canfield 10-24-12

A touch of truth

My hopes have been raised because some people truly care enough to learn some facts before they shoot. May I lend some help. GM was bailed out with 50 BILLION tax payer dollars, so what happened to that money? GM built two new plants and raised their employment by 55 percent; the problem with that is it all took place in China. They still laid off and closed plants here in America. Then Obama gave $355 Million to a Brazilian company to manufacture our military light aircraft, no jobs for America. Then he spent $529 Million with Fisker to build an electric car - in Finland, still no American jobs. Like Romney said, he spent $90 Million on this kind of stuff? May I ask why? Someone please tell me why.

Michael O’Brien
Willows, California


My ears are ringing

President Obama, with your hand on The Bible you promised to uphold our Constitution; it is attacked at every turn by you, your attorney general, your administration and czars.

You promised to defend our nation; you refuse to even say the word “terrorism” allowing groups who hate us and wish us destroyed to gain strength (some here in our country.) 

You promised to protect our rights; you and your administration have done everything in your power to cede our assets and control to the United Nations and NATO, including our right to bear arms and our territorial waters.

You promised hope and change; debt and division ensued.

You promised open and transparent administration; late-night secretive meetings, some held off White House premises, so no record of attendees or agenda was required, have been the norm. 

You promised “shovel-ready” jobs; Occupy Wall Street and union strikes have transpired.  

You professed Christianity; then traveled the world promoting the Muslim faith and the U.S. as a Muslim nation since our founding, apologizing for American ideals.   

You promised bi-partisanship; then slapped down and mocked any ideas other than your own.  Chicago-style politics reign.

You promised “not one thin dime of new taxes” on the middle-class; regulations and increased prices have added $2,400 on middle-class families as they find their incomes have shrunk by $5,000, not to mention the debt piled upon their children and grandchildren.

You promised ObamaCare would not create one dollar of new taxes; at last count, over $2 Trillion will be added in taxes due.

And now you promise that “with four more years” you can correct the broken promises of your first term; the title “ex-President Obama” has a nice ring to it.  

Deanna Drab
Payne Springs, Texas


Don’t vote

In the time-honored American tradition of electing our national leaders, (once reserved for property owners only, to prevent the have-nots from voting away the wealth), we seek competent, honest, new leadership every four years. Four years ago that sacred contest was won on the basis of style rather than substance. An elusive dream known as Hope & Change has brought us to the brink of disaster. It was a decision rooted in pop culture more so than even rudimentary knowledge of American history or the U.S. Constitution.

The results of this election will be profound on our way of life. November 6, 2012 is a defining moment in American history. So, if you and/or your friends happen to be unfamiliar with the issues, apathetic, uninformed, politically naive or just vacuous, mouth-breathing casual participants in our political process; please do us all a favor - Don't vote!

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


How to vote on Prop 204, the tax increase

No one with an ounce of intelligence or concern for the fate of their grandchildren’s ability to pay off our government debt should hesitate for a moment to vote “No” on this turkey. Besides the fact that it will give Arizona the second highest sales tax in the nation, the measure is very poorly drafted and probably unconstitutional because it usurps legislative budgeting authority.

However, a simpler way to make up your mind is to remember that Milton Friedman, one of the greatest economists who ever lived, suggested that voters should always vote against any tax increase and always vote for any tax cut. The reason is simple: no sane person can believe that government needs to be any bigger than it is.

This one is a no brainer.

Roy Miller


NO on 204: the AZ grassroots can win this one!

Dear Arizona Taxpayer:

Sometimes it's hard for taxpayers and friends of economic freedom to imagine victory when they find themselves up against well-funded liberal interest groups seeking more tax money and greater political power.

But we can win, and we have.  In 2010, over the opposition of powerful unions, Arizona citizens passed the Save Our Secret Ballot amendment to the state Constitution. Save Our Secret Ballot was designed to keep the federal government (through “card check” legislation) from forcing workers to unionize without holding secret-ballot elections.

Big Labor didn't like that, so Obama's union-dominated National Labor Relations Board sued Arizona. But on September 5, a federal court ruled in favor of Arizona, protecting workers' secret ballots from the bullying power of Big Labor.

Right now, the education spending lobby is pushing hard for Prop 204, which would impose a permanent sales tax hike on Arizona families and small businesses.  If they win on November 6, this job-killing tax increase will give Arizona the second highest sales tax rate in America.
Of course, this is not Arizona's first rodeo ... In 2000, many of our business leaders supported the Prop 301 sales tax hike, because they believed the promises of the education spendinglobby: that the new tax would deliver more money to Arizona's classrooms and improve student performance. A decade later, the evidence is in: the tax hike failed to put a greater proportion of money into Arizona's classrooms, and failed to improve student test scores.

Facing the threat of the Prop 204 tax hike, state treasurer and successful entrepreneur Doug Ducey has put together a strong coalition of business and civic organizations to fight the tax, including the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business, and the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Even proponents of 2010's temporary Prop 100 sales tax increase, such as Governor Jan Brewer, former Intel CEO Craig Barrett, and longtime government relations expert Martin Shultz, have come out against the Prop 204 tax hike.

This is not only a good fight -- it's a fight we can win!  But business leaders alone can't win the battle: they need grassroots taxpayer activists to stand with them, to beat the spending interests in the ground game. Please visit to learn more about Prop 204 and to find out how you can volunteer your time and energy to a very good cause.  For more about AFP-Arizona's grassroots actions against Prop 204, contact Bill Fathauer at

For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity


Dear Friends

Many of you have asked me what my thoughts are on Proposition 121 (open primary) and Proposition 204 (permanent sales tax increase) which are both on the November ballot. I wanted to take a few minutes and share with you my thoughts on each of these propositions.

Proposition 121
Proposition 121 would dramatically change elections in Arizona. This proposition would eliminate party primaries and instead conduct an open primary with the two candidates who receive the most votes advancing to the general election regardless of party. Proposition 121 has the very real potential to be disastrous for Arizona's election system. Political parties would be stripped of their ability to conduct primary elections to choose their own candidates for office. Democrats could vote for Republicans and Republicans could vote for Democrats. This is troubling. I believe that political parties have every right to pick their own candidates and Proposition 121 would take that away.

Additionally, party affiliation would no longer be printed on the ballot. Candidates could choose whatever party affiliation they would like to appear on the ballot. I don't need to explain how this is a recipe for chicanery and trickery where candidates would choose a party affiliation or title that may suit their own political interests- but that could also confuse voters.

Proposition 121 is bad policy that has the potential to do real damage to our system of electing candidates.

I am opposed to Proposition 121 and will be voting against it. I would encourage you to do the same.

Proposition 204
Proposition 204 is a special interest funded effort to make permanent the 1 cent sales tax due to expire. If you remember, this was placed on the ballot in 2010 to assist in closing the state's budget deficit. It was sold to voters as a temporary tax and many of the supporters of the temporary tax are now opposing Proposition 204.

If Proposition 204 were to pass, Arizona would have the 2nd highest sales tax in the nation. Simply put, this is bad for our economy.

I am opposed to higher taxes as a matter of principle. I believe government should live within its means and not continue to raise taxes and that's why I am opposed to Proposition 204.

If you believe in smaller government and lower taxes, I would encourage you to vote no on Proposition 204.

David Schweikert
R–U.S. Representative, Arizona 5th District


Is Obama fulfilling his father's dream of destroying capitalism?

It does not take an Einstein to figure out that the MEDIA treats Republicans and Democrats differently. And despite how Clinton baldfaced lied to the American people about Monica, he still has credibility about Obama's performance? It was Clinton who forced banks to give loans to people he knew would default!

Obviously we have not gotten to the edge of economic disaster by just one party. Both parties have been bought off by the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, etc. for years. That is why these powers and the major media are freaking out over the emergence of the Tea Party!

While Mitt Romney was not my first choice, at least he will not purposely destroy America to avenge his father's hatred for the American way as Obama is trying to do. Make no mistake about it! EVERYTHING Obama has done has been to weaken this once great nation, militarily, economically and morally.  We will be lucky to undo the damage from the first term. Giving Obama a second term would be suicidal!

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Fair Tax

Both presidential candidates are making noise about how their tax plan will help you and their opponents will harm you.  Neither of them has talked about a plan that has been put before congress that would eliminate the income tax, payroll taxes and the IRS. 

A national consumption tax would replace the income tax and payroll taxes.  It would be collected at the register when a purchase is made.  Everyone will pay the same rate so those who make more and spend more will pay more and there will be no loop holes.  Even those who make money illegally will pay their share of taxes when they spend it.  A predetermined amount will be set based on providing necessities for your family that will not be taxed at all.

Learn more by visiting or reading the The Fair Tax Book.  Then insist that your congressman support the Fair Tax.

Irving B. Welchons III
Charlotte, North Carolina


Presidential Debate #2

Debate Moderator Candy Crowley’s function in the recent debate between Romney and Obama did not include advocating for Obama’s view that he called the Bengazi attack on our U.S. Consulate an “Act of Terror.” Crowley incorrectly affirmed Obama’s false claim. Mr. Romney’s facts were true. Obama did NOT refer to the Bengazi attack specifically as being an “act of terror” until FOURTEEN days later. Indeed, Obama had his people blame it on a mere 15 minute video that had nothing to do with the planned attack on and assassination of U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans.

Robert C. Laity
Tonawanda, New York


Regarding the 2nd U. S. Presidential Debate:

President Obama proved during the second presidential debate that he could get mad and angry. Unfortunately he was unable to graciously put aside his self-destructive demeanor long enough to give Americans a healthy plan for a positive future. All he could do was regurgitate a litany of failed policies while reiterating his demonic intention to stifle and suppress religious freedom in America through Obama-care.

On the heels of a timid performance in the first debate, pro-democratic CNN moderator Candy Crowley tried desperately, if not unfairly, to get Obama back in the game by repeatedly stifling Mitt Romney's early rebuttals to Obama's comments - so much so, in fact, that by the halfway mark of the debate Obama has amassed a stunning 6 minute lead over Romney in talking time. This, however, was not enough to help Obama overcome himself and put a dent in the fresh, humble, spirited and optimistic armor of the more presidential looking Mitt Romney - a man with a true vision and the right stuff to restore economic and spiritual hope and prosperity to all Americans.

The road to perdition is long and wide (Matt 7:14) and for the past 4 years Americans have been following it. On November 6 you can change the course of history but entering upon the "narrow way" with Gov. Mitt Romney.

Paul Kokoski
Hamilton Ontario