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August 14 – 20, 2013


For All Signs:  For instant peace:  Go outside 2 hours before sunrise and find a good place where you can see due East.  If you sit for 90 minutes you will watch three planets appear ahead of the sun.  The first to rise is Jupiter.  Although it is the largest planet in the sky, it will appear more like a star because of its distance from earth.  But about 40 minutes later, Mars will rise.  Mars appears larger than Jupiter and is pink or red depending upon how your eyes register color.  Wait a while longer and you will see Mercury, currently “the morning star”, rise in all its shining glory.  As soon as the sun rises, the planets will disappear into its light.  But they will be back again in the morning.  Yes, the natural laws are still working, in spite of all the weirdness we’ve made for ourselves on the planet.

Aries: Early in the week you will have particularly bright and creative ideas.  Keep a notepad nearby so you can catch them on paper before they evaporate.  Whatever you do related to communications or education is favored.  Your wit is sharp and quick.  Take a chance with your romantic interest.

Taurus:  Venus, your ruling planet, is moving into a new sector this week.  Your attention turns to personal healing, diet or exercise.  For some there will be an improvement in the everyday environment at work.  A new person may enter your work arena, one who will be helpful and friendly.

Gemini:  You are up for the new and interesting.  Social life is upbeat, along with relationships to siblings, roommates and neighbors. Little details are a nuisance and a challenge.  You prefer to think and talk in the stratosphere.  There is an issue related to shared financial resources that nags from the background.  This could be related to inheritance, partner’s resources, stocks, or the IRS.

Cancer:  For the most part, you are on top of the world right now.  You are especially enjoying your children and/or a lover.  It is possible you are enjoying a travel adventure.  In the background of your mind is a financial concern.  Your heart and your mind are not congruent on this topic.  It will resolve itself within a couple of weeks.

Leo:  Many Lions are trying to deal with circumstances or people that just don’t make sense or won’t come together and flow as they should.  A health or legal challenge may be interfering with forward motion.  The issues have been ongoing for many months.  This episode will settle fairly soon but you knew the whole story would take a while.

Virgo:  You have nagging worries that you are keeping to yourself.  There is someone who is both able and willing to help, but you must have the courage to verbalize your need.  Your feelings are hurt due to the critical attitude of a neighbor, roommate, or sibling.  Maybe all you need is to talk it through with an open-minded friend. 

Libra:  Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling "with you" through Sep. 10th.  Her presence gives you an air of poise and people will simply like how you look.  Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in anything which adds beauty to our lives.  Personal appearance becomes more important.

Scorpio: You are being unfairly provoked at work by those who want you to “lose it” verbally.  This is a control game that was bound to happen.  Don’t allow it to push you off your center of gravity.  Meanwhile, if you look in another direction, there are positive vibes coming your way through the channels of the law, education, and travel.

Sagittarius: You have a strongly favorable “guardian angel” aspect that has been in effect for at least a week and has another week to go.  There are one or more people in your corner, favoring you from the unseen background.  Have you noticed how things just seem to go well, even if you make a mistake?

Capricorn: This is not the best of weeks.  There are financial circumstances, probably related to investments, partner’s income, or the IRS, that trigger your security concerns.  You may feel pressured into selling property, although this is not the best time for it.  You would lose money.  There is a solution and you will find it if you don’t panic.

Aquarius: Throughout this week you are working toward the full moon which will be in your sign on the evening of the 20th.  This is a time in which you will gain perspective on yourself in relationship to others.  Repetitive psychological processes will become visible to you, for good or ill.  These are things you should know so corrections can be made.

Pisces:  For the whole summer, your intuition is wide open and your Muse is on your shoulder.  All you need to do is ask it a question.  Your creative juices are flowing freely.  Those interested in a lover will find potentials everywhere you go.  Aspects favor travel, the Internet, legal, publishing and educational concerns.

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