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Creekers:  Beware, Beware, Beware

At this very moment a plan has been devised by an SUP applicant, which the Cave Creek town staff has reviewed and found within the law a provision which would make it possible to have a “Commercial Ranch” designation immediately adjacent to your residential property.

This SUP would have the effect of amending both the land use and the waiving of the prohibition of parking of a mobile home or recreational vehicle in DR, R, or MR zones.

Yes, regardless of the size of YOUR residential property, should there be a Desert Rural (DR) property anywhere in Cave Creek which is “not less than five (5) contiguous acres”… that DR zoned property could be used for:  A private ranch, polo fields, or riding areas with public or club events.

It could also possibly contain an RV park with horses optional.

And this could well be right next to your home or residential neighborhood!

Yes, there are some modest limitations on farm and dairy use and the raising of swine.
Yes, all livestock would have to be contained.
Yes, all manure storage must be set back sixty feet from the property line.
Yes, the operator of the “commercial ranch” must live on the property.
Yes, this commercial ranch would require direct access to a collector road.
Yes, On-site unpaved parking for daily parking and events is preferred.
Yes, a program for “fly control” to minimize the attraction and breeding of flies is required.

This is process is going on RIGHT NOW here in Cave Creek as a way around the current Zoning Laws via a Special Use Permit.  Yes, with only a $2,500 fee to the Town of Cave Creek and that five acre + property next to you or your neighborhood could very well become a commercial ranch with an RV Park!

Three of six Planning Commission members already voted to support this concept!  It is coming before the Town Council soon!  This is not a pipe dream, this is really happening!

And if you do not believe it, just call the Town Manager or the Town Planner.

Bob Moore
Cave Creek

Editors Note:  Bob Moore has said he will not file a referendum on the above property. Could that be because Adam Trenk is supporting the change? Adam Trenk's grandfather, Alvin Trenk, deeded $5,000 to Moore's Cave Creek Courier.


An open letter to the press …

You have never been more important to the future of this country. You have been the watchdogs that preserve our freedom. You have been fearless in your pursuit of the truth. You have died on our battlefields and been persecuted by tyrants. You have kept the flame of liberty alive and debunked the deceivers. But somehow, over the years you have lost your soul. You know, that feeling in your gut and the reason you became a reporter, editor, or anchor.

Don’t lose that spirit to make a difference.

Don’t forsake your God given ability to inform and move people with credible and accurate Prose. The media has become entertainment driven and your credibility has been lost with your public. You are the only institution we can turn to for the truth. Washington is tainted to its core. There are good people but they are being silenced by those who feel they hold all the power. You are the catalyst that can bring our nation together or tear it apart. Don’t abandon America.

Scott Haberman
Cave Creek



The IRS has admitted to targeting Americans who opposed the President’s big government agenda.  This same IRS is the agency tasked with enforcing the many mandates, taxes, and regulations in ObamaCare.

What a chilling thought for most Americans. This is yet another reason why we must repeal Obama’s disastrous law.

Last Thursday the House once again voted to repeal ObamaCare.

Keep the IRS out of our health care by repealing ObamaCare now! Here are the elements of ObamaCare the IRS will police:

This law will require thousands of new IRS agents and billions of dollars to enforce the law.

There are many reasons to repeal ObamaCare. But as more is revealed about this scandal, let’s not forget that President Obama chose to give the IRS extraordinary authority to enforce ObamaCare and oversee every American’s health care decisions.  It is deeply concerning that all Americans will now be asked to turn over the private health insurance information about their children and families to an organization that has admitted to abusing the power which was entrusted to them.

We must repeal ObamaCare.

For Liberty,

Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity


IRS intrusion, AP communication sweeps, Government cover-ups of wrongdoing

After reading repeatedly for the last several days about the shock over the IRS targeting conservative groups and the Justice Department confiscating Associated Press communications, and the cover up over the Benghazi incident, the only thing that surprised me is that so many people were surprised. These tactics are routine for any statist or socialist regime and we should expect that they will get worse, not better, as long as we have a president who believes in broad and expansive government controls. The only way to end these abuses by government is to reduce the size of government. Press expose's, congressional hearings, and public outrage will not accomplish this objective. Government has simply become so large that the people cannot successfully fight back.

Roy Miller


Continuing Education closure

We are writing to inform you that after careful and detailed consideration, Paradise Valley Community College has made the difficult decision to close the Continuing Education Department due to declining enrollments and program viability.

The department will be discontinued effective September 13, 2013.  Non-credit classes offered through the department will be offered as scheduled through Summer 2013.

This decision was not made lightly.  It has become increasingly apparent, however, that the current competitive environment and changing community needs do not support continuation of the department.  A proliferation of free and low-cost non-credit offerings are now being made available to the public at numerous locations and through a variety of delivery modes (online, in-person, web, mobile).

Thank you for your loyalty and support throughout the years as a valued student.

We remain committed to the importance of lifelong learning, and hope you will continue to explore and engage in learning for personal/professional growth and enrichment.  Among the organizations offering non-credit classes are:

Some Maricopa Community Colleges
Senior Centers
Community Centers
Parks and Recreation

You may also enroll in Paradise Valley Community College credit courses and programs.

If you have any questions or if there is anything we can do for you prior to September 13, 2013, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Denise DiGianfilippo, Dean of Academic Affairs:


Paul Dale, Ed.D.
President, PVCC


What a waste!

While millions of relinquished or confiscated guns are currently being destroyed by federal, state and local governments, why can't they instead be expropriated for use by law enforcement agencies and/or the U.S. military?

At first glance, it would appear that destruction of these firearms will make our streets safer; however, many of these guns will be replaced by new ones sold by gun dealers.

Paul G. Jaehnert
Vadnais Heights, Minnesota


Are you paying for liberals to pass amnesty in Congress?

Dear fellow conservatives,

Will you take a short, 6-question survey that could change the course of the conservative movement in America? There is no cost involved, and I promise that at no point will you be asked for a contribution or to spend even $1.

All I’m looking for, all I need, is your honest opinion.


For the past three years, it has been an honor to work with you as we aim to stop Barack Obama’s amnesty schemes, stop the so-called “Dream Act” in Congress, and secure our borders.

Stopping illegal immigration is both a national security priority and an economic security priority.

It remains our mission and top priority. I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to the cause and for your patriotism and support.

However, we’re not just fighting against Barack Obama and the White House. We’re not just fighting against a renegade, pro-amnesty Congress. Our opposition is much greater and much better funded…and they are in your house, in your car, in your briefcase or purse, or jacket pocket.

I’m talking about the cell phone you carry with you everywhere you go.

AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are the “Big Three” mobile phone providers in America today. And they are some of the biggest defenders of the status quo in Washington. Since 1998, AT&T alone has spent more than $277 MILLION lobbying to protect Big Government and the status quo, helping their friends in Congress and keep “the system” as we know it going and going and going.

AT&T is the worst offender, this year giving $4.6 MILLION just to Barack Obama’s 2013 inauguration! That’s on top of all the PAC contributions to Democrats and liberal Republicans (think “Gang of Eight”) in Congress and for the White House who support various forms of amnesty for illegal aliens, who support comprehensive immigration reform, who support putting 12-25 million illegal aliens on a direct path to citizenship.

The truth: every call you make on your cell phone, every text message you send, every site you browse online using your iPhone is money in their pockets which they in turn use to oppose the conservative agenda at the White House, in Congress, and in the states.

What if there were an alternative?

Better still, what if there was an alternative, a conservative-owned and operated mobile phone company, which not only guaranteed none of their revenues would go to liberals or liberal causes, but which also allowed their customers to “earmark” 1 percent of their phone bills to be donated to conservative organizations like Ban Amnesty Now, or the NRA, or CPAC, or many, many others?

That “what if” is becoming a reality next month.

Eos Mobile, conservative owned and operated, is launching nationally in June 2013. They operate on a national network and offer the same phones and nationwide plans as the “Big Three” mobile companies, but they protect their conservative customers from having their money spent on liberal candidates and causes.

Eos Mobile has asked if our supporters will take a short 6-question survey about mobile phone service for conservatives, from a conservative owned company. There is no cost or obligation involved, so please CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE EOS MOBILITY SURVEY today!

I’ve joined the Eos Mobile team because I think it’s time conservatives support conservative companies – and in return, that conservative companies support America’s conservative movement.

Thank you in advance for taking this short survey. And thank you for your continued support of Ban Amnesty Now and the Conservative Leadership Coalition.

For America,

Sean McCaffrey, Founder
Conservative Leadership Coalition & Ban Amnesty Now


Why hasn't the media asked?

Despite the president of Associated Press, Dean Singleton, making AP the propaganda machine to re-elect Obama back in April of 2012, a little more than a year later AP CEO Gary Pruitt is crying the blues about Obama's DOJ seizing two months of AP telephone records! Why hasn't the media asked Mr. Singleton to comment about his choice of president?

Does anyone trust Obama to get to the bottom of the IRS crackdown on organizations that had the audacity to believe in the U.S. Constitution? 

I guess Obama and AP will get to the bottom of that as soon as they get to the bottom of "Fast and Furious" and "Benghazigate"! Hopefully some liberals are awakening to the extent Barack Hussein Obama II is following the game-plan of Barack Hussein Obama I!


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pensylvania


DOJ on 'gays': 'Silence will be interpreted as disapproval'

Exclusive: Matt Barber reveals government brochure on how to treat LGBT employees

Under President Obama, “justice” is anything but blind. Neither is it deaf. In fact, based on recent revelations, it appears to be watching your every move and listening to your every word. Still, if you happen to be a federal employee, now it’s even listening for your silence.

The only thing this Obama White House seems to generate is scandal. Well, here’s yet another to add to the growing list. In addition to the Benghazi cover-up, IRS targeting of political dissenters and the illegal seizure of media phone records, whistleblowers within DOJ have contacted Liberty Counsel to express grave concerns over this administration’s latest attack on freedom.

Our sources have provided Liberty Counsel an internal DOJ document titled: “LGBT Inclusion at Work: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers.” It was emailed to DOJ managers in advance of the left’s so-called “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month.”

The document is chilling. It’s riddled with directives that grossly violate – prima facie –employees’ First Amendment liberties.

Following are excerpts from the “DOJ Pride” decree. When it comes to “LGBT pride,” employees are ordered:

“DON’T judge or remain silent. Silence will be interpreted as disapproval.” (Italics mine)

That’s a threat.

And not even a subtle one.

Read the entire article

Matt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action (LCA on Facebook).


Who does Obama fear? Why does he fear them?

I find it very revealing that the very left leaning political operatives buried under "deep cover" inside the criminal organization previously know as the IRS chose to attack and violate the rights of Tea Party and Conservative groups and their members and compounded their crimes by lying about it.

It's revealing in as much as the GOP was not the target. They choose the Tea Party ... who Democrats and Liberals have deemed "inconsequential."


These groups were chosen to be attacked and maligned for exactly the opposite reason ... they are feared by Obama and his minions for they represent the heart, soul and conscience of the true America.  These cradle to grave Americans, many who have given much to the defense of this great nation, have been demeaned by this administration, accused of terrorism for expressing their political opinions, attacked for their support of  our constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom, who spoke out loudly in defense of the U.S. Constitution and aroused the ire of Barack Hussein Obama and his cadre of goons for correctly pointing out that Obamacare was the beginning of the end of the best health care system in the world.  All this done under the banner and for the glory of the least competent person to ever reach the heights of the White House, interested only in his self aggrandizement.

Upon his election in Nov. 2007 those of us who were of sound mind heard the words that set off the first alarm when he declared the work to "fundamentally change the United States is about to begin." I wondered how many actually understood that "fundamentally" meant to change most everything from top to bottom.

I dare say, most did not.

It was said that Barack Barry Hussein Sotero Obama or whatever the hell his name is, was a "genius."  But alas, his school records were sealed as was just about everything else from his murky almost non-existent past.

Given time, incompetence will always rear its ugly head, showing its weak and vulnerable underbelly that must rely on intimidation, lies and criminal actions.

So the day of reckoning appears to have arrived for the least competent, least transparent, most criminal administration to have ever embarrassed the Red, The White and the Blue.
Barack Hussein Obama has shamed this nation like no other ... show him no respect or honor for he deserves neither.

Good riddance. I hope and pray.

Tom Carbone