canfield 10-17-12

Wild West Days

Cowboys and bad guys is a pastime indulged in as kids. The activity was spirited, intricate – one often had to hide from or seek out six-shooter enemies – and it was inexhaustibly fun – played it for hours, all day or all summer long.

Viewing a time-lapse snapshot of growing up, our cowboy hats, faux-leather chaps and vests and plastic, white handle, chrome-plated cap guns at some point found interment in an attic or garage.

But what if we could re-enact those days? Or, at least participate with verve from our now adult perches of maturity?

Well, we can and the opportunity is coming this way.

Wild West Days roll into Cave Creek November 2-4. The family oriented, 100 percent pure horse expo extolling the town’s western heritage is license to reawaken our cherished cowboy thrills.

As an adult one can be so bitten by the “cowboy mystique,” the “Lonesome Dove” lifestyle, he falls captive to its spell.

Take the case of Johnny Bruganti who grew up in northern New Jersey within eyesight of the Manhattan skyline; an environment hardly fertile to inspire emulations of Roy Rogers, Matt Dillon or Rowdy Yates. Nor one where crazy, lane-changing cabs resemble a galloping Trigger, Diablo or Champion.

But Bruganti had a dream and when he left the Boardwalk State for Saguaro Land 25 years ago, he decided to make the dream real: Bruganti became a cowboy. In doing so Johnny Bruganti took on the nom de course – a name which we all know him by – of Johnny Ringo.

Ringo, along with Jean Glass, co-chairs Wild West Days’ multiple venues. From the annual “pure horse” parade fest through the Historic Core, to mounted shooters, from charity fund raisers and golf tournaments to Mutton Bustin’ and bathtub races, from Cowboy Shootouts to Cowboy Storytelling and strumming, the Ringo-Glass duo pull it off without a hitch.

So, giddy-up and “keep them doggies rollin,'” rollin with fun and memories, both old and those to be made, by diving into the spirit of Wild West Days.

Vince Francia, Mayor
Cave Creek


Arthur Gimson response to Peter Koteas e-mail

Dear Peter:
Thank you for your September 28, 2012, e-mail message addressed to all Council Members. Whenever possible, I attempt to respond to all communications.

My first thought is to express my disappointment at your opening comments of " I have purposely avoided any involvement in town affairs or meetings to allow the duly elected/appointed officials carry on their duties without interference, critique or comment." It is resident participation that is vital to the well-being of our town. As a freshman, during my learning curve, I was amazed at the lack of participation during the numerous meetings on Visioning, Marketing, Budgeting, General Plan, etc. I would ask myself it it was apathy, or was it contentment at the work being done. I, for one, welcome comments. I also welcome criticism provided that it contains suggestions, but I do not welcome interference purely to interfere.
As far as the town's resolution is concerned, the Town was caught between two options, a shorter term with a second interim election to get into compliance after 2014, or a longer term to accomplish the same, but without the interim election.

During the Council Meeting, the Town Attorney, Michael Wright, outlined an additional concern that the state legislature may repeal HB 2826 when the legislature is back in session. There has been a fair amount of chatter about unintended consequences. If it is not repealed, it faces some revisions. This is reported by the Arizona League of Cities and Towns.

One of the unintended consequences of HB 2826 was to put primary elections in August. You already know that Carefree loses a fairly significant part of its population during the summer months. Primary elections are critically important. In 2011, five of the seven current Members of Council were elected at the primary election with 50 percent + 1 votes.

I know the amount of time and effort I put in to become informed, and I voted to vote for the option to extend the term for those elected in 2013 to allow for a greater chance of continuity of programs. I believe I did the right thing, and it appears my Council colleagues felt the same way with a unanimous vote.

Arthur Gimson
Council Member, Town of Carefree


Dennis Grenier for State Senate

As many of you know, I am running as the Libertarian Candidate for State Senate in Arizona's Legislative District 15. My opponent is incumbent Nancy Barto and as you can well appreciate has the funding and backing of the Republican Party so it is an uphill battle to say the least. My plan, running on a limited budget, is disseminating information through the web and talking with interested individuals who are concerned with the tax and spend policies that are taking this state into further debt. On the surface you would think Arizona looks pretty good financially, however if you do a little digging you will find the state billions in unfunded liabilities and no real answer solving the problem. My plan for an overhaul of the present system of taxation and a hybrid state employee retirement program will put the state back on track to fiscal stability and growth in a few short years.

With that in mind I am asking a favor of you. If you would pass my website on to friends, relations and any one you can think of residing in Arizona, especially those living in District 15 which covers north and northwest Phoenix would be greatly appreciated! This would aid in getting the message out.
Thank You:

Dennis Grenier


So-called "debate" between the vice-presidential candidates

The so-called "debate" between the vice-presidential candidates was an eye-opener, or rather a reinforcement of my opinion of VP Joseph Biden. While Rep. Ryan proved to be a dignified, polite debater, the veep proved again that he is a rude, abrasive, loose cannon. Ryan missed the opportunity to chastise Biden for his rudeness: interruptions, yells, facial expressions, etc. Moderator Martha Radditz proved once again that the Lamestream Media are in the tank for the current rulers. She joined Biden in disrupting the "debate" with tacit support for Biden, and constant interruptions of Ryan's statements.

The event reminds me of a civil law case years ago in which I was the English<>Spanish interpreter. The plaintiff's attorney insisted in interrupting my simultaneous interpretation of a witness' testimony. I stopped the interpretation, and said to the plaintiff's attorney, "Excuse me, Counselor, but does my interpretation interfere with your interruptions? If so please tell me, and I'll shut up so the Court can listen to your bloviation!" *

The judge banged his gavel, admonished me for my outburst, and told the plaintiff's attorney, "Counselor, one more interruption, and I'll cite you for obstruction of justice!"

I am neither Repugnican nor Democrap, but I respect both sides where it comes to testimony or a debate. As for the moderator, I don't give a Radditz (or rat's arse), for her obvious partisanship. Is there such a thing as journalistic malpractice? I certainly hope so.

J-P. A. Maldonado

* Politicians and attorneys: feel free to borrow my statement, but cite the source.


Atlas Shrugged … again

On Oct. 12 I went to the opening of the movie version of Atlas Shrugged (Part II). This is the screen adaptation of Ayn Rand’s epic novel. The movie hit home with me and I think it will to anyone who sincerely believes in liberty. A couple of examples from the movie will illustrate the point. Early in the movie the government authorities assign a young energetic bureaucrat to “watch over” entrepreneur Hank Reardon’s steel plant to insure that all government edicts that emanate from the concept of “fair share” are being followed. Metals miner Francisco d’Anconia, offers the opinion that we now have “watchers watching watchers” and suggests this is not a very productive concept.

The movie illustrates how people that are the real producers will not put up with this corruption and theft and stifling of productivity and will simply leave their jobs and drop out. This problem is summarized at the end of the movie with Ayn Rand’s most famous quote from her novel: "When you see that in order to produce you must obtain permission from men who produce nothing ... and your laws don't protect you against them but protect them against you ... you may know that your society is doomed."

Isn’t that exactly where we are in the United States today?

Roy Miller


Leadership by example

Fifty years ago this coming February I entered the United States Marine Corps; after twelve weeks of boot camp I was a member of a brotherhood that dates back to November 1775. The Corps is all about leadership. To this day it is quite simple and very straight forward.....MISSION, MEN THEN ME. The mission is always foremost, the men next and the leader comes last. The leader is always out in front, responsible for mission accomplishment and ensuring the Marines are properly equipped, trained, billeted and fed; then and only then does the leader tend to himself. It is first and foremost leadership by example, every Marine understands this and in many combat instances it came down to the last man standing.

How does this apply to our country today? Quite simply, look at leadership at the national, state and local levels today and ask yourself if the leaders today live up to the standard that was set for me fifty years ago? Note the institutions that are held in the highest regard; the U.S. Military is at the top of the list, while the political leadership is at the bottom. We as Americans are being asked to do with less while the political leaders live on the grandest of scales. As an American I am willing to do my share, but our political leaders are found wanting. Have they done any of the following: taken a pay and benefits cut, reduced their staffs, done away with any of their privileges, used their assets frugally, reduced the size of government or shown an inclination of honestly balancing the federal, state or local budgets? When they accomplish the above then I and the American people will be willing to take our cuts.

Good leadership is always out front and by example, the example today is “hogs at the trough,” not anything I am willing to follow. The example set today has prostituted what was set by the “Founding Fathers.” I do not expect perfection but I do expect competence and an honest effort. I do not expect agreement on every issue but I do expect sacrifices made by leaders at the federal, state and local levels. When that occurs I will shoulder my share of the load.

George A. Ross (LtCol USMC RET)
Cave Creek


School Districts in Maricopa County asking for almost $2 Billion in November Elections

In addition to Prop 204 and the perpetual $1 Billion in sales tax revenue for schools and assorted special interests, local school districts in Maricopa County alone are asking for another $2 Billion from the taxpayers in the form of new\continued maintenance overrides, capital overrides, bonds, and interest payments on those bonds.

Below is a link to the voter guide. The final total, about $2 Billion in 27 districts. [If we have any figures incorrect let us know.]

List here



Voter fraud??

I received a California Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application from the Democratic National Campaign Committee to my home address in Arizona. The application listed my address in California, where I have not lived for nine years. The application asks for my mailing address if different from my California address. It goes on to offer a political party ballot for the Presidential Primary Election. It also asks if I would like to become a permanent vote-by-mail voter for California.

Clearly, I live in Arizona and have for years. I am a registered voter in Arizona. Why then, am I receiving this application? It seems as though it is asking for massive voter fraud to take place. It says "Vote by Mail. It's as easy as 1-2-3."

I do not believe this type of mass mailing is appropriate, and am wondering what can be done to stop it.


Lori Cowherd
Cave Creek


Liberty or tyranny?

After the tragic shooting death of yet another Border Patrol Officer, I happened to catch the evening edition of the CBS Channel 5 news' extensive coverage of the story. They seem to show deep concern and genuine remorse, but they aren't fooling me! If they were serious about solving this problem, they would report on the failures and lies coming from our DHS, DOJ and POTUS. They would be reporting the expose that Univision did on "Fast & Furious." Were the weapons used against agent Ivey from that very same debacle? Will we ever know the truth on this Obama/Holder failure. Only history will tell, because I don't see Americans standing up and demanding, clear, unobstructed truth from our elected officials.

Where are the sons and daughters of the "Greatest Generation?" Where are the "baby boomers?" Did you not learn honest American values from those who raised you? Where is the resolve they had, to defeat Hitler's Abomination?

It's time to get off the phone, stop texting, turn off the idiot box and put yourself in motion, to save our country from the Obamanation of America!

I call it Obamunism! No matter what it's called, IT'S NOT THE AMERICAN WAY! When we work for a common goal, Americans succeed! We don't suffer fools and we sure as hell don't condone lying, from our employees!

Obama has lied about who he is, where he is from, who paid for his education, why our embassy was attacked and our Ambassador and three others killed, our border security, our economy, and the list goes on, and on and on.

If this man is not defeated in November, the U.S. Constitution will cease to protect Americans from their government, as it was intended. Americans will feel the tyranny of oppression, as the Obamacare taxes, fees, and penalties go into effect. This is the most crucial election choice our country has ever faced. Freedom and Liberty or Obamunism and Tyranny! The choice is simple.
But remember, "A government powerful enough to give you everything also has the power to take it away!"

Rick Galeener


Lyin’, cheatin’ and stealin’

And so it begins. In the hangover of the Democrat convention, (can't call it a bounce), the president performs like a scolded schoolboy at the debates, lazy, distracted, inconvenienced and angry, which leaves his campaign no option but deceit and baseless accusation. The very next day Lockheed Martin and others are instructed to delay planned lay-offs until 2013, coupled with the latest jobs report, a huge and magical drop in the unemployment rate to 7.8 percent, making the economic outlook rosy. Somebody is cooking the books; there is no economic recovery.

Joining the pants-on-fire crowd Obama accused his opponent of planning a $5 trillion tax cut for the rich, (what was he smoking?), while snarky Joe the joke promises the exact opposite, a $5 Trillion increase. When it comes to performance these are two empty suits calling the achievers names. But, that's all they have. Hiding behind a media force field deflecting the truth, the QE3 printing presses whir, the Middle East spontaneously combusts, the economy sinks and the neighborhood organizers look to resurrect voters and register the ineligible. It is the '08 Dem strategy, lyin', cheatin' and stealin'.

The Obama campaign, as we say in the West, is "All hat and no cattle."

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Please join us!

As residents of Cave Creek, we owe our thanks to the hard working business owners and their employees for playing a major role in defining Cave Creek as the most exciting destination in the Phoenix valley. Visitors from far and wide come to experience Arizona’s Western history. As one business person expressed to me, “This is a great place to visit, experience the excitement, leave a few dollars and go home happy.”

The Cave Creek Merchants & Events Association (CCMEA) have given individuals a new way to express our thanks and our support for their services on behalf of this community. For $25, covering a supporting membership for the rest of 2012 and the 2013 calendar year, you can show your endorsement for the CCMEA.

Your contribution has two important facets. We moved to this town because we like the Cave Creek character of the Old West. That character is largely due to our local businesses. But those businesses also generate tax dollars that have been especially welcome by our local government in the difficult economic times of the past few years.

Please join Elaine and me in becoming supporting members of the CCMEA. In fact, this is such a great idea, my wife and I are purchasing two separate memberships.

Thomas & Elaine McGuire
Councilman, Cave Creek