Boeing NLRB.

17) Adroit bait and switching of Republicans resulting in lack of budgets and shackling of GNP growth.

18) Reintroducing racism into America and politics.

19) Passive, naive advocating of progress on nuclear weaponry for Iran and N. Korea.

20) Reducing the confidence of allies in Europe, Asia, Africa & the Middle East in the U.S.

21) Singular focus on advancing his civil rights agenda of redistribution, repatriation & retribution.

22) Playing brinkmanship with sequestration default forcing significant cuts to defense.

23) Staring at the chasm of Social Security insolvency without leading restructuring.

24) Stifling of journalistic inquiries into White House decisions and background activity.

25) Helping Acorn succeed and enrich constituents of the Democratic Party.

26) Defeating state voter ID laws to allow maximization of unqualified voters.

27) Suppressing meritocracy and accountability within federal government departments.

28) Defeat of constructive discord and devil’s advocating within his reach.

29) Ratcheting up bitter partisan politics to a new level.

30) Putting his agendas and partisan objectives ahead of America’s best interests.

Harvey Gillis


Bashar Assad War Crimes

If we are sure that Bashar Assad ordered the use of Sarin gas why has he not been charged with war crimes?

Roy Miller


Say NO to war in Syria

Today, I will return to Washington for emergency hearings of the Senate Foreign Relation Committee, of which I am a member.

We are told we will hear evidence from Obama administration officials of why we should engage our military in Syria.

I cannot imagine what they will say that could justify another war.

Our national interests are not at stake in Syria, and using our men and women in uniform to salvage the credibility of this administration would be a shocking misuse.

Next week, the full Senate will deliberate and vote on an authorization for military action. I will lead the opposition to try to stop this mistake from ever happening.

And it would be a grave mistake, one whose consequences we cannot even be sure of right now.

I am asking you to let your voice be heard this week and next.

You see, one of the major reason the constitution requires CONGRESS to send us to war is because the voice of the people can be heard clearly here.

Let them hear your voice, and let them hear a resounding "NO" to war in Syria, as they weigh this important decision.

There are many reasons my colleagues could have for voting no, among them:

*** Our military would be joining the same side of this civil war as Al Qaeda. We cannot be sure who among the Syrian rebels are potential allies, and we know many of them are Islamic militants.

*** The hundreds of thousands of Christians in Syria would be in even more danger if the extremist rebels were to take over Syria.

*** There is no real military goal, and no clear sense of what victory is. Without that, our military should never be asked to risk their lives.

There certainly are more strong reasons to stay out of this civil war in Syria. And I will make sure my colleagues here them all this week and next, as I take to the Senate floor and to the airwaves to lead this fight.

But I am counting on you to back me up.

Congress MUST hear from every American who doesn't want to see anyone's sons or daughters be the first to die for a mistake.

Congress MUST hear from every American who knows we can't be the world's policeman.

And Congress MUST hear from every American who would be sickened to know we were contemplating joining a war on the same side as Al Qaeda.

So let them hear you.

Please sign this petition today to add your voice to mine and say "NO" to U.S. military action in Syria.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S.   American involvement in the Syrian conflict would only strengthen al-Qaeda terrorists.

The president and Congress need to learn from history and pursue a Constitutional, common-sense foreign policy. One that does not needlessly endanger our brave men and women in uniform.


Syria – count the cost

The President and Congress will make the decisions when it comes to Syria. They and military leadership have far more information than I. However, we will not go into Syria, throw our rocks and run back home unscathed. The scathing may occur immediately or weeks or months later.

How many Americans will die if we intervene in Syria? I do not want to lose one American over a civil war that's been going on for thousands of years. We will never solve the hatred between the Muslims in the Middle East.

Since when has Al-Qaeda become our friends? Are we now able to trust Al-Qaeda? Are we supposed to bomb Assad and then in turn start loading Al-Qaeda down with weapons that they in turn can use against us? How do we know who used weapons of mass destruction? Could Al-Qaeda have used such weapons against Syrians in hopes of invoking a response from the United States to aid them in their fight?

What about Iraq? Iraq was going to be fast and efficient. But over 4500 of our American troops were killed and another 100,000 were seriously injured in combat with many of them losing limbs. We spent a total of six trillion dollars on Iraq while almost twenty percent of our own people live in poverty.

War is never quick, easy and cheap. War takes us further than we want to go. Makes us pay more than we want to pay and keeps us longer than we want to stay. What makes us think we can pound Syria for only a few days and accomplish anything? Previous history warns us that it could end up being a long and bitter engagement.

What happens if Russia, Iran, North Korea and China decide to get into the act? What would World War III look like? Most likely it would forever change the planet as we know and enjoy it today.

I do not want any innocent life to suffer at the hands of an evil dictator. Assad should be stopped. However, it's imperative that our Congress and President assess how far we can go, how much we are able to pay and how long we can really stay.

If we believe we can get by with firing our missiles and simply walking away, we have lost all sense of reality. 

Glenn Mollette
Author of America’s Disgrace, Fitness Is A Mind Game and others.


The Situation in Syria
G-20 Counter Summit

September 5, 2013

Grassroots organizations from all over the world have come together in St. Petersburg, Russia, September 3-4, 2013, to hold accountable the policies of the G-20 group of industrial nations and their failure to effectively address the critical issues of growing global inequality, financial crisis, environmental destruction and military conflicts.

We are meeting at a time of great suffering in Syria. We stand united in demanding that outside powers stop adding to the violence in Syria, and specifically to refrain from bombing sites inside Syria. Social movements should be on standby to protest any such bombing. There is no way that this escalation of violence can improve the situation in Syria, and it will only add to the suffering of the Syrian people.

If Syria is attacked it will no doubt lead to increased suffering of Syrian people who will be the victims. Moreover it will lead to further insecurity in the region. We do not know what reaction the Syrian government will have against its attackers, neighbors, or own people.

We note that the Arab League has already made a statement against military intervention and we concur.

There is no doubt that use of chemical weapons is a crime against humanity. However, the singling out of chemical weapons as the only crime against humanity is a narrow view of the crisis as it unfolds in Syria. More than 100,000 people have died because of this conflict and failure of leading international powers to bring concerned parties to the table.

All outside forces who have contributed to the conflict in Syria should now make commitments to not only support an inclusive peace process to include financial commitments to help in the rebuilding of Syrian society and healing the wounds of war. Such a meeting should consider establishing a working framework for convening all parties involved in this conflict, Arab countries, Iran, Turkey and all members of the different opposition groups collectively referred to as the “Syrian Opposition.” As any meaningful resolution of the Syrian conflict will require a convention of all parties to this conflict. The G20 heads of state should seek such multilateral and multi-party approach toward ceasefire, a political solution, and program for national re-construction of Syria and re-settlement of refugees.

Post Globalization Initiative


Your ObamaCare story

To all Arizona Taxpayers & Health Care Freedom Fighters:

At Americans for Prosperity, we are very concerned about the negative impacts that ObamaCare is going to have on various groups of people: seniors on Medicare, the working poor, the employees and owners of small businesses, younger Americans, and breadwinners who are hoping to find affordable health insurance for their families.

One of the authors of the ObamaCare legislation, Democratic Senator Max Baucus, said he sees "a huge train wreck coming down." We fear that the ObamaCare train wreck is going to hurt a lot of people.

To stop ObamaCare, we need to tell the stories of the people who are already being hurt by the legislation. You can help by telling us your story. Some stories have already been profiled in AFP's ongoing national television series. At the bottom of this email, check out the story sent to us by a university professor. This week, we are working with a Phoenix TV reporter who is doing a human interest piece to profile the effects that ObamaCare is having on the lives of Arizonans.

Here are some of the people whose stories we need to hear:

• "Twenty-Niners"" and other employees who have seen their hours cut to less than 30 per week, because their employers cannot afford ObamaCare's expensive new insurance mandates;

• Workers and retirees ages 50 to 64, whose employers or former employers are looking at dropping their insurance plans because those plans are going to become unaffordable under ObamaCare;

• Low-income families on Medicaid that are having trouble finding doctors who will see them in a timely way, or who have had to go to the emergency room because they couldn't find primary care physicians who would take Medicaid;

• Persons living with pre-existing conditions who are concerned that even though they are now "covered" by an insurance plan, they may soon lose access to high-quality medical services;

• Seniors who are having trouble finding primary care physicians and specialists, or who find themselves waiting longer and longer for medical services, as doctors retire early or flee the Medicare system; and,

• Medical professionals who must deal with increasingly crowded waiting rooms, over-used emergency rooms, and stifling bureaucratic paperwork.

Please email me your story, and be sure to let me know if any portion of your story (or your name) needs to remain confidential.

For Liberty,

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity

Here is the email we received from a professor at Arizona State University, in response to our invitation to attend the ASU screening of Sick & Sicker:

"DO NOT USE MY NAME! I still teach at ASU. ASU is cutting hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs from its Faculty Associates (FA). FA's teach the bulk of the courses on all 4 campuses. To get around Obamacare (ACA) FA's can now only teach 2 courses per semester. If an FA teaches 3 courses per semester ASU would have to pay health benefits. What hypocrites! ASU is all for the poor, oppressed, farm-workers, but not their own 'academic sharecroppers'!!

Who can feed a family earning $6,400 a semester w/no benefits, no healthcare, etc.? Wal-Mart probably pays better wages. And they waited until a week or two before the fall semester starts to do this when classes are full and before the students arrive. They know the law has been delayed until 2015 but they are not waiting. This needs to be exposed NOW! I've contacted the AZ Republic, but I cannot go public since I'm a popular professor and would lose my job in a heartbeat. The faculty at ASU is totally impotent and those at the bottom are scared to death. ASU works from the top down, not governed by a strong faculty like [redacted] where I did my grad work. I've become a Republican over night and will be at ASU for the film & tour..."

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen-leaders committed to advancing every individual's right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and intrusiveness of government is the best way to promote individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. AFP educates and engages citizens to support restraining state and federal government growth and returning government to its constitutional limits. AFP is more than 2.3 million activists strong, with activists in all 50 states. AFP has 34 state chapters and affiliates. For more information, click here


Dear LTC Breasseale

Obama is a fraud and a usurper. He has usurped the Presidency of the United States of America during  time of war. That makes him a spy under the U.C.M.J. at Section 906,Article 106. I am one who takes my Oath seriously. You do not appear to be such a person.

You have a duty as an Officer to protect your command from the enemy, foreign or domestic. 

You disparage “Birthers.” What we are, are law abiding citizens, Veterans and Americans who demand that our constitution be followed. We have Laws and they must be followed or we have anarchy. 

Obama is NOT a “Natural-Born Citizen” which is “One born in the United States (Jus Soli) of Parents who are Both American Citizens themselves at the time of one’s birth” (100 percent  Jus Sanquinis).

You can choose to label this situation as “Comically nonsensical, birther e-mails” or you can act responsibly, as an Adult and do your sworn duty to defend the Constitution. 

Obama is not the legally elected and bona-fides “Commander-in Chief”.

In the past five years DOD IG complaints were filed, Grand Jury hearings heard, the Supreme Court apprised in writing and thousands of letters have been sent to elected officials on this matter. Obama is a spy and a traitor, a usurper and a fraud.  This masquerade has gone on long enough. Obama is headed for the Brig one day.

It has now become a matter of record that you know about the controversy. You can choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem.  If you knowingly defend a traitor or a spy  by looking the other way, you become a misprisoner of felony and treason and will be subject to Court Martial.

Currently, Barack Obama is under Citizen’s Arrest for Usurpation and Treason. The arrest is formal and the arrest was served on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Obama currently stands accused of Treason and other crimes.

“Nonsensical” you say?  No. This is a matter of grave National Security risk. Will you be on the right side or the wrong side?

Robert C. Laity,J.D. [H.C.]
Founder and President
Society for the Preservation of Democracy and Human Rights

From: Breasseale, J Todd LTC USARMY OSD OSD (US)
To: Robert Laity
Subject: Obama

Please remove me from your unhinged, comically nonsensical, birther e-mails.

From: Robert Laity []
To: Breasseale, J Todd LTC USARMY OSD OSD (US)
Subject: Obama  

“There is NO ‘President’Obama”:

Robert C. Laity