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May 1 - 7, 2013


For All Signs: Just after midnight on May 1st Mars, the warrior, will oppose Saturn, the planet of boundaries. Their coming together represents a debate between polarities: action vs. Stasis, hot vs. Cold, spontaneity vs. Containment, individual needs vs. The collective. It urges us to develop the self-discipline and groundwork needed to become a courageous warrior for our personal or collective causes. Less positively, when the energies are right for war in the world or strife within a relationship, this opposition can represent a spark.

Aries: You may encounter an authority that is bigger than you are during this period. Do what is required of you in order to get yourself free of the spotlight. This appears to be a financial dilemma with origins in late summer of 2012. This result is a general life lesson in patience and self-control.

Taurus: It may be difficult to find common ground with partners, authorities, or significant others in your life during this period. You have a desire to express yourself and the "other" seems to be recalcitrant. Don't turn this into a power play or a long-term resentment. Tone down your anger a notch or two and say your piece. Then let it go. Your physical cycle is on a low.

Gemini: Your thoughts will turn inward for roughly two weeks. You may be exploring your soul or envisioning your next project. You might be considering your past and how those events or circumstances are affecting you now. Be cautious with your mouth toward the end of the week. You may feel the need to speak rashly but it will only embarrass you later.

Cancer: We are neck deep in an eclipse season again. It began about the third week in April and will now continue for the next three weeks. Get some extra sleep and take your vitamins. Avoid brooding. If there is nothing to do about your concern, get up and move around. You may hear from previous acquaintances or friends.

Leo: Some things about your experiences now are a repetition of the past. You may be encountering people you have not seen for a very long time. Aspects particularly favor career and work life. You are in an effective position. Others agree with your guidance and leadership. A project begun near the New Year is beginning to blossom now.

Virgo: You may need to concentrate in order to avoid critics, whether they are internal or external. Instead of blame, use the discipline to tackle a project that requires concentration. Avoid contracts and business negotiations right now because misunderstandings may develop. You are in an accident prone cycle. Give close attention when driving.

Libra: Take your time. Be aware of developing challenges concerning partners, property, and shared resources. This includes stocks, the IRS, social security, and partner’s income. An old debt may bite you in the backside. Family members may harass you concerning property. Take heart. This cycle will pass soon.

Scorpio: This is a time of dramatically challenging work. You are struggling with your semi-conscious expectation of failure. Don’t let it beat you down. The fear may have manifested an opponent in the outer world. But the true war is on the inside. Don’t buy into the Critics’ point of view. It/he/she is a figment remaining of your past.

Sagittarius: Although many planets are ka-binging all over the solar system, your planet Jupiter is stable as a rock this week. It is possible that you may be offering or giving some kind of presentation in the world of work. You are confident and comfortable with this, even if you feel a bit nervous.

Capricorn: You may experience a break in a relationship early in the week. However, as time moves forward, there will be mending of the rift. It will come through a lover or your children. Activities requiring strength and/or endurance are favored. A transformation is at hand and available if you will reach for it.

Aquarius: A difficult situation that began late last summer concerning property and the law arrives at a significant turning point during this period. You have poured heart and soul into it for many months. One more wrinkle is occurring now. Ask yourself if being “right” is worth the effort. If so, prepare to pour on the gas in order to accomplish your goal.

Pisces: This week begins with a little brain fuzz and difficulty concentrating. However, as the week progresses your “fuzz” becomes a source of creative imagination. You may be traveling or studying when suddenly bright ideas drop into your consciousness. After May 2nd is also a time in which your intuition is on target.

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