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June 5 - 11, 2013


For All Signs: There is a significant pattern of planets in the sky that begins now and will last through mid-Sept. This is highly unusual and is worthy of our attention. Not only is it symbolic of current events, but also every child born during this period will carry this pattern in his/her personal horoscope and psyche forever. This is a serious message of the World Soul, written on the ceiling of the sky.

Part of the pattern is what we call a “kite” formation. This is suggestive of a specific direction in which we are pointed. If we do not take it, the winds of life will take the kite down. There is little wiggle room in the direction. The equilateral triangle shape is in the compassionate water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The straight line of the kite’s spine is the pointer, from Capricorn to Cancer.

The environment, which includes the waters of the world, is the focus of the kite and the direction is toward recognition of the damage we are doing to the earth and water on the planet. There will be global issues that show how imperative it is to follow the pointer, to engineer everything we create to remain in harmony with the natural laws. There is likely to be immediate retribution, or karma, if we do not.

Meanwhile there is a T square of planets that are hanging off one side of the kite, constantly threatening imbalance. Just imagine attempting to fly a kite that has something heavy dangling on one side. The aerodynamics of this arrangement must be handled just exactly right to avoid collapse into the heavy T square. The sidecar T includes the Uranus/Pluto square that has been with us since 2011, plus Jupiter in Cancer filling in what was an empty corner. Feeding and watering (nurturing) everyone on our world is the key to preventing disaster. The apex of the T is in Uranus in Aries, which is reminiscent of those who demand their personal priorities, regardless of whether the entire kite may crash in the process. The only way to manage this pointer is to work together. Those who stand apart and seek recognition or their own purposes instead of cooperating with the pointer may have to be cut loose for the good of the whole.

People who are malnourished and in thirst will rebel against their rulers. Lack of food and hope is the stuff of revolutionary fervor.

The children born now through September 2013 are given a task for their futures. In their own ways they will each become a part of the long term solutions this planet seeks. They will have the kite pointer with the dangling T. Somehow each of them will need to find the solution to the need for being Number One. The “itch” may become the internal driver that causes them to seek new and better solutions for taking care of each other on a planet that is shrinking.
Meanwhile the events of this summer pose a warning of potentially imminent danger to our crops and waterways.

Aries: This is a powerful time to consider your spiritual purposes. If you notice fatigue, disappointment, or depression at this time, stop. Be still and listen for the Voice deep within your soul.

Taurus: You are at the helm and pulling others together so they can join the same bandwagon. Social life is favorable but there is more than “play” in the atmosphere. There is purpose.

Gemini: The “rules” and the world’s expectations have you tied up like a pretzel right now. If you relax on the control issues, the solution will surface.

Cancer: You occasionally confuse what you think with who you are. There are those who will disagree with you this week. Just don't let it become a battle to the death.

Leo: Needs of your home and family are in conflict with your need to be social. It will require ingenuity to satisfy both ends of the continuum. Avoid creating resentment inside or outside yourself.

Virgo: There may be a crisis with your children or a lover this week. There are elements of obsessive thinking and criticism involved. Be intentional about keeping an open mind.

Libra: After a long slump, income and business is improving. Your skills may be showcased in some way. Stay in touch with your absolute honest self and things will go smoothly.

Scorpio: You have yourself in balance at this time. Your work is supporting your ideal self. It is important to resist allowing the chaos in the world to pull you off track. There are positive energies around lovers and/or children.

Sagittarius: You are bringing projects to closure now. Clean up the details and prepare to launch into new territory at the end of this month.

Capricorn: Beware of the tendency toward obsessive thinking and criticism. Be intentional about keeping an open mind and don't insist on a black and white answer.

Aquarius: Business life should be on the upswing during this period. Give attention to a broad overview of where you wish to go. Don’t let the itsy details drag you down.

Pisces: Mechanical objects are not cooperative right now. They may break down. Check for safety dangers in your home. Business from the internet or from a distance comes your way.

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