MAY 8, 2013

Volunteer Host Families wanted for exchange student

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Volunteer Host Families we are seeking willing to open their heart and home to an International Exchange Student to attend this coming year at a local High School.   It provides a family with an experience that is like traveling to that country!  Learn some of their language, try their food, explore their customs and holidays. They often have skills in Math, Latin, soccer and art that can be shared within a family as an educational assistance or inspiration.

Eight of our students each year are from countries that our Federal Government is wanting to build bridges of peace and understanding with through the Y.E.S. (Youth Exchange and Study) Program from countries like Mali, Macedonia, Tanzania, Bahrain, Indonesia, Israel, Philippines, Thailand, Yemen and more.  They are to be in families very different from their own to gain a perspective on American life that might not otherwise be known.  While here they have monthly events that expose them to democracy, free enterprise, civil volunteerism, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, leadership development and educational initiatives.  They perform close to a 100 hours of community service in a variety of venues while here. 

A Host Family provides a bed, meals and transportation while the student covers their other costs such as toiletries, school-related fees and spending money for their activities with you.  They can travel with you, cover their costs to do so and have full medical insurance. They speak English and you can select the student that touches your heart. They are anxious to share their culture with you and to experience a true American family not just what is in the movies!   If you are interested visit and then call Leslie at 480/946-2655 or email to

Here are some of the students available now and awaiting a host family:

France, Elizabeth, a 16 yr old girl, from south Paris, loves cooking, is a competitive synchronized swimmer, enjoys photography and drawing, plays the piano now 8 years, good with children served as a type of nanny, also likes languages, good at biology and math.

China, Hengzhi, a 16 yr old boy of Sichuan background, with a good sense of humor, the "life of the party", loves to play basketball, tennis, hike, jog, aerobics, baseball, camping, cooking, talented in Chinese calligraphy, wants to be a mechanical engineer.

Israel, Samaa, a 17 yr old girl, loves tennis, soccer, basketball, camping, guitar, karate, robotics, likes studying Old English literature, served as class president 2 years, holds a Young Guide First Aid Certificate she took 65 hours of training, gardening, journalism (so will try to be an anchor woman), and is a Christian.

China, Biyue, a 17 year old girl, loves playing the flute, Chinese paper-cutting art, traditional cooking and a certified tea specialist, does ballet, yoga, hiking, camping, but especially loves plants and herbology.

Thailand, Matayat, a 15 yr old girl, she loves to cook her Thai food and handcrafts, is a member of the Red Cross doing service with the aged, orphans and the deaf, enjoys synchronized dance, active Catholic.

Italy, Federica, a 17 yr old girl, loves art and going to exhibitions, learning languages, enjoys reading, to swim, walk in nature, dance, volleyball, tennis, badminton, skiing and cooking.