JUNE 5, 2013

Incredible rescue by Triple R Horse Rescue and Footprints of the Heart

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burrosOver the last week, Triple R Horse Rescue in Cave Creek has worked very closely with Hoofprints of the Heart in Marana to remove all of the animals, approximately 80, from Hacienda de Los Maliagros (HDLM) sanctuary, in Chino Valley. There have been numerous changes in the board of directors, but the conclusion was finally reached that the animals needed to be removed as they could not be cared for properly.

Seven animals had to be euthanized by a veterinarian. The bodies were transported by Trail’s End; their donation was greatly appreciated.

The remainder of the animals will be rehomed out of Hoofprints of the Heart, where 50 burros are now being cared for and Triple R Horse Rescue on Rockaway Hills in Cave Creek, which is caring for 17 burros and 8 horses.

This rescue effort has required numerous costly trips between Marana and Cave Creek. Care for the Horses, Forever Home Donkey Rescue, and Atlasta Home Horse Rescue have all provided help with manpower and transportation. This would never have been done as efficiently without their support.

Triple R and Hoofprints are working to ensure every animal is adopted into a caring home as soon as possible. If you are able to adopt one or more horses and/or burros, please contact Ken at Triple R, 602-317-6176, or James at Hoofprints, 520-780-6900.

This endeavor has cost Hoofprints of the Heart and Triple R thousands of dollars. They need help in order to continue normal operation of their rescues and to recover the added transportation and veterinary expenses associated with the HDLM animals.

Triple R and Hoofprints are reaching out to the community at large and requesting donations be made to either of these rescues to help defray these unanticipated expenses.

Visit www.triplerhorserescueaz.com or TripleRHorseRescueAZ on Facebook and hoofprints.wix.com or Hoofprints ofthe Heart on Facebook.

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