Obama gone?

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don sorchych The national election is close and the nationwide media is doing all it can to re-elect Obama. Never mind the fact he is both in over his head and a devoted socialist at best – a Marxist at worst.

The media jumps on every statement made by Republican candidate Mitt Romney and does their best to discredit him. The national media is a disgrace and I hope conservatives everywhere refuse to do business with them.

Those of you in Arizona have an in-your-face example with The Arizona Republic. They are typical of the nationwide disease of liberalism and are disgusting to read.

The Republican party has its own problems and I mentioned in my last editorial that the Republican heavyweights have adopted the principles of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce to help defeat patriots like Russell Pearce. I pray for the day the two prevailing parties are Conservative and Liberal. Let the RINOs be honest for once and join liberal compadres.

But in the meanwhile we have an election to win and we must elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to the presidency and vice presidency. Obama is already a disaster. Imagine what he would do if there wasn’t an election to worry about.

His discussion with the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev is a good example. Not knowing the microphone was active, on the subject of missile defense, Obama said, “After my election will I have more flexibility.” Medvedev then said, “I understand you. I transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you.”

Doesn’t that give you a clue Obama will give away the store as he has so many times? He has already sabotaged missile defenses with Poland, a country that deserves defense against the Russian bear.

Of course that is one thing among many. Even Fox, the only somewhat balanced news channel stops its pundits short of asking obvious questions. Why haven’t they stressed the fact Obama has paid millions to block access to records of his past? Further, why hasn’t Romney asked about Obama’s hidden records? While Democrats and their camp followers in the national media flog Romney for not giving more tax returns he remains silent on the dozens of records Obama is hiding. Although some believe he is a loose cannon, that is exactly what Donald Trump suggested Romney do.

Does the Republic of old have a fighting chance to survive? When you consider schools and colleges are staffed with over 90 percent Democrats what do you suppose they are teaching? The soft brains of kids and college students are receptive to things like diversity (a camouflage word for affirmative action), gay marriage and such. Students are not taught real American history and that our founding fathers were a gift from God, far from old dumb white guys. They risked all to win independence and build the Constitution. I wonder how many recent graduates even know what socialism is and how it contrasts with capitalism.

The movie 2016 tells part of the story about Obama and it isn’t pretty. But more to the point is the video titled, “Dreams from my Real Father.”

That video argues Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s father. It is an interesting theory but there is no real proof Davis impregnated Obama’s mother. He did however take naked pictures of Stanley Anne Dunham when she was a teenager and wrote off-color poems about "Anne," believed to be Obama’s mother. Davis was a known Communist, pervert, poet, author and pedophile. He was also Obama’s mentor for a number of years. That should bother you, somewhat more telling than teachers who often send kids the wrong way.

If the liberal press would unleash what is known about Obama he would be a sure casualty at the polls. Don’t hold your breath though; they are committed to Obama’s election. Journalism studies are inflicted with the same liberal and socialistic nonsense that powers the Obama administration.

I can only hope Romney will convince a majority of voters we need to be governed by a patriotic American who is guided by long held principles shared by most Americans. Obama is a sham, a mercenary, who has only thinly disguised his hatred for America and that for which she stands.

How can anyone who claims to be a patriot sit and listen to the anti-American rage by Reverend Wright for 20 years without a peep from the national media? I am beginning to believe the long drive about racism colors everything the media does. Would a white guy get away with the outrageous practices and policies Obama has thrust upon us?

Obama is using all the deleterious skills he learned in the most corrupt city in America, Chicago.

I will repeat, if Romney doesn’t win we will become the next Greece or Spain.