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Paul Ryan has ObamaCare right where America wants it ... ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK!

Paul Ryan’s budget is finally putting ObamaCare back on the chopping block.

We’ve been disappointed again and again as too many of our Republicans in Congress have put ObamaCare on the back burner, willing to let it quietly eke into full implementation. But now, they’re stepping into the ring once more.

The 2013 Path to Prosperity budget recognizes that ObamaCare is too expensive, too flawed, and too destructive to be included in the federal budget.

The Republican budget would strip out all the funding for President Obama’s healthcare takeover, saving taxpayers more than a trillion dollars – and protecting our freedoms.
This is a critical first step to pulling ObamaCare out by the roots. And, at this point, there is absolutely no question that needs to happen.

STAND WITH PAUL RYAN, SUPPORT REPEAL NOW! Visit to sign the petition today to "pull ObamaCare out by the roots."

Nearly every promise made by President Obama about this bill has been proven false. It is nothing but a massive tax increase on the middle class.

ObamaCare does not reduce healthcare costs – and the economic and personal liberty impacts are already proving disastrous. Millions of people won’t be able to continue using their own doctors, and small businesses have all but stopped hiring.

Our economy is struggling under the other big-government policies of President Obama – but with the added weight of ObamaCare, it cannot possibly get moving again. By almost every measure, this law is destructive.

And, all of these real-world impacts come on top of the horrible manner by which ObamaCare was forced upon the American public. We the People deserve better than a huge infringement on our rights forced down our throats through legislative sleight-of-hand and political skullduggery.

Now that Republican leadership is once again trying to take on Obama’s signature accomplishment, we’re making sure that they have the support they need.

To have any chance at passing this budget and neutering ObamaCare, we have to overcome the Obama political machine and their allies in the liberal media.

We need to once again rally together our 2 million patriots to stand loud and strong for this budget to repeal ObamaCare.

Only with a grassroots army can we have any hope of forcing Obama or his cronies in the Senate to acknowledge what a failure ObamaCare is, or that the American people do not, in fact, want their healthcare dictated by the federal government.

Liberals in Washington have willfully ignored every report on both the public’s opposition to ObamaCare, and the ill effects already being reported across the country. And they’ve painted those of us who don’t want their big-government schemes as some kind of fringe group.

It’s time to show them how wrong they are.

Will you once again lend your support to the effort to scrap ObamaCare?

It is imperative that we get every possible signature on this petition and present a united front for Ryan’s budget.

I also urge you to get this email in front of the eyes of every patriotic American you know.

We need people to understand that we once again have a chance to fight back against the encroachments of this Administration and their liberal allies in the Senate.

Please get as many of your friends and family as you can to join you in signing onto this very important petition.

With your help, we can make the difference in the fight.

Ken Hoagland is President of Restore America's Voice.