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August 28 – September 3, 2013


For All Signs:  The powerful “kite” formation of planets that has been circling the zodiac since late May has certainly shown its purpose.  The “kite” formation is a setup in which three or more planets are arranged in an equilateral triangle (120 degrees apart).  At one corner there is an opposition (180 degrees) to the “tail” of the kite.  The combination represents purposeful activity.  The triangle is in water signs, representing feelings and intuitions of the people.  The tail is similar to the mast of a sailboat.  Without it, the other energies would flip-flop around and probably dunk the kite or the boat.  Throughout this summer there have been major public demonstrations in Brazil, Turkey, and Egypt, to name only a few.  The tail of the kite is Pluto, the planet of the Plutocrats.  The world populace is waking up to political corruption (Pluto) and making their feelings known.  The end of the kite occurs in mid-Sept. Since latter April, Pluto (the Powers that Be) has been retrograde, not as powerful.  Just as the kite formation dissolves, Pluto goes direct and the Powers will begin their revenge.  Because the People are now awake, there is likely to be all out class war in many localities around the world.

Aries:    Your attention shifted on the 27th toward matters concerning children, play, romance and recreation for the next few weeks.  You will likely be the one to initiate activities on these fronts.  If you have hesitated to ask someone to date you, now is the time to take a step.

Taurus:  During this week you may have conflicts between what you want to do and the tasks that you must do.  Maybe there is just not enough time for both and you will have to juggle.  This will be a challenging week for those with allergies.  You are oversensitive in general, physically and emotionally.  Next week is far better.

Gemini:  This is a good week to do business and to sell whatever you need to let go.  It is also a fine time to do contractual business in which you are the buyer.  You may be organizing your estate plans or handling the property of someone else.  Generally speaking, this is a highly favorable week to pull loose business ends together.

Cancer:  This is generally an auspicious week.  You may take one or more short, pleasant jaunts.  Activities involving education, play, children and/or lovers are given the “go” signal.  You may be spending money on things that please you and family members.  Your heart and mind are flowing together freely.

Leo:  (July 22--Aug 22)  This is a very good time to organize your finances and other resources.  You are concentrating well and able to manage fine details even better than your norm.  You are willing to look at life through a more practical lens and override your ego when it wants.  It is more important now to take care of needs.

Virgo:  You have an eye for detail and an ability to speak with considerable tact.  These skills will serve you well in the world this week.  Don’t hesitate to bring up your observations and everyone will listen to you.    Aspects are favorable in the departments of love, romance, and creativity.

Libra:  Your physical cycle may be on a low this week.  Do whatever you need to support and sustain your body.  Those with allergies may find them especially noticeable.  Take your vitamins and get plenty of sleep.  Listen to what your body tells you about exercise.

Scorpio:  Your level of maturity and experience has given you a perspective that allows you to see a bigger picture than most of those in your environment.  At this point you have the opportunity to engender healing and a more positive attitude among those around you.

Sagittarius:  This is a period in which previous financial planning is beginning to show favorable results.  Your overall reputation in your career or life direction is improving.  Someone may be singing your praises in that department.  A new opportunity may arise, especially if you have skills in financial management or the law.

Capricorn:  This is one of those weeks in which it seems everything just flows rightly.  You may be on vacation or planning one soon.  Aspects favor anything related to publishing, the Internet, legal interests, education, or church activities.  Friends, roommates, and neighbors are generally supportive.  Enjoy!

Aquarius: Your rebellious self is set aside for the present because going with the general flow is so much easier.  Your overall life direction is positive for you and others around you.  There may be more work than you would prefer, but what you are doing is satisfying to your soul.

Pisces:  The Muse is with you early in the week.  Don’t ignore intuitive thoughts about what needs to be written or manifested in the world.  Later in the week becomes a little choppy.  You may forget small details and others may take offense.  Expenses may increase due to an old forgotten debt.

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