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JUNE 26, 2013

Winning bid in Sheriff Arpaio’s sling auction to benefit abused animals is $2,600

MASH Unit to purchase “doggie treadmill” and other supplies; Winner from Northern Calif. plans to visit Arizona and claim prize in person
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PHOENIX – Sheriff Joe Arpaio is pleased to report that the auction of his medical sling to benefit the Sheriff’s no-kill animal shelters has gained a winning bid of $2,600 on eBay. The winning bid was recorded by retired law enforcement professional Buck Dikes of Northern California. Mr. Dikes has indicated that he would like to accept an invitation to visit Arizona and receive the autographed sling and photos from Sheriff Arpaio in person. That visit is scheduled for July 18, 2013.

The winning amount is sufficient enough for the considered purchase of at least one doggie treadmill, some horse harnesses, and a plethora of other supplies, for the care of the abused and neglected animals.

The treadmills will enable the mending pooches to exercise when high temperatures heat the city pavements to uncomfortable levels for the dogs and also thin out the usual number of dog-walking volunteers.

Rescued horses that would benefit from the new harnesses are stabled in an area next to the Tent City Jail. Dogs and cats are cared for in a closed, but air-conditioned, jail facility in downtown Phoenix. All animals are cared for by Sheriff’s inmates.

“A number of these animals were left for dead by thoughtless and cruel individuals,” said Arpaio. “The folks who bid on my sling are now partners in their survival, with special thanks to Mr. Dikes.”

The Sheriff’s sling received over 70 bids with an opening bid of $10 coming shortly after the auction was publicized on June 13, 2013.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Animal Safe House offers its population of adorable canines, frisky felines and beautiful horses for adoption to interested members of the community. Arpaio started the MASH Unit because of his great love and concern for animals. The medical sling was used by the Sheriff in the three months after he broke his arm in a fall in February of this year.