VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 44   |   OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 6, 2012


Florida citizens’ grand jury indicts Obama and Biden

‘[T]he time has come for we Americans to rise up and use the God-given rights left to us by our founders …’
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larry klaymanOCALA, Fla. – On Monday, a citizens’ grand jury assembled by Attorney Larry Klayman (r), founder and chairman of Freedom Watch, unanimously returned a true bill of indictment against President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for having willfully released classified national security information concerning the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, United States and Israeli war plans concerning Iran and their cyber attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The grand jury determined the release of this information resulted in the killing of members of SEAL Team Six by terrorists, the arrest and imprisonment of American covert agents by Pakistan, such as the doctor who aided the CIA with respect to the bin Laden assassination, while compromising United States-Israeli war plans with Iran as well as other harm to U.S. national security.

On Tuesday, Klayman issued a press release stating, “The citizens’ grand jury, after having deliberated yesterday issued a true bill of indictment. It did the work that the government should have done, but doesn’t have the integrity to do; that is hold these public officials accountable under the law. For far too long, government prosecutors, who are put in place by politicians, have looked the other way as high public officials like Obama and Biden violate the law to further their political agendas. Now, as a result, the people must therefore exercise the rights given to them by the framers of the Constitution, and themselves take legitimate measures to restore the nation to some semblance of legality.”

The true bill was returned by the grand jury at 6:02 p.m. on Oct. 29, 2012 after the grand jury reviewed evidence and voted unanimously to indict Obama and Biden.

According to Klayman, the indictment of Obama and Biden is just the first step in a “legal revolution to reclaim the nation from establishment politicians, government officials and judges who have represented only their own political and other interests at the expense of ‘We the People.’”

Klayman stated Obama and Biden will now be tried in a court of law and said he is confident they will be convicted of these alleged crimes.

On April 20, 2012, Klayman posted an essay titled “Time to indict the political class!” on the website citizensgrandjury.com, including some history of the grand jury, which dates back to at least 1166 under the Norman kings of England.

The Magna Carta later granted individuals the right to stand before a grand jury to be charged with their crimes.

It wasn’t until around 1681 that the grand jury had developed the rule of secrecy, a characteristic set up to thwart government abuse.

According to Klayman, short of violent revolution, the citizens grand jury is the one strong legal mechanism and only recourse to hold the president and his accomplices truly accountable for their actions.

He notes impeachment and other means to address crimes at the presidential or other high levels of government have been ineffective.

Klayman cites Frisbie v. United States, in which Supreme Court Justice David Brewer declared in 1895, that “[I]n this country it is for the grand jury to investigate any alleged crime, no matter how or by who suggested to them, and after determining that the evidence is sufficient to justify putting the suspected party on trial, to direct the preparation of the formal charge or indictment.”

In 1906, Supreme Court Justice Henry Brown stated in Hale v. Henkle, “[W]e deem it entirely clear that under the practice in this country, at least, the examination of witnesses need not be preceded by a presentment or indictment formally drawn up, but that the grand jury may proceed, either upon their own knowledge or upon the examination of witnesses, to inquire for themselves whether a crime cognizable by the court has been committed.”

In 1992, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, held in United States v. Williams, “The grand jury's functional independence from the judicial branch is evident both in the scope of its power to investigate criminal wrongdoing and in the manner in which that power is exercised. Unlike [a] court, whose jurisdiction is predicated upon a specific case or controversy, the grand jury can investigate merely on suspicion that the law is being violated, or even because it wants assurance that it is not.”

Scalia also pointed out, while speaking on its origins, “The grand jury is mentioned in the Bill of Rights, but not in the body of the Constitution. It has not been textually assigned, therefore, to any of the branches described in the first three Articles. It is a constitutional fixture in its own right. In fact the whole theory of its function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the government and the people.
Although the grand jury normally operates, of course, in the courthouse and under judicial auspices, its institutional relationship with the judicial branch has been, so to speak, at arm's length. Judges’ direct involvement in the functioning of the grand jury has generally been confined to the constitutive one of calling the grand jurors together and administering their oaths of office.”

Klayman concluded his essay by stating, “Given the increasingly corrupt and treasonous actions of our public officials, which have nearly destroyed our republic, and the almost complete breakdown of the justice system as run by the government, the time has come for we Americans to rise up and use the God-given rights left to us by our founders. We can do this by using citizen-impaneled and administered grand juries to hold presidents like Obama and others at the highest levels of government accountable for the crimes that have driven our nation to the brink of extinction.”

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