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Don Sorchych

State of the town

Apparently Mayor Vincent Francia is busy at Turf Paradise leaving Vice Mayor Adam Trenk at the helm in Cave Creek. How would anyone think of casting a vote for Trenskster in the upcoming recall after the clear and vindictive lynching of Town Manager Usama Abujbarah?

Abujbarah’s lawsuit will bring it all into focus. Trenkster will doubtless spend a fortune as he has done the last two times he decided his steps to Washington should start in Cave Creek. But if you look where his family puts their political contributions, it seems to be all Democrat, including Obama and Biden. Cave Creek is largely a Republican town, but owns typically preach their council should be unaligned, even though party poli N ..0 , B BBBVVVXZX ics simmer uder the surface. For instance, the slate would have you believe they are conservative Republicans. The slate is composed of dissidents, and includes the 25 percent who are aginners, against anything good for the town.

canfield 8-21-13
Have you noticed we are surrounded by non voting “activists” who think they have an obligation to tell the town what to do? Some like Anna Marsolo and Jim Peirce don’t even live here. Then there is Mike Chutz who landed on a flying saucer from Sewickley, Penn. and speaks grandiosely about what is good for Cave Creek even though he votes in Pennsylvania.

Local political losers now think they have gone to heaven. Grace Meeth who was busy doing Indian rugs until she saw election of the slate would placate her, jumped in, doing what she could to help her buddy Carefree’s Jim Peirce do another referendum.

Then Lucy Kastelic, now Shea Stanfield, became a slate supporter after being buried in her last election. Kim Brennan, who earned her way onto council by feeding councils coffee and cookies, should have practiced open meeting laws, or not gotten caught, lost support of erstwhile supporters. She, like the Trenkster has dreams of becoming our mayor.

We have spoken before about the Trenkster, Adam Trenk. Trenk fills page after page of Google search. His stooge, Arizona Republic’s Phil Haldiman says he specializes in equestrian matters, but Haldiman is selling him short. He has been to Arizona towns lobbying for medical marijuana.
We know federal law prohibits the use of marijuana and unless laws change it is only a matter of time before the Fed boot heels come down. Both California and Colorado have legalized marijuana in some form. Involvement in marijuana trade is all about greed, not pain and medication.

The Rose Law Group (RLG), where he is employed, however, writes:

“Adam Trenk practices in the areas of land use, zoning, public policy, lobbying, community relations, litigation and business law. Adam is a great asset to RLG clients as he advises and assists based on his wide ranging experiences such as a being the current elected Vice Mayor of the Town of Cave Creek and a former elected Councilman, a western horsemanship enthusiast, a real estate property asset manager, and small business owner.”

Says a lot for a brand new attorney, doesn’t it? What is interesting is law firms and other businesses like the leverage public office gives their employee. You should consider that when you vote.

Not only that, but in my experience lawyers like doctors specialize so it is impossible for Trenk to be expert in the long list given by RLG.

Many voters have been bothered by Mayor Vincent Francia’s close relationship with Trenk. Francia and Usama Abujbarah had each other’s back, but obviously that is history.

Francia, seemingly, is trying hard to convince the public all is good at town hall, when it isn’t.
First there was the letter he signed, but didn’t write, praising newbie Interim Town Manager Rodney Glassman, delivered by mail and in water bills.

That was followed with another mayor’s letter, this time written by the mayor but with a similar message on one side and the museum message on the other side.

There was a council meeting on Aug. 19 and the council, mayor and guests were dining at the Buffalo Chip Saloon. This follows a free dinner, courtesy of a well-known restaurant in Cave Creek set up by Town Marshal Adam Stein. Is this a new responsibility of Cave Creek law enforcement?

And who among our big spenders is going to pay for the dinner at the Chip? Rumors tell me this will be an ongoing event for the council, mayor and guests.

On Saturday, Aug. 17 there was a new brochure in my mailbox. It is titled, “Cave Creek Coyote” and it is the summer issue of Cave Creek’s new newsletter. There are six pages all in multi-color with wide smiling faces of Glassman and Francia as the first page.

Each tells their own lie just before their signature. Glassman wrote “Everyone is working together.” Yeah, with a gun to their heads. Francia wrote “Indeed, the pace is picking up.” Barf.
As if the demoralized town staff doesn’t have enough to do, the entire staff of managers has a column.

We have asked what the cost is, but haven’t received a reply yet.

Apparently the council meeting on Aug. 19 was a hoot. Please read Linda Bentley’s news story about it.

There was an opening for a planning commissioner and one highly qualified individual was Everett Bell, but not only did the slate win out but slate member Eileen Wright got all but Thomas McGuire’s vote to fill the position. So now we have a planning commissioner who “has the ability to be intelligent.”

In Saturday’s Scottsdale Republic with no apology for two incorrect articles, Trenk stooge Philip Haldiman wrote that I had paid over $24,000 to settle a court judgment. This is clearly an assault on my good name because if I were to tell the entire story it would read quite differently. I don’t know how Haldiman escaped the huge reduction in force at the Arizona Republic but I am happy to have him here. He is good press fodder and gives the slate someone to talk to.