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Open letter to Evangelicals and everyone else

Open your hearts and minds to what you will read herein. Most Americans are unaware that no less than 20-million Christians fail to vote. I ask every professing God-fearing Evangelical to stand firm for God principles and to start exercising your civil rights of citizenship – and make a copy of this article to give to your church leaders too. It’s time you register to vote and make your voice heard!

Are You a Christian?
Saying you’re a Christian does not make you a Christian, especially if you will passively sit by and allow altars to be erected in high places. Have you been so brainwashed that you believe what the secular-humanists and progressive Marxists have been dictating; and do you really believe this is acceptable in God’s eyes? Thomas Jefferson warmed us: “Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed the conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?”

Socialism, Marxism is and always has been contrary to God’s Word, which makes it incompatible with Christianity. These so-called pastors are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing, telling you that you are not of this world; therefore, you should not participate in worldly politics. 

You live in this world, and what kind of world you live in depends upon you? 
These reprobate pastors have sold their souls not to make waves. They tickle your ears with false hopes in what can only be described as Sunday love fests. Yet, these shepherds readily allow Caesar to trump God’s word without even a whimper. Sort of reminds you of the Pharisees in the Old Testament.

The Declaration of Independence says: “…the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” Each day our religious freedoms are being taken from us; yet we ignore the wisdom of our founding father, John Hancock, who reminded us; “Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual…Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.”

The Bible tells us, of what happened to Israel when they allowed “alters” to be erected in high place, God cursed the land, do any of you who refuse to participate in government truly believe the United States has some kind of special dispensation? Or it’s acceptable for God to be removed from our schools and all public places. 

Where are the “Watchman on the Wall?”
Ezekiel 33:6 states: “If, however, the lookout (Pastors) sees the enemy coming and does not sound the alarm, the enemy will come and kill those sinners, but I will hold the lookout responsible for their death.” It’s time every Pastor starts to discuss politics from the pulpit. Our 1st Amendment right talks about our right to worship without government interference. The words “separation of Church and State” do not appear in our 1st Amendment or in any of our foundational documents. God forbid we adhere to five un-elected hoodlums in black-robes who have elevated themselves above God’s law and the Constitution of these United States! Activist judges ruled we must have separation of church and State and created law where none existed.
They completely perverted the meaning of the 1st Amendment to protect the State from the Church, when the 1st Amendment protects the Church from the State. It is time the church heeds the words of President Andrew Jackson and tells the judges to try and enforce that ruling. There comes a time for civil disobedience if said law violates God’s laws. We have seen the results of being passive: pray at sports events; stand and pray before all meetings; let them know we are here and we are not going anywhere. 

Sodomy became a virtue when our courts redefined marriage. It’s considered intolerance or homophobic if you refuse to accept marriage between sodomites. Even some misguided Christian dominations have openly allowed gay couples to preach God’s word - altering direct biblical precepts. Cicero tells us: “The first bond of society is marriage”

Abortion is a woman’s right, so 5-unelected hoodlums in Black-robes have allowed over 5000 babies to be killed every day! Have they forgotten that our Declaration of Independence clearly states that governments are instituted among men to protect our God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? 

I could go on, but I believe you are getting the picture. I remind you that the Supreme Court of these United States in 1892, held: “This is a Christian Nation,” says of the separation of church and state in the Revolution that it “was neither conceived of nor carried out…. Far from being left to itself, religion was embedded into every aspect and institution of American life.” 

The simplistic progressive has perverted the standard of right and wrong.  Their rallying cry is to scream that religion is the enemy of freedom, reasoning that obedience to the law of God hinders their ill conceived belief that any reliance upon religious authority inhabits their natural freedoms. Adam and Eve believed something similar in the Garden of Eden.  They were wrong then and the progressives are wrong now. 

Any reasonable person would ask: Why the deep vicious hatred towards God? It is simple, they want to be their own gods and decide what is right and wrong according to their own reasoning. They claim it’s about their freedom. But - they are already free. No! The freedom they aspire too is freedom from all restriction, which has always resulted in anarchy.  Just ask the ancient Greeks – with all their intellectual prowess, their Golden Age only lasted 50 years.  And, of course natural reason and religion deify the state. Dostoyevsky’s character Ivan said in The Brothers Karamazov: “…if there is no God, then anything is permissible.”

America has been blinded by the Marxist’s enlightenment, which is nothing more than an intellectual ploy to gain power over the gullible. It’s time for every Christian to stand up and say “As for me and my family we will serve the Lord!” 

Ronald Reagan left us with a profound warning: “If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under. “Register to vote, get your friends and family out there, say “no more” to the State. 

Lastly, I encourage every reader to pray, read II Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land.”

Posted by TPATH