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APRIL 10, 2013

Illegals, guns and RINOs | Cave Creek election

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Don SorchychThe news was full of articles about the Associated Press eliminating the term illegal immigrant from their style book. No mention of the fact the U.S. government still uses Illegal Alien, as we do, since it is factual. The dictionary reads, “Illegal: Contrary to the law: unlawful.” Alien: “Of another country; a non-naturalized foreigner.” So we are right on as is the U.S. government until they too are overwhelmed with political correctness (PC).

The Arizona Republic is the worst, using “migrants” which in the dictionary reads, “A person or creature who migrates.” Where is the illegal? Where is the undocumented?

Jay Leno, in a dialog hit it right when he commented on the AP’s stupidity when he said the phrase should be “Undocumented (although I would have preferred illegal) Democrats,” which led Rush Limbaugh to ask what in the hell the Republicans are doing since citizenship for illegal aliens would surely create more Democrat voters.

Our Senator John McCain is arguing, as all politicians do, that the border must be secure first. Why in the world would we believe that? The border has been porous for 40 years and both parties lied, mainly because Democrats wanted votes and Republicans wanted cheap labor.

bil canfield cartoonOur idol, President Ronald Reagan, with promises of border protection, gave amnesty to three million illegals and now we have somewhere between 12 and 30 million illegals in the country. Reagan failed his own policy of trusting but verifying.

Why should we trust a government ruled by a lying Marxist president? More votes for his party would come from any legislation for these criminals. The proof is he is giving the Middle East away to Islamics like himself.

Although this will never happen, the borders should be secured by shooting people who cross the border illegally. Stiff laws need to be enforced for anyone who hires an illegal to dry up their employment market. They would have no choice but go home since all politicians promise we will never send them home.

We need a George Patton for our next president. Maybe he has already reincarnated.

On gun control Sen. John McCain is doing what he likes to do – crossing the aisle to do the bidding of Democrats like Chuck Schumer. Remember how cozy he was with Teddy Kennedy? I can only hope his recall will be rekindled. He was saved before by 9/11, where patriots who were dead set on removing him let go for what they perceived was a bigger issue. He is now criticizing the conservatives who want to use filibusters to defeat the Democrats’ push for gun control.

bil canfield cartoonMcCain is worse than a RINO. He is a Democrat in Republican clothes. If you have a moment call McCain and warn him of recall if he continues his battle against the Second Amendment.
And while you are at it Freshman Senator Jeff Flake is weak on protecting the Second Amendment. McCain is at 202-224-2235. Flake is at 202-224-4521.

Local election and referendum
It will be a strange council without Dick Esser. Recall a judge kicked Esser off the ticket because he withdrew and then rescinded his withdrawal. The decision made no sense but a political debt to be paid off in the future. My neighbor Gerald Freeman apparently underwrote the legal expenses and he contributed the maximum, $450, to Eileen Wright’s and $50 to Adam Trenk’s campaigns. Freeman also has a TRO in force to prevent a horse trail just off our easement. It would be nice to see a sea of cowboy hats protesting the TRO when the council seats with the slate.

Esser did yeoman work during his many years on the council and his hours spent at MAG meetings should be appreciated. With Esser gone Adam Trenk will fill in. Just what MAG needs – a rookie! Trenk showed annoyance when Esser went back on the ballot even though he fought in court to run despite not meeting the legal residency requirements. Hypocrisy is not new with him. Trenk’s lawyer, Tim LaSota, handled both Trenk’s case and Freeman’s.

Dear voters, Thomas McGuire is the last councilman standing, so by all means vote for him. We know based on their outspoken campaigns both Eileen Wright and Michael Durkin are against Town Manager Usama Abujbarah’s performance, although neither of them showed up for council meetings to know. Assuming Mayor Vincent Francia and Vice Mayor Ernie bunch support him, who else might vote to keep him?

Charles Spitzer and Reg Monchino regularly attended council meetings and so should have a more correct view of town proceedings. The question is, do they recognize the value of Usama over all the previous town managers? I have been here since 1990 and Usama is way brighter than any of them and has proved his mettle countless times.

These future votes revolve around how much “King” Mike Chutz controls since his exact agenda is unknown, but it makes no sense for a non-resident to invest money and time as he has.
At this time, I will bullet vote for McGuire with possible additions to be determined soon.

The last issue is the referendum (Prop 459) filed by Carefree citizen Jim Peirce with the presumed support of ex-Councilwoman Grace (less) Meeth. The issue at stake is the property next to an existing CVS pharmacy. The town, after careful study and endless meetings, voted to make the property commercial. Peirce has unsuccessfully filed a referendum before and lost.
When Carefree rezoned property for Lowes and the pharmacy, did Peirce file a referendum?
No, he didn’t.

For some reason the town is under assault by non-citizen and therefore non-voters like Peirce, Chutz and Anna Marsolo. Why listen to them? They are uninformed, angry and off center.
On one hand the slate argues about all the commercial property in the town core. So what? That is not how governments work and certainly not how business developers work. Developers decide on where to locate and if you want to buffer the town’s sales tax, create jobs and give consumers another place to shop, you agree with all necessary stipulations. The town has effectively done all that.

Send the carpet baggers back to their lairs and defeat this thoughtless referendum. Vote YES on Prop 459!