VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 42   |   OCTOBER 17 – 23, 2012


Obama’s identity fraud continues to be ignored by courts and counsel

Obama has fraudulently used SSN 042-68-4425, a number reserved exclusively for residents of Connecticut, for the past 25 years
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social security cardsCHARDON, Ohio – Last month Geauga County Common Pleas Judge David L. Fuhry granted the Ohio Secretary of State’s (SOS) motion to dismiss a complaint challenging President Barack Obama’s eligibility to appear on the ballot in Ohio filed by Private Investigator Susan Daniels.

Daniels contends Obama’s use of a fraudulent Social Security number (SSN) disqualifies him as a “qualified” person for inclusion on the ballot.

Fuhry stated, “However, plaintiff has not identified any state or federal law the violation of which state law disqualifies a duly nominated candidate from appearing on the ballot.”

Daniels cited statute, which states the SOS shall reject any petition that violates the requirements of a specific chapter or “any other requirement established by law.”

Fuhry wrote, “Plaintiff somehow equates use of an improper SSN as a disqualifying event in that the candidate has thereby violated “any other requirement established by law.”

According to Fuhry, it is not clear anywhere that use of an improper SSN is a ground for the SOS to reject the candidacy of President Obama, or any other candidate for office.

Fuhry said Daniels’ claim cannot stand because the SOS has no “clear legal duty” to conduct an investigation into its allegations.

He said, “The law of Ohio does not authorize nor empower the SOS to conduct its own examination into the qualifications of candidates certified by the nominating party. The legislature obviously did not want the SOS getting into the business of being an investigator. To do otherwise would require the SOS to research the candidates otherwise properly qualified under the law whenever a claim is made that the proposed candidate has violated the law, even a law totally unrelated to elections law.”

Rather than spin her wheels appealing Fuhry’s order, Daniels, wrote instead to Geauga County Prosecutor Nicholas A. Burling.

Daniels is the private investigator who discovered Obama has been fraudulently using a SSN that was issued on March 28, 1977 to another individual born in 1890.

Daniels enumerated how she determined Obama is using a fraudulent SSN, beginning with, “Barack Obama has used a social security number, 042-68-4425, exclusively reserved for residents of Connecticut and has done so consistently for the past twenty-five years. It is no more credible that he would have a Connecticut mailing address than that he was a Connecticut resident.

“When his use of that number was verified, the year 1890 also appeared as Barack Obama’s date of birth.”

She explained that the Social Security Administration assigned numbers by zip code of the mailing address shown on the application, until June 25, 2011, when it started issuing numbers randomly, and pointed out Obama was 15 years old at the time, a student and resident of Hawaii.

Burling wrote back to Daniels on Oct. 3, claiming no probable cause existed on which to base an investigation of her allegations of identity fraud.

Daniels responded to Burling on Oct. 14 demanding his office conduct an investigation, stating not doing so would be a violation of his oath of office, dereliction of duty and obstruction of justice.

Daniels pointed out, nowhere in the identity fraud statute is there a requirement to prove ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that Obama is improperly using a SSN and said the name of the previous owner of that number is irrelevant.

She stated, “The core of the matter is that Barack Obama is using a social security number that has not and cannot have properly been issued to him and that he has, therefore, been fraudulently representing his identity.

Daniels added there was no invasion of privacy to anyone, noting the SSN which Obama has been using for the past 25 years, and which is associated with his name, has been on the internet for three years.

She told Burling an investigation by his office would consist of sending a letter to the SSA to request a copy of the original application for the number Obama uses, 042-68-4425, and any other documents in that file.

Daniels attached copies of the pertinent sections of the “Social Security Number Fraud Investigative Guide” issued by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, and concluded her letter by insisting Geauga County law enforcement officials, under the sworn oath of office to enforce the Constitution, are required to investigate the allegations of a crime.

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