Guest Editorial

BY DON BITLER  | MAY 1, 2013

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The objective of gun control

Does anyone really know what it is?

The gun is currently the weapon of choice by most criminals.  The bomb is the weapon of choice of terrorists.  Is it possible to reduce crime or even terrorists acts by taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens?  If guns are confiscated from the law abiding citizen, will that open up another weapon for the terrorist in certain instances?   Will the criminals allow their guns to be confiscated or willingly comply with new restrictive gun laws?  Will taking the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens have a detrimental effect on law enforcement or an effect of reducing illegal gun activity?  What do the records show from places where these kinds of restrictive laws are in force?  Have restrictive laws worked to get the desired results in cities here in the US?  These are some (not all) of the questions that should be honestly asked and answered regarding any new gun control laws.  Did prohibition of alcohol stop people from drinking? 

Ordinary law abiding citizens do not carry or own a weapon in order to rob, steal, kill, harass, terrorize or even bully others. They carry or just own to prevent or stop these types of actions by the element(s) within our society who are scum and live that way.  They carry for self protection, because in the final analysis there is only one person who can truly protect you, when and if you need protecting, and that is you.  If guns are ever outlawed in our society it is not only the nation’s Constitution and free enterprise system that will no longer exist but the rule of law as we now know it will also disappear.  Furthermore, make no mistake, the only people who will be affected by any of these new gun laws proposed by our federal, and some state, governments will be the law abiding citizen, not the criminal and certainly not the terrorist.  If anything they will assist both by taking the guns out of our hands.  Those who do not see this are bordering on ignorant.  Laws only affect those who are willing to obey them!  This fact can be proven quite easily. 

Why do so many in society feel the need to carry a gun for self protection?  Could it be because the criminal is out of control and the very people in government who are advocating these additional gun controls are unable to control the criminal element within our society making individual self protection more necessary.  Has the current approach being used as an answer to the problem ever curtailed these crimes?  If so why are more needed and if not shouldn’t we change the strategy and use a different approach?  How to control crime is a problem that has existed since the beginning of time.  Since the beginning of time the only thing that has ever worked is a deterrent or in other words punishment.

It is estimated there are somewhere between nine thousand and twenty thousand gun restricting laws on the books currently, throughout the nation.  None of them curtail the activity of the criminals, just the law abiding citizen.  Did any prevent the massacres we have experienced lately?  Of course not. However, successful gun confiscation by government may actually have an opposite effect other then the one suggested by those currently advocating the control.  It may very well increase the incidence of crimes.  The records where total gun control has been put in place prove this is what happens most, if not all, of the time.   Successful confiscation may also, create a tyrannical government that could duplicate the murders that took place by governments throughout the world during the 20th  Century right here in the United States of America.  Anyone who thinks governments would never murder the citizens needs to study the history of the 20th Century.  Or we could just look at our abortion law and the drones we have sent after our own citizens.  However, drones are a topic for another day.    It has been said more murders were committed against citizens by their governments during the 20th Century than in all the centuries prior combined.  We currently have a doctor (Kermit Gosnell) on trial for cold blooded murder of babies after they are born alive.  What kind of monster does something like that?  The same kind of monster that marches unarmed people to an open pit and has them shot, that’s who!  Yes they are in this nation.

Furthermore, does anyone actually think it is possible to confiscate over three hundred million guns?  Successful gun confiscation here in the United States of America is literally impossible without the cooperation of all of the people and it does not appear that will be forthcoming.  The same folks who claimed it was impossible to deport about 15 to 20 million illegal aliens (which they now claim is only 11 million)  now claim it is possible to confiscate more than a quarter billion (with a B) guns.  Isn’t that a demonstration of their ignorance?  Or is it just a demonstration of their unwillingness to reason (which also is ignorant)?

Since adding gun laws has been tried over and over without success would it not be reasonable to approach the problem in a different manner this time?  We currently have many laws on the books making robbing and stealing, along with murder, unlawful.  Yet we are, as a nation it seems, reluctant to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those who break those laws. 

This administration has just released many felons from prisons and blamed it on Sequestration.  Really?  Why or how are we the citizens accepting these types of actions?  This is like trying to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on it.  Furthermore, if the punishment does not fit the crime it is not a deterrent.  If punishment is not viewed as a deterrent it is impossible to control the law breaker.  Our judicial system started into its downward spiral when punishment was removed as a deterrent and the objective became rehabilitation.  Have we not learned this yet?   We once passed a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ law.  Is it still law? If it is, it isn’t even enforced today.  Why? 

It seems the fundamental transformation we were promised in late 2008 by Barack Obama, is not turning out real well for the individual citizen is it?  Did anyone in the media or Congress think to ask what we were going to be transformed into?  If so I haven’t heard it.   It is fact socialistic societies are not concerned about the individual but the collective.  I guess that changes everything, now doesn’t it?