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September 26 – October 2, 2012

stargazerFor All Signs:  The ten year archetypal battle in the sky is among Power, vs. Social Justice, vs. the sovereign rights of the individual.  This is symbolic of the birth of the Aquarian Age.  It is a quarrel that will last for much of this decade at multiple levels.  You will see it in the news, perhaps in your neighborhood or job, relationships, and also inside your own head.  The zodiac signs most impacted at this time are:  Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Leo.  However, everyone is affected.  Many are trying to deal with things or people that just don’t make sense or won’t come together and flow as they should.  We must hold ourselves together by widening our perspectives so we can see a greater purpose at work.
Aries:  You have arrived at a turning point with respect to one or more significant relationships.  Think about what you started two years ago.  It may have been a new relationship or a fresh creative venture.  Now is a time of full maturity of that relationship or new beginning.  This is the time to pour more effort and probably some financial resources if you wish to claim it as yours.
Taurus:  A partnership or a significant relationship that began two years ago is arriving at a point of full ripeness.  If it has been good, you can review it now with a sense of satisfaction.  This is the time in which you cultivate the soil for future growth, or let it begin to die naturally.
Gemini:  Your power of concentration is deep at this time.  It is important that you use it for the good in your life rather than in self-criticism and obstructive thinking.  If you cannot stop the negative self-talk, then focus on something else that is totally neutral.   When you move your body your attention will shift.
Cancer:  You feel strong and confident and it may feel as though your very life depends upon making your point of view heard and acknowledged.  No doubt others will let you speak, break in line, or generally do what you want to do.  A burst of physical energy may demand that you exercise.
Leo:  A relationship of at least two years is at a turning point and may grow or die, depending upon your ability to admit error and share responsibility with the Other for cleaning the dust off old hurts.  You may be tempted to spend money on things of beauty for your home.
Virgo:  People in your public or work life are particularly gracious in their compliments and include you freely.  Those who travel this week will find it a pleasure.  Communications with a significant other might become confused or snarled.  Don’t make assumptions about what the other is thinking.
Libra:  Your partner or a significant other may upset the status quo of your life.  Somehow this triggers your security fears.  Old tensions may rise and threaten to overwhelm you.  This time calls you to rise beyond your childhood and remember you have better resources now than you did as a child.
Scorpio:  You are still in a danger zone with regard to relationships.  One of you is behaving erratically and it is hard to tell what will happen next.  The Scorpio can be stoic when necessary and this is one of those times for you, lest you be drawn into a wide open battle.  Keep home and hearth secure.
Sagittarius:  You have a desire to reach outward to others.  You want to share ideas and express yourself in a larger framework.  Circumstances on the romantic front are favorable with one or more who share your intellectual interests.  Activities involving teaching/learning are positive, along with good aspects for travel.
Capricorn:  Whatever is occurring in your life at this time is clearly intense and emotion-laden.  You may feel as though your very life depends upon making your point of view heard and acknowledged.  I would not want to be on your enemy list right now, lest you attack.  Count to 10 and rattle your sabers before you explode.  Give people a fighting chance.
Aquarius:  Surprise, changeability, and general rebellion are the qualities prominent this week.  You may be the one who feels rebellious and wants to be left alone.  Or it could be your partner or a good friend.  If you have words on your mind regarding a relationship, they may fall right out of your mouth when you least expect it.  Think carefully before speaking.
Pisces:  You are focused on the subject of healing.  This may be on the physical, spiritual or emotional plane.  Given the mind-body connection, it is probable that work on the emotional level will heal you physically and vice-versa.  If it is not you who is healing, then it may be someone significant in your life to whom you are attending.

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