Need a free operation?

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Greetings oppressed tax payers and persecuted conservatives. Welcome to "Corruption 101" class and a simple observation. Washington DC, "the government," used to be tolerated like eating a jar of unpitted olives. You could always spit out the pits. But Chicago moved in with Obama and mandated that you have to swallow the pits because it's good for you. And if you flatulate in the right direction you might kill a conservative. Now reality has kicked in and DC itself is "the pits!" Impossible to digest.
It's bad enough that out there in this dangerous world our enemies are laughing at us. But here at home, to explain what's going on in DC, the dictionary coughed up one word: "CORRUPTION: moral perversion, perversion of integrity, dishonest proceedings," etc, all describing the Regime.

Sure, it meets the public's usual expectations of stupidity and incompetence, but this Regime is fast convincing even its vastly uninformed population that it can't be trusted to tell the truth or govern ethically. "Stupid" is tolerable, but corruption needs to feel our anger. How do we deal with that? Two ways. First (and wrong) accept it, cave in, learn to bribe or claim victim status. Here's how that scenario works ...

Excuse yourself. Don't take the blame. Instead find a way to take the 5th to avoid retribution. My special anger, raising hell by writing articles could cause a bogus accusation charging me as a "coconspirator," a racist, or mentally incompetent because I didn't write the article on my own ... the devil made me do it.

The horrific IRS violations of Constitutional liberty suggest you have to "fudge" (lie) more carefully when requesting permits from an unethical government. Or if you become part of a government favored group, you can obtain special treatments like exemption from Obamacare; discounts for cars from GM; entitlement "packing" by expanded eligibility. All to help increase the "victim" voting block.

Try to avoid anything Christian, patriotic or too American in any resume. But being overly politically correct is a form of compliance and is unlikely to trigger a Justice Department investigation, IRS audit, or other "fair" discrimination. Political contributions to conservatives should be from your dog, or Democrat registered uncle you hate. Above all, do not criticize Obamacare.

Obamacare is a government-control god-send, and criticism of Obamacare will earn punishment in the hospital. The bureaucrats determining the appropriate treatment for patients with opposing political opinions have been trained in Chicago by liberal sadists. To help change your mind and voice they mandate brain transplants and castration with no anesthetic. And that's dangerous because some things can't just be glued back together. If you are one of my young readers, have your father explain that. Or if you haven't yet been kicked out of school for expressing conservative thought, ask your Sex 101 teacher or playground birth control pill distributer. What a world!

But there is another world. Recognize that government per se isn't corrupt. It's the people in it, and you have the God-given right to influence which people go there. If you think loose voter registration and vote drives by union goons and government employees are just a harmless expression of democracy, you need to understand the warped minds of labor leaders, liberals, Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, Castro, Attila the Hun and community organizers from Chicago. Only YOU can stop "the pits" from smelling up our government.