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August 21 – 27, 2013


For All Signs: This week's cosmic item is the 90 degree angle from Jupiter to Uranus. Classical astrology interprets this as a "sudden break for freedom." It sometimes brings unexpected opportunities for change, but we must use our best judgment on whether the change is favorable for the long haul. Many of us will be drawn to create change for its own sake, which may not be for the best. This particular cycle originated with the conjunction in June, 2008, and events of the present time may represent the further development of whatever was initiated then. The effects of this aspect do not have to occur this particular week, but are in orb through this summer. In June, 2008, while Jupiter was conjunct Uranus the Dow was between 11 and 12 K, followed soon by a steep decline to below 7K. Take care of yourself here.

Aries: This is a time during which you are asked to devote energy to your healing, whether on an emotional or physical level. You may be tending to yourself or to a friend. You could be encountering someone else in your life with similar issues and you may be helping each other. Don't fight it. Relax into the healing process.

Taurus: You will have to toe the line this week and avoid making any sort of errors. The Powers That Be in your life are not forgiving. Even if you are the one making the rules, you will probably feel as though you cannot step outside the lines. Abide by the law, even in traffic. There may be a policeman on the corner.

Gemini: Beware of surprise “opportunities” early in the week. Use grounded skepticism. Not all that glitters is really gold. Your imagination could go overboard this week and you might be overly reactive to imagined slights. Double check on facts, data, and any directions that come your way.

Cancer: Please refer to the lead paragraph. You may be in the middle of a major change to do with your career or life direction. Now is the time to use your best judgment. If an opportunity looks good to you, give it a try. Pay attention to any possibilities of trouble before you step off the ledge.

Leo: This is a week in which you must look at income, debt, along with taxes, estate matters, or any other type of resource that you depend upon. It is possible that you have been operating under an illusion related to one or more of these matters. The truth surfaces now so that you can manage your situation with more accurate information. Seek help if you feel confused.

Virgo: This is a truly busy week and your calendar is likely full to the brim. Although your head is full of your own plans, pay special attention to subtle cues from the Other in your life. This person may be backpedaling on what you considered a promise. Or you may discover that your fantasy Other is not as perfect as you hoped.

Libra: You could be minding your own business when someone attempts to pressure you into doing his/her bidding on the weekend. Someone may drop in out of the sky on the weekend and surprise you out of the routine. Leave yourself plenty of time to rearrange your calendar, especially through Monday.

Scorpio: A child or a lover might scratch an old emotional wound. In the old days it felt like an abandonment so this feels painful. It is important for your mental health to stay in the present moment, lest you overreact to the situation and generate misery for yourself and others. This is a week that tests your strength on multiple levels. Remember you can be an Eagle.

Sagittarius: See the lead paragraph. Think back to the summer of 2008. You likely took a risk and started something new in the areas of personal creativity, gambling, love life, and/or child rearing. This is a turning point summer for you. Remember the initial thrust (2008) and let the results of that provide the information you need now. Is the outcome worth the thrill?

Capricorn: The pressure of pending change is making itself known in the area of your life direction. The fulcrum is a situation that may no longer be tolerable. It is true that change is absolutely necessary, but perhaps a shift to a totally fresh solution would take the emotional sting from the situation.

Aquarius: You may feel isolated or as though no one around you can possibly understand who you are. In some way life circumstances may be preventing you from communicating. The inner critic could overrun your mind if you allow it. Remember that feelings come and go like waves. They will never remain the same.

Pisces: This is a period that increases the flow of your creative energy, especially if you are helping others. Love life looks promising. Use caution with risk taking. All that glitters is not gold. People may seem to be unusually argumentative this week. Perhaps they are holding up a mirror. As easy-going as you normally are, it may be hidden you who is argumentative.

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