Cave Creek already has an acting town manager

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CAVE CREEK – As per the town code, when the town manager is absent, the town clerk becomes the acting town manager.

carrie dyrekSo, when Usama Abujbarah was terminated and swept to the sidelines during his 90-day notice, Town Clerk Carrie Dyrek (l) became the acting town manager.

During last week’s council meeting, council discussed the possibility of hiring Vice Mayor Adam Trenk’s pick, Rodney Glassman as acting town manager for the purpose of facilitating the hiring of a permanent town manager.

Glassman is a politician, who resigned during his first term as a Tucson City Councilman in order to run as Sen. John McCain’s Democrat opponent in 2010, with scant business experience other than running his family-owned skating rink while attending U of A and a 13-month stint with Waste Management, selling the idea of privatizing trash services to government.

During the same meeting, Councilmen Ernie Bunch and Thomas McGuire suggested Dyrek continue serving in that capacity as the practical and fiscally responsible thing to do.

Dyrek, who has an impeccable 15 years as town clerk, told Sonoran News she would be willing to continue serving as acting town manager in order to facilitate whatever process council chooses to hire a permanent town manager.

She also said she has no aspirations whatsoever to become the town manager and loves her job as town clerk.

Councilman Reg Monachino said if Dyrek could perform her duties as well as the duties of the town manager there wouldn’t be the need for two positions.

Dyrek stated it would be a lot of extra work but it would also mean temporarily delegating some responsibilities to various staff members during the interim period.

And because she’s worked with town staff for 15 years, Dyrek is also inherently knowledgeable as to who is capable of taking on which additional tasks.

Getting agenda packets ready for meetings is a time-consuming task and because so many special meetings have been called back to back, Dyrek said she’s been busier than usual.

While capably handling the duties as acting town manager, Dyrek said she looks forward to the town hiring a permanent town manager so she may return to being the town clerk.

As of the noon deadline on Monday, June 17, Dyrek said the town has received letters of intent and resumes from six interested parties, including Glassman, all of which will be included in the June 24 special meeting packet.

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