The “Right” kind of “right” …

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steele coddingtonLast week we paid tribute to Margaret Thatcher, with affection for the prodigious legacy she left as a personal inspiration in the struggle for the preservation of individual freedom. This week it’s time to recognize the leading American conservative women. Those with Thatcher-like genes, who are increasingly the only articulate voices in the U.S. who seem to understand and advocate ideas on behalf of the fundamental unalienable “Rights” expressed in our Declaration of Independence, as “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” “Rights” is capitalized and immortalized in our Declaration to help preserve the concept that all Men (and Women) individually are “created equal.”

But the words “equal” and “rights” have lately been corrupted and hi-jacked by ignorant liberals addressing themselves as “righters” – supposedly of every wrong in this world they can identify themselves with as “victims.” These perennial haters of everything good in America seem convinced that every conceivable personal self-indulgence, need, urge or deprivation, all slightly more urgent than a bowel movement, is a fundamental “right” that deserves elevation to the level of an Amendment to the Constitution. We need to address them as “wrongers” not “righters.” And contrast their superficiality with the ideals advocated in many different ways by America’s conservative women leaders. They have become articulate voices for what is really “Right.”

Most conservative women have a sense of humor and would agree with Thatcher’s observation that, “In politics, if you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” I swear I have heard my first conservative heroine, my grandmother, say that back on the farm whenever she milked the cows in the morning. Back then it took brave and exceptional women to run for political office. She was one of them and served as a conservative Republican chairwoman of an up-state New York County Commission. She was a lady and I think her courageous heart may have spirited its way into Thatcher’s observation, “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” America’s conservative women icons listed below have been able to speak forcefully with the power of belief in Christian values and the conviction about individual enterprise in a capitalistic society.

They know it as the most productive system of wealth creation to reduce poverty ever created. They don’t need phony slogans about “women’s rights” as a disguise for publicity or demand personal birth control pills as a healthcare mandate forced on religious organizations by a bunch of socialists intent on undermining the First Amendment.

America’s conservative women are, thankfully, many. But to stick to the top twelve and list the most formidable and well-known who don’t, like so many, “go wobbly” in the fight against the radical assaults by the left on American exceptialism, the following stand out. We need to encourage them and help spread their message of what is really “Right” for the country. And it is not a current White House lurching from crisis to destructive crisis, undermining its religious, moral, economic and constitutional greatness:

Sarah Palin, Former Gov. Alaska/VP Candidate
Laura Ingraham, Talk Show Host, Author
Ann Coulter, Columnist, Author
Michelle Malkin, Columnist, Author
Michele Bachmann, Minn. Congresswoman, Pres. Candidate
Liz Cheney, Chair Keep America Safe, Author
Kimberly A. Strassel, Potomac Watch WSJ
Peggy Noonan, Columnist WSJ
Condi Rice, Former Secty. Of State
Nikki Haley, Gov. S. Carolina
Susanne Martinez, Gov. New Mexico
Kelly Ayotte, Gov. New Hampshire