JUNE 19, 2013

Reps. Schweikert and Amash introduce bill to block federal gun list, end Second Amendment discrimination

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Washington, D.C. – Tuesday, Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ) along with Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI), introduced H.R. 2408, a bill to stop the Department of Justice from targeting, tracking, and cataloguing citizens in the southwest who purchase multiple rifles and shotguns.

For two years, the Department of Justice has been targeting gun owners in the southwest by tracking any purchase of rifles and shotguns along the southwest border. This DOJ scheme, called ‘Demand Letter 3’ and implemented two years ago, requires all gun dealers in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas to report all sales of two or more of certain rifles to a single buyer.

Under this discriminatory policy, anyone selling two or more ‘long guns’ to a person within five days triggers the reporting requirement and is placed on a watch list.

“This bill is imperative to block the DOJ’s backdoor gun registration scheme. The Administration has proven time and again that it will abuse its authority and violate our civil liberties. Law-abiding Americans should not have to sacrifice privacy to exercise Second Amendment rights nor should we in the southwest be discriminated against or treated differently than any other American,” said Rep. Schweikert

“The government has no business tracking the sale of rifles to law-abiding citizens. Americans should not be put on a watch list simply for exercising their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms,” said Rep. Amash.

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