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December 5-11, 2012


For All Signs: Hanukkah, for those unfamiliar with the Jewish calendar, falls on Sunday, Dec. 9 this year. Centuries ago, the Jews reclaimed religious freedom from the Assyrians in a battle won on the 25th day of Kislev, the third month of the Jewish calendar year. The people went immediately to rededicate their temple to God. Later an additional meaning was attached to Hanukkah (literally translated from the Hebrew as rededication). All Jewish temples have a lamp that burns eternally, symbolizing God's presence in the world. According to the myth, there was only one day's oil remaining in the temple lamp at the original Hanukkah, but somehow a miracle caused this tiny quantity to last eight days until more oil could be found. Thus we have eight days of Hanukkah. Because the Jewish calendar is based on the lunar cycles, the annual date of Hanukkah varies from year to year on the modern calendar. The 25th day of Kislev occurs in the "dark" of the moon, in the period just before the new moon during which we cannot see its reflection by the sun. This holiday is a celebration of the light of the Spirit, burning eternally, throughout even the most dismal hours of trial. Maseltov!
Aries: Your attitude about yourself is not altogether accurate right now. You may think way too much of your ideas, or alternately, you may see yourself as lower than scum. Neither is accurate and you should probably not make decisions of any importance this week. Spiritual pursuits are given a "go" signal.
Taurus: Issues of commitment in one or more relationships become prominent. You may be struggling over whether to commit to what is in front of you versus looking for a better possibility. If this is so, you probably aren’t really ready to find the one who will tempt you into commitment. Someone enters your life as a spiritual “teacher” near the 11th.
Gemini: Pay attention to “messages” that people offer to you over the next two weeks. A piece of information or a discussion is likely to be exactly the thing you need/want to hear at this time. Accept education from wherever it comes. The message may even come through your body.
Cancer: Your mind and heart are clearly in sync at this time. You are likely at peace with yourself. There is a solid and practical solution at hand and you do not have to quarrel with yourself over it. Activities involving your children and/or other creative products of your being are favored. Love life flows smoothly.
Leo: You have enough energy to spare. Apply heavy muscle to exercise or a chore that needs to be done. Otherwise you may become snappy and are liable to pick a fight. Work with those who share your rhythm this week, or you may say things that you'll wish you had not.
Virgo: You are in a reasonably good place with yourself at this time. Your heart and mind are flowing together. You have no conflict between your feelings and your thoughts about those feelings. This is a time for reflection on important subjects. You can make good decisions now.
Libra: One or more relationships in your life seem weird right now. It’s possible that someone will be eccentric, irascible, or shift from one foot to the other. It is also possible that you are being manipulated by someone who is not necessarily being a friend. If you feel wary, heed that internal voice and use caution.
Scorpio: Sometimes we are pressed to see the flaws, even in those things and people we love the most. You are not at fault in this situation, though you may be looking for what you "could-a/ would-a/, should-a/" done. You did the best you could at the time.
Sagittarius: You have more energy than you know how to manage this week. Use caution when driving because your accelerator foot is probably a bit heavy. Pour that muscle into making the work you need to do to take yourself to the next level. Your fire is high and may overwhelm others.
Capricorn: Your leadership ability may be tapped in order to serve a greater whole over the next two weeks. In the beginning you may feel that you “can’t” do it, but by the weekend you will have a much stronger sense of confidence. You must relax and go with the flow.
Aquarius: This is a really good time to sniff out the weak spots in your plans and make reparations before it is too late. Do some research. Talk to people in the background. It may be that the Powers That Be might back you. Follow the ground rules strictly. There is not much wiggle room here.
Pisces: Take every precaution not to abuse your body during this period. Drugs or alcohol could have peculiar side effects. You are in a low physical cycle and will be unable to push yourself as hard as normal on any physical task. If you are affected emotionally, try not to worry about it. Your body/feelings will right themselves after the 15th.

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