SEPTEMBER 19, 2012

Political potpourri • Proposition 204

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don sorchychIt was a crushing blow to see conservative patriot Russell Pearce lose his primary election for a senate seat. I didn’t understand it until I spoke with a friend who travels among heavy weight Republicans who are either Chamber of Commerce members or Republicans who are “owned” by the chamber.

The politician said the chamber was seeking to have the legislature move to the center of the political spectrum. In other words it is the day of the RINO, as far as they are concerned. The sources said substantial Arizona business was lost because of Pearce’s SB 1070. Never mind that the courts have agreed SB 1070 is merely mirroring federal law. So these morons would rather have the state overrun by illegals than have a conservative legislature.

canfield cartoon
Don’t forget the chamber friends in the House of Representatives walked out when the chamber told them to defeat several bills sponsored by Pearce. Nancy Barto was a leader in this RINO episode.

Now that we know who helped shoot down Pearce, we are seeking names of these game changers. The public has a right to know these shadowy figures.

In his surprising primary win, Vernon Parker will face Kyrsten Sinema (called “enema” in the legislature) who is the dangerous Democrat opponent. Sinema brags about being bisexual, which makes her a perfect Democrat legislator. She is attractive and articulate.

But sadly, Republicans desperately need every vote they can get to assure a majority in both the House and Senate.

This is probably one of the times I would have voted for the Democrat candidate except we need the seat filled by a Republican. I hope Parker can keep his pants zipped, stay out of trouble and be true to the leadership. I will hold my nose and vote for him.

In a more important race, Republican (Libertarian) Congressman Jeff Flake will be running for the Senate against Democrat Richard Carmona. I had hoped Wil Cardon would beat Flake in the primary election but no such luck. Cardon was the perfect businessman conservative candidate to be in the U.S. Senate.

Polls show a dead heat and both Republican Senators, Jon Kyl and John McCain, had praised Carmona’s performance as the U.S. Surgeon General and, of course, Carmona is using the praise as a campaign gimmick. How short sighted can politicians be?

Once again, a hold the nose vote for Flake. We REALLY need a majority in the Senate.
The feds dropped their criminal case against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Right away the Arizona Republic brayed that “Arpaio should avoid crowing.” Why? He won after all, and the fed case was a political ploy. The fact the feds backed off was because they didn’t have a case and also appeared vindictive in election season.

Although liberals claim Arpaio has lost his luster (they blame the Cold Case Posse that blew the whistle on Obama) no one has said he will lose. He has an abundant war chest and I expect he will use it to regain popularity, if he has indeed lost it, which I doubt. Arpaio is widely known and respected nationwide.

I look forward to him serving at least one more term as sheriff and more if he wants it.

Proposition 204

Just as Cave Creek essentially tried to continue the expiring Spur Cross property tax for fire protection, Prop. 204 is trying to convert to permanent Governor Jan Brewer’s “temporary” one cent sales tax.

The following article is written by Jean Valjean, a Western Free Press editorial (WesternFree

“AZ Prop 204 is the wrong choice for Arizonans. There are those who support education reform but do not support AZ Prop 204 because it does not solve the state’s education woes.

“Opponents of AZ Prop 204 argue that although education reform is needed, AZ Prop 204 lacks financial accountability. The lack of oversight and connection to special interests make the proposal more about political connections than education.

“The sales tax increase will put Arizona on an ugly path, not just with education reform but with job creators and entrepreneurs. Arizona does not want to be known as the state with the second highest sales tax nationally.

‘A number of facts from the official Vote No on Prop 204’s website highlight the measure’s problems:

“Proposition 204 is a Permanent Tax Increase on Arizona Families

• $1 Billion PERMANENT sales tax increase annually
• Makes Arizona the 2nd HIGHEST sales tax in the nation, only falling behind Tennessee, a state with no income tax
• Locks many cities and towns above a 10% sales tax rate
“Proposition 204 Provides No Accountability and No Real Reform
• The majority of the dollars are not designated for specific education reforms
• The money will NOT go to the teachers and the classrooms where it is needed most
• Less than 10 cents per dollar of the $1 billion price tag is tied directly to performance measures
• Rewards bad performance with more dollars because it treats failing schools the same as successful schools
“Proposition 204 Funds Things Other Than Education
• Written by special interest groups to fund special interest groups
• Allocates money to 12 different special interests with earmarks for K-12, universities, community colleges, health care, welfare, transportation, adult education and Joint Technological Education Districts
“Proposition 204 is Bad Public Policy
• Freezes Arizona’s tax code and prohibits the enactment of any law that changes the sales tax code
• Undermines the work being done by the Governor’s Transaction Privilege Tax Task Force and will make it impossible to address the online retail concerns
• Drives consumers of goods to the Internet or out of state in order to avoid the onerous tax; this will further impact Arizona’s economy by driving many Arizona retailers out of business
• Breaks the promise the govern-ment made to implement a temporary one cent sales tax increase to help the state through the fiscal crisis

“When Arizona passed Proposition 100, proponents promised the tax was only temporary. The push to make the tax increase permanent is a broken promise to Arizonans.”