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OCTOBER 17, 2012

Protect your pets against unwanted pests

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scratching bulldog pupIn days gone by, the word “tick” was just another four letter word in this area. There may have been an occasional stray dog that wandered in and was found to have more than a sad face. ‘Hitch hikers’ as they are commonly called were just not that common!

Due to the forces of nature and the kindness of man, conditions that were once seldom seen to affect our dogs and cats are now every day occurrences. The Hurricane Katrina evacuation and rescue efforts relocated thousands of infected pets across the United States, yes, even to Arizona. Fleas, ticks and Heartworm disease are very real and right at our doorstep.

Ticks are nasty little creatures that feast upon your pet’s blood to sustain life and reproduce. Ehrlichia or tick fever is a disease that can cause, among other things, anemia in your pet. Your dog need only to be bitten by an infected tick and could then become ill. Lyme disease, a serious animal and human disease, though not that common in the ticks found in our area of Arizona, is also spread by the bite of an infected tick.

Fleas are another nightmare all their own. The thoughts of scratching and crawling skin enters everyone’s mind when we think of fleas. Infestations of fleas or ticks are both unnerving and unhealthy for our pets and families. Serious illness and costly treatment can result from these parasites.

Mosquitos are the harbinger of the deadly condition known as Heartworm Disease. As it says, the result of being bitten by an infected mosquito is an infestation of worms that live in the heart of your pet. As these worms mature and reproduce, the time bomb starts ticking. The result is deadly – heart failure! The treatment alone could result in death as well.

The best news of all is that there is a very simple and very safe way to protect your pets from any and all of these unpleasant or life-threatening conditions. A Once a Month prevention, orally and topically will eliminate the health risks that face your pet and family. The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, holds its weight in this case.

Talk with your veterinarian, become informed and make the right decision to protect your family and pets from fleas, ticks and Heartworm disease.

This article provided by Animal Hospital at Terravita, 34462 N. Scottsdale Rd. Ste. 100. 480-575-8347.