JUNE 26, 2013

Arizona needs you!

The People's Veto of Obamacare / Medicaid Expansion in Arizona
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United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives have 70 days to collect 120,000 signatures to Veto Governor Brewer's Medicaid Expansion. They need your help!

Defying the media narrative that the heat would be too daunting on Saturday, the Liberty Caucus and Tea Party organizations from across the state joined the Republican Precinct Committeemen solidifying the United Republican Alliance mission to unite Principled Conservatives to veto Governor Brewer’s ill conceived and unconstitutional legislation.

The Frequently Asked Questions available at www.urapc.org are very informative.

Please ask all businesses you support if they are willing to have a petition available in their store.  There are options:
1.  They can allow patrons to sign and turn it in.
2.  They can allow patrons to sign, let me know, and we will inform the public that a petition is available at their store through emails and on 104.1 The Truth.
3. They can allow URAPC to set-up a table outside on pre-determined dates for people to drive up and sign.

Petitions and Bills (legal size and must be attached) are available at:  www.urapc.org or send an email to info@urapc.org to find a location near you.

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