Income tax paves the road to hell ...

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SPOOF SPACE“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation,” according to Thoreau. But there are sources of research convinced that if he were living today he would really say, “The 51 percent of families in the U.S. who pay 100percent of all the country’s federal personal income taxes lead quiet lives of increasing desperation.” They’d like to know “why is this mounting tax burden on me?”

Here’s why! Using “social justice” as a political imperative, self-serving liberals led by Obama want to transform the traditional helping-hand of government safety-net into a permanent way of life. The most unobtrusive way to facilitate that process is to continually relax the eligibility of those who can qualify for benefits each year. You know, last year it was people with incomes at the poverty level. This year incomes at 130 percent of the poverty level, and next year 150 percent, until everyone gets a free handout courtesy of your benevolent government.

But governments need more money to enslave you into an entitlement zombie. Who has money? People who earn a living and receive an “income” or scrimped to build their retirement nest egg doing the same thing. These people have become the tax bulls-eyes, the newest subjects of tax abuse. The government has become the bully in the schoolyard, bent on discrimination, and its own ideologically biased interpretation of “fairness.” It used to champion steps to prevent racial, gender, and ethnic orientation, or any other discrimination that disturbs your self-esteem. Now it endorses discrimination based on income and justifies it by vilifying people who earn income. To sell it to the ignorant, they redefine “income” so it’s synonymous with “greed.” This way, income earners aren’t victims like in past discrimination, and deserve the imposition of confiscatory taxation.

The tax-masters have impugned income earners so even they are brainwashed to feel guilt and are ashamed to be thought of as not paying their fair share. Well my friends, the acronym of Tax Payer is TP, but it also works for Toilet Paper. As the Toilet Paper of the tax world, you need to redefine your image and declare your own Tax Emancipation Proclamation. It’s difficult to raise the public ire against an arrogant wind-bag in the White House, but you can start your battle in your present state of residence. If it has an abusive tax environment, LEAVE. Here are some helpful lists of states if you want to avoid living in a tax-slave state.

Kiplinger publications list the following as the 10 least friendly tax states: Oregon, California, Montana, Nebraska, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The following 9 states have no income tax and that is an incentive for individuals, retirees and businesses: Florida, Texas, Washington, Nevada, South Dakota, Alaska, Tennessee, New Hampshire and Wyoming. And finally, Kiplinger lists the following as the 10 most tax-friendly for retirees: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Alaska and Nevada.

Over-all, Arizona is a friendly, conservative place to live in spite of two major liberal newspapers. It does have a moderate state income tax, but exempts Social Security benefits as well as most food and drugs. But if we welcome enough new residents from tax-slave states, who understand that taxes pave the road to hell, Arizona might be able to change its name to Lincoln and Phoenix to Appomattax – a place where no surrender will occur.