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Don SorchychNO amnesty

I have said before that Sen. John McCain is a Democrat in Republican clothes. He and his RINO and Democrat friends have formed the Gang of 8 and are trying to force a Senate vote for “comprehensive immigration reform” with the real meaning of amnesty for somewhere between 11 and 30 million illegal aliens. They lost the first round and are trying again.

The government, both Republicans and Democrats, has winked at border security and allowed illegal entry, despite laws which require they protect our sovereignty and against border incursions. Why would anyone with any degree of honesty in government think their lack of enforcement is going to change? After Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to an estimated three million illegals, with a promise to shut the border, it didn’t happen. To say our government is deceitful is an inadequate description.

Since the Bush and Obama administrations increased the use of drones in Europe to kill Islamics and their supporters, why not use drones to stop infiltrators of our borders? Or sharpshooters? That would stop illegal entry and it would be relatively inexpensive.

However, since the government can’t be trusted there is no solution that will work.

I find it interesting that Marco Rubio is defiantly pushing for citizenship for illegals. Rubio was born to Cuban immigrants and although they later became citizens, they weren’t when he was born. Therefore he is not qualified to be president for the same reason as Obama.

In any case he is suggesting citizenship when at least 70 percent of them would vote Democrat and assure a single party presidency. And is he a politician or a social worker?

Rush Limbaugh presented interesting statistics in a recent talk show. He pointed out that some say the Hispanic vote defeated Mitt Romney in his election to be president. Limbaugh pointed out that Texan George Bush got the highest with 44 percent. He asked if Romney matched Bush would he have been elected. The answer was no. Limbaugh asked would 50 percent, 60 percent or 70 percent have elected Romney. The answer was no until 73 percent was reached.
Limbaugh then asked why the Republicans are bending over backward to win the Hispanic vote when it is unlikely they will ever get it in the percentages needed.

So Rubio, sit down and shut up.

There is no reason whatsoever to coddle illegals. They broke the law knowing full well what they were doing. The first step is to enforce the law, which means they are to be arrested when entering illegally and returned to their country. If they try again they are imprisoned and each time the prison term is longer. They should be in tent jails like tent city. If they get sick send them to their country of origin to be healed. If they have kids send them back. Let their agencies handle their responsibilities, not American taxpayers.

The weepy Arizona Republic and similar liberal newspapers would have you cry too about these poor babies who didn’t choose to come here so we should make them citizens and pay for their education.

I prefer to accept the metaphysical reincarnation view which states they choose their parents so I would assume they bear the sins of their choices. Send them home; they are making it easy by being so visible.

I usually listen to Barry Young on KFYI AM while driving into work. If it is interesting during the drive I turn it on at work. However, when he has his replacement, Barry Markson on I tune out; there is nothing to hear except his view which is noxious. For her part, Barry’s female partner Michele Larson is an echo chamber, while Andrew Babinski is an interesting and knowledgeable chap.

In tuning in and hearing Markson I reached for the radio but heard a man presenting a conservative view about border control and amnesty so I listened. Markson pounded him with, “So you would send them all home?” And went on with how that would never happen. CLICK!

It has already been proven that drying up their jobs causes them to leave. Today, they move to another state but if there were federal law there would be nowhere to hide. Of course the proviso is that feds do their job when they never have. RINO McCain stated 40 percent of illegals don’t come through the border but overstay their visas. So why aren’t they found and deported? The feds are winking because they want them here. A federal law with teeth and aggressive congressional overview like E-Verify might do it.

However the goal should be never to give amnesty to those here now or to their offspring.
Another pile of stinking fish – the so-called Republicans in the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and selected legislators joined forces to help defeat maxi patriot, Russell Pearce. Pearce, the author of SB 1070, showed how to solve the problem while his own secretly did him in. May they rot in hell!

Vote for Tom McGuire and YES on Prop 459!!