VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 42   |   OCTOBER 17 – 23, 2012


Circle K destroys campaign signs

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PHOENIX – Fresh off watching Joe Biden make an ass of himself debating Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, I got a call from Marc Peagler whose family owns Frontier Town. Marc is an unabashed Republican so the sight of an employee of Circle K at Cave Creek Road and Tatum Boulevard removing campaign signs caused him to stop and ask what was going on. He said the employee who identified herself as “Claudia” said she was told by her boss Jason in corporate to remove all Republican campaign signs.

campaign signs Later Marc called to say fewer signs were in the dumpster and some had been returned to the original site. Pictures similar to the one here were taken of the signs in the dumpster by a person who lives in the area. According to Marc, most of the signs were covered by flattened cardboard boxes.

On Monday, Oct. 15 I took pictures of the area in question; all signs had been removed and the dumpster was empty.

I received a call on Monday from a woman speaking for Circle K. She said it was an unfortunate mistake made by a relatively new employee who didn’t know where the property line was and they would replace signs if we would tell them how to go about doing so. All we know is Republican signs and Proposition signs were there and the explanation so far, that Circle K is non partisan, flies in the face of what Peagler was told.

Unfortunately, I was unable to save the voice message from the woman who initially returned my call. She asked for me to call, which I did three times with no reply. Circle K still has some explaining to do and I am told some sign owners have asked why they were singled out. Removal of campaign signs is a crime.

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