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April 3 - 16, 2013


For All Signs:  Venus (the lover) and Mars (the warrior) are conjunct on April 6-7.  The symbolism of this aspect covers the two weeks before April 6 until two weeks beyond the date.  At this time we need to join loved ones in finding ways to resolve old difficulties and jointly resolve unpleasant history so we can move forward.  If you cannot do this together, then do yourself a favor and adopt an attitude of forgiveness in your heart.  Persons in relationships which are terminating would be wise to work toward positive closure at this time.  This is the crossover point, the threshold of letting go of the old and beginning the new.  You may experience it as the entry of someone new in your life or a significant shift of status in your present relationship.

Aries the Ram: (Mar 20—Apr 19th)  You have several aspects this week that suggest general anxiety beneath your confident exterior.  Some of this has no bearing in your present day reality, but may have roots in your history.  It is a mood and will soon pass.

Taurus:  You must work to stay conscious during this period of the Venus/Mars conjunction (see lead paragraph).  Focus attention on inner work, self-improvement, or spiritual interests.  In relationships, allow others to move toward you at this time.  Don’t take the lead.  Your beauty, inner and outer, will attract others to you.

Gemini:  It is probable that you have been on a 4 to 5 week break from your normal routine, distracted by various short term goals and situations.  Now is the time that you will feel more ready to return to the usual pattern of your life.  You have a need to ground yourself through physical exercise.  Otherwise you may feel irritable.

Cancer:  You appear to be blocked on pursuing your immediate goals right now but things will begin to improve next week.  You might as well practice patience.  Relax.  Maybe you need a few days’ breather.  Take a small trip while you wait.  See some interesting sights.  Visit with friends who live at a distance.

Leo:  Your heart wants to travel, to explore, to learn new things on the Internet.  You may be planning your next vacation.  There is a wrinkle in the picture concerning home, hearth, or family responsibilities that keeps you pinned to the current reality.  You will work it out, but it may require a matter of months.

Virgo:  This week, after three or four weeks of flurry, you will probably find yourself back in the same position as you were in mid-February.  The difference is that now you have more information about what the important “others” in your life are planning.  This helps you feel more grounded. 

Libra:  This is a highly significant period in your primary relationship(s).  You have issues to work through and healing to do for everyone involved.  Sidestep the temptation to drill your truth into the mind of another.  If you do not share a concensus reality, then search for a higher perspective that includes both truths.

Scorpio:  Take especially good care of your health this week.  Get plenty of rest and avoid alcohol, which can cloud your judgment and cause accidents.  It's time to take a good look at your self-care habits and beef up your resolve to avoid sliding into bad patterns. 

Sagittarius:  Believe it or not, you have no significant aspects this week.  There are no new assignments from the cosmos to distract you from your current path.  It is a good time to finish juggling one or two of the balls you have in the air and bring them to a proper conclusion.  It will help you feel accomplished.

Capricorn:  You may be purging something that has become toxic in your life.  If you didn't know about it before, this equinox energy is making the message very clear. Let go of old patterns of behavior that no longer work.   Otherwise you are basking in the positive flow of energy from your community and friends.

Aquarius:  One side of you is devoted to maintaining the status quo and following the rules.  Another side of you is the rebel deluxe, the one who always colors outside the lines.  You probably feel much more comfortable in one mode or the other.  However, the opposite position is impinging upon you now.  The point of this juggling act is to help you find the balance.

Pisces:  This could become an expensive week.  If you have money to spare, then there is no problem.  Be aware that your financial brakes are not firm.  If you have financial issues, avoid the temptations to spend on luxuries or things you don’t really need.

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