Heading for the hills ... er, plains!

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steele coddingtonSeveral people from as far away as Saskatoon, Saskatchewan have asked me about my dog Arbuckle’s plans for the future in Canada, after reading my last article on possibly moving there if Obama is reelected. I’m not sure how Sonoran News gets to places like Saskatoon. But newspapers, like humans have character, and are increasingly sought after by people starving for truth and conservative values, hoping for small nuggets of gold lost in a liberal sea of media disinformation. The metaphors may be lost in the last sentence, but decent people understand it and can mentally coin it as a hedge against the corruption of the major media so shamelessly shilling for the ultra progressive agenda of the current administration. And that corruption is why Arbuckle will move to Canada if the election in November goes the wrong way.

The conservative underground in the U.S. will need a free press facility, with immunity from government discrimination and safe houses to provide political asylum for those escaping a society being transformed from the individual freedom and rule of law, to a government mandated entitlement prison. Where to locate? A place that rolls majestically off the tongue – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which is thousands of miles from Washington, D.C. Besides, Arbuckle’s favorite joke is about the endless plains around Saskatchewan – where “If your dog runs away from home, you can see him for three days.”

Arbuckle has been asked to establish an underground newspaper – The Canine Courier, along with a learning center able to disseminate the message of conservatism using his MORE WAG, LESS BARK philosophy of rational persuasion to convert stupid liberals. Learning to speak Canadian is not difficult – starting with the use of “eh” and “hockey puck,” along with information on how many months are needed to see a doctor under nationalized health care in Canada.

Some of our Canadian friends fear American asylum seekers might not be allowed to cross the border into Canada thanks to Obama’s foreign policy alienations of close allies, like disapproving the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada, or cancellation of missile defense programs for Poland and Czechoslovakia, or snubbing and undermining Israel’s Netanyahu, or continuing to recognize California as part of America when it is really a bankrupt province of Greece trying to bleed the U.S. government to bail out it’s state employee union pension funds.
Not to worry – Arbuckle is a Border Collie and knows routes across any border. But if we get lost, we’ll just follow the flood of all the other people fleeing Obama and seeking political asylum as they head north to Saskatoon.