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October 31– November 6, 2012


For All Signs:  The election puzzle.  It is notable that at 6:04 p.m. on Election Day Mercury turns retrograde as the voting on the Eastern seaboard comes to an end. Mercury rules ballots, tickets, and administrative details.  The last time and only other time this occurred on a US election day was during the Bush/Gore election, which was not resolved until a month later when the Supreme Court settled it.  On Nov. 7, 2000, Mercury shifted to direct motion at 9:28 p.m., as the Midwest vote came in.  Many believed the popular vote outweighed the electoral vote, but given the established laws, that would not have mattered.

It is easy to imagine that the outcome of the current election might be challenged.  For months there has been discussion about the issue of voter suppression.  There have been changes of laws within states concerning who now has the right to vote.  Many are confused about what “papers” they need.  Personally, I can’t help but question why the billionaires don’t simply hire people to stuff the ballot boxes by way of altering computer codes.  If they have enough gall and money to throw massive attack ads, they surely can find ways of rearranging the voting outcome to suit their purposes.  So the election itself may be illegal.

I have studied the horoscopes of Obama/Biden and also Romney/Ryan.  I must say that the Obama/Biden ticket has men whose personal cycles represent both readiness and preparation to be leaders.  Meanwhile, the GOP candidates, Romney and Ryan, are neither one in a position to truly lead the country.  It is frightening to think who might take control in their stead. 

One thing is really clear astrologically.  The Obama/Biden ticket is truly the strongest.  If they don’t win the electorate, they will continue to be a strong force from another direction.  If they are not being undermined by a stacked Congress, they may accomplish as much or more for the people as when in office.

The commentary above shortens the space I have to write individual projections.  The normal format will return next week.

Aries:  A relationship or friendship that began with gusto in Feb. arrives at a point of evaluation.  The question of commitment may always be an issue in this situation.

Taurus:  You abruptly part a relationship situation that has not been good for you.  It appears the trigger has to do with your sense of personal ethics.

Gemini:  As Mercury, your ruling planet, turns retrograde on Election Day, an agreement you thought you shared with your partner falls apart.  More negotiation will be necessary.

Cancer:  This might be a week in which you let yourself give into chocolate bonbons and other yummy things.  Self-discipline is not at its best.  Avoid temptations if possible.

Leo:  You may believe you are done with the repair projects or fixing “old” things.  Unfortunately, next week you will probably find another detail in the pile.

Virgo:  This is not the time to make final decisions on the subjects of home, property, and family.  You are likely to change your mind very soon.  Be with those issues for a few weeks.

Libra: This is not the best of weeks for personal relationships.  Someone may surprise you by making a 180 turn.  Previous agreements may be broken or severely strained.

Scorpio:  It is seriously important for you to hang on to your center at this time.  A relationship situation could undermine your fresh resolve.

Sagittarius:  Take your time on making decisions now.  Almost as soon as you do, you will change your mind and think better of it.  Use this time to gather more research.

Capricorn:  Intensity in relationships is the theme of the week.  If you are not conscious, you could be pulled into schemes of manipulation or compulsive behaviors.

Aquarius:  You may find you will have to go back to the beginning of a project begun in Aug.  You need a license, a certification, or some other legalistic object in order to proceed.

Pisces:  Monitor your inner critic this week.  It may be serving up a plate of neurotic guilt to interfere with your attitude.  A better use of this energy calls for rising above the yada, yada of the droning voice.  Focus elsewhere.

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