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Preventive feline care

Food, water, toys, litter box and kitty tower … check. You’re now ready to give your new feline friend a great home and lots of love. Is there anything you have forgotten? What about a trip to the vet? That’s right, whether you have rescued an adult cat that is up to date on all of his vaccines or just gave a little kitten a new home the next step in having a healthy pet is a trip to the vet.

Whether your cat is young or old, lives indoors or visits the outdoors he needs to receive regular veterinary care. Veterinary visits are much more important than simply receiving vaccines. A thorough physical exam may reveal disease that is difficult for an untrained person to notice. Cats are great at hiding their ailments and many times disease is very progressed by the time they come in to see us. It is always better for us to find disease early than to try playing catch up once it has a firm hold on their bodies. Some common problems I see on routine exams are dental disease, enlarged thyroid glands, muscle loss, back pain and heart murmurs.

If your last experience taking your cat into the vet was not one filled with education then you need to search until you find it. Our cats are way too important to not give them the professional care and attention they deserve.

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Brian Ashmore, DVM, Director of Animal Health Services Cat Care Clinic