Barbarians at the Gate

In an obvious commemoration of their successes on September 11, 2001 well orchestrated mobs of Muslim rioters stormed the U.S. Embassies in Egypt and Libya violating U.S. property and killing four American citizens including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. In response to these international outrages the Obama administration tucks its tail and apologizes ... APOLOGIZES! My God; is this what we have come to?

Responding as if these murderous acts were random, spontaneous and new the administration ignores a decades old pattern of violence against the United States, her allies and her citizens. We are at war. But, unlike the nightly news reports of the Viet Nam War, meant to discredit our efforts, little is heard about the War on Terror, as if it did not exist, overseas contingencies indeed. (Sarcasm intended.). Wars are won, not by the Neville Chamberlains of the world, the appeasers, but the warriors – George Washington, George Patton and U.S. Grant – who knew the horrors of war and that to win one must bring those horrors to the enemy until he yields.
The correct action at our embassies should have been tear gas and if necessary bullets. It is a test of our resolve, as were: RFK 1968, Munich 1972, Pan AM 1972, Pan AM, 1973, U.S. Embassy Iran 1979, Beirut 1983, Achille Lauro 1985, TWA #847 1985, Pan AM #103 1988, World Trade Center 1993, U.S. Embassies in Kenya & Tanzania 1998, Daniel Pearl 2004, all acts of radical Islamic terrorists.

This war will not be won until it is understood that it is radical Islamic terrorists we fight and they will not stop until defeated. Barbarians are at the gate. Do we repel them or appease them?

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Our community’s way of giving back

The autumn celebrations begin with the annual Taste of Cave Creek, a cross between a sample-to-you drop food emporium and a scene where spontaneous partying is the norm. A kind of Burning Man meets Saguaro Woman.

Mark the dates on your iGizmos - Wednesday and Thursday, October 17 and 18 at Stagecoach Village, from 5 – 10 p.m.

Stagecoach Village will come to vibrant life with over 25 area purveyors of cuisine delights. From Ceviche to French Pastries, from Black Mountain Meat Loaf to 100 percent Raw Vegan, from Smashed Sweet Potatoes to Yukon Gold Creamy Mashed Potatoes, to Pumpkin Spiced Bavarian Cake or Pumpkin Crème Brule, to Chocolate Parfait and Baklava, there’s plenty to satisfy your most exotic craving. Temptation rules at the ‘Taste’ so just give in and enjoy.

Now in its fifth year, the Taste of Cave Creek, in its present incarnation, has been propelled by Town Manager Usama Abujbarah, staff and a legion of volunteers. In addition to the fantasy foods, the event swings with music. This year the Herndon Brothers and Tim and Willy’s All Earl Band will keep the joint jumpin’ so we can work off those calories. Tim and Willy will also stir up a Chili Cook-off and Chicks with Picks will host a music contest with first place winning $500.
There will be Craft beer gardens, Cruz tequila and wine tasting. The Sonoran Arts League will inspire us both nights with an exhibit and sale.

The Taste of Cave Creek has evolved into a community’s way of giving back to its surrounding neighbors in neighboring communities. Yes, there’s food – plenty of it; yes, there’s dance – the music will get you boppin; and yes there’s a party atmosphere – coming as no surprise to anyone in Cave Creek. But more than anything else the Taste of Cave Creek embodies a sense of community. It’s one community welcoming other communities. In this day and age, that’s refreshing.

Mayor Vincent Francia
Cave Creek


Disappearance of U.S. manufacturing jobs

The United States has lost 50,000 manufacturing jobs per month or a total of 2,000,000 high paying manufacturing jobs under President Obama.

Our unemployment rate hovers over 8 percent. In January 2012 there were more unemployed Americans (12.8 million) compared to Americans working in manufacturing jobs (under 12 million).

China, the primary culprit, subsidizes its industries, manipulates its currency and has no minimum wages. China is the number one supplier of critical parts for our defense systems, and is the world’s largest exporter of high technology items. It produces 10 times more steel than the U.S.

Currently, there is one steel plant in the U.S. capable of producing steel that meets military specifications, and it was purchased by a European company.

We must counter the trade deficits with China and other countries by decreasing corporate taxes, or keep tax rates where they are, and subsidize U.S. industries. We currently owe China $1 trillion in debt, and our national debt has skyrocketed from $10 trillion to $16 trillion in the past few years.

President Obama had almost four years to improve our economy, and he has failed.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire


Neither Arizona nor the U.S. needs a lecture from Vicente Fox

On Thursday, a collection of some of the usual Arizona suspects of illegal immigrant apologist Republicans attended an event hosted by the City of Peoria. At this meeting, former Mexican President Vicente Fox attempted to browbeat Arizona and the United States into accepting the value of illegal immigrants or risk being economically overtaken by China.

He characterized the voices raised against the illegal presence of his citizens in our country as being rooted in “xenophobia” and disavowed any of Mexico’s respon-sibility for the ills that have been caused by the illegal drug trade generated by our neighbor to the South. It is laughable that Fox would attempt to educate Americans or Arizonans on the merits of his proposals to ensure our regional economic prosperity and security.

As President of Mexico, Fox openly negotiated with terrorists such as Subcomandante Marcos [leader of the Leninist/Marxist group the EZLN - Ejercito Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (the National Liberation Zapatista Army)]. He also oversaw the creation of the now debunked AFI - Agencia Federal de Investigación (Federal Investigation Agency) which was completely infiltrated by the Mexican drug cartels.

With all due respect to former President Fox, the United States achieved and maintained its current economic and military prowess through an adherence to the rule of law and a reliance on the ingenuity and industrious nature of the American people. Historically, these unique traits have allowed us to avoid the social and economic chaos that has plagued Mexico and other developing nations.

It is estimated that Mexican expatriates send more than $20 billion in annual remittances back to their families which bolsters their domestic economy and alleviates social programs their government would otherwise be unable to provide. Therefore, it is understandable why President Fox would want to ensure the continued illegal presence of as many of his expatriates as possible. As for the short sighted economic and electoral advantages some Republican leaders think can be gained by legalizing the presence of illegal immigrants, their approach also conflicts with what has historically made this nation a beacon of order and justice in the eyes of all immigrants whom would seek to come here legally.

Despite the sensationalized claims of former President Fox or Republican illegal immigrant apologists, there is nothing xenophobic or racist about advocating the unconditional enforcement of our immigration laws or the desire to secure and defend our international borders. Quite the contrary, those are the very characteristics which have ensured our success and existence as a nation and we would only ensure our eventual demise if we seek to diminish those qualities.

Rey Torres, President
Arizona Latino Republican Association


The elephant in the room

The Democrat’s methods became quite visible at their convention. First there was the Pelosi Method. The delegates were supposed to “pass the party platform before they read it to see what was in it.” But someone jumped the gun, read it and told Fox News. The elephant in the room is that the administration has been moving away from Israel and pandering to the Arabs since the inauguration. The deletion of God from the platform may have been inadvertent but the omission of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital was most probably not. The delegates should have addressed these two omissions with two separate votes. But the bosses in the smoke-filled room, having been caught, devised what was to be a quiet way out. They used the Washington ear-mark technique and appended the Jerusalem question to the God question, evidently assuming that no delegate would “vote against God.” They were so sure of themselves that they programmed the result into the teleprompter. But the anti-Israeli group refused to bow before the bosses’ ram-rod methods and voted a resounding “NO.” So the chair reverted to “Chicago style politics” and embarrassed all of America in the eyes of the world by ruling that the “YEAS” passed it by a two-thirds voice vote. And all we hear from the media today is that the vote was “against God.” The fact that half of the delegates evidently oppose Israel has been swept under the rug. The Democrat’s methods have been exposed but, unfortunately, the elephant is still invisible.

Jack C. McVickers


Obama’s perverse Middle East policy bears fruit

It would not be fair to blame the disasters in Egypt and Libya entirely on Barack Obama’s failed Middle East policies. The Muslim extremists who attacked our embassy and consulate are alone responsible for their actions; they are, as a former president memorably put it, evildoers.
Nothing we say about American foreign policy excuses them to the slightest degree.
It is nevertheless true that what happened yesterday in Egypt and Libya is directly related to the perverse policies that the Obama administration has followed for the past four years. Obama’s policies in the region are inconsistent, and Obama himself has never tried to reconcile them. He insisted that Hosni Mubarak must go, even though Mubarak was America’s best friend among Arab leaders. Mubarak himself held Obama largely responsible for his downfall. If Mubarak were still in power, yesterday’s outrages in Cairo, which were led by al Qaeda members or sympathizers, would not have occurred.

Obama eagerly lent American military power to the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Unlike Mubarak, Gaddafi was no friend of the United States. But he had abandoned his support for terrorism and his quest for weapons of mass destruction. Still, he had to go; because of the humanitarian crisis, Obama told us. If Gaddafi were still in power, yesterday’s attack in Benghazi, which was also carried out by al Qaeda members or sympathizers celebrating the anniversary of September 11, would not have happened.

Then there is Syria, which is headed by a dictator who is bitterly hostile to the U.S. and is Iran’s principal regional ally. The humanitarian crisis in Syria is far worse than anything that happened in Libya. Yet the Obama administration sits on the sidelines.

And let’s not forget Iraq. Poor George Bush must feel left out; where was the Arab Spring when he needed it? Barack Obama and many other Democrats, including members of his current foreign policy team, bitterly opposed the Iraq war on the grounds that it is illegal to overthrow a sovereign nation’s government, and you can’t impose democracy by force. Hey, tell it to the Libyans!

What does Obama think he is doing in the Middle East? Unlike George Bush, who gave a series of excellent speeches outlining his strategies in the region, he has never said. I suspect that he doesn’t really know or, frankly, care very much. You could call his actions in the region incoherent, except that it’s worse than that, especially if you take into account his hostility toward Israel. If a consistent principle can be deduced, it is that Obama wants to avoid doing anything that might advance U.S. interests. Maybe that’s the answer, or maybe he just doesn’t care enough to formulate a real policy.

Be that as it may, one thing is clear: but for Obama’s feckless participation in the overthrow of Egypt’s and Libya’s governments, yesterday’s events would not have happened. It will be interesting to see whether reporters ask Obama hard questions about the fruits of his policies, or whether they instead follow the newly-discovered rule that foreign policy is not to be discussed during an election year.

John Hinderaker
Power Line –


My personal comments to the American people:

We the people must do our due diligence in vetting our leaders. We cannot let our emotions overrule our intellect when we vote! We must do our homework and research.
It is imperative at this juncture we pick a leader with a pro-American agenda. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the United States of America last for a thousand years, men will still say, this was their finest hour.
Before the election here are the links to our homework.
• Please watch
• Piers Morgan Ridicules DSouza; Then Agrees With Him:
• Piers Morgan and Penn Jillette Ridicule DSouza; Then Agree With Him: watch?v=rvb4IppBcJQ
• Please read The Roots of Obamas Rage - by Dinesh DSouza: w/roots-of-obamas-rage-dinesh-dsouza/1100237965?ean=9781596982765
• Obamas America: Unmaking the American Dream - by Dinesh DSouza:

Roman Stockton/Winston Churchill
Katy, Texas


New business signs win Tree chopped down

On Friday morning this past week a crew did the unthinkable to a large and very healthy Mesquite tree at Lucky Lane and Tom Darlington, in the median. They not only chopped down this great tree, they removed about 100 feet of desert plants to the South of it. The reason, per the workman, is to clear the way for one of the new signs for the merchants so that the sign is more readable.

Can you believe that we now have a Million Dollar garden attraction ... and then go around cutting down great trees and desert plants … then filling the holes with rocks?

Not only was this a fine tree, it somewhat shielded the bright light from the new high powered "gas light" that now shines right in our windows. We had been promised that none of these lights would ever be placed on Tom Darlington. This one is directly on the corner and destroys all of the dark sky we cherish.

Who in the world is making these terrible decisions over at Town Hall? Don't they ever consider us Citizens?

A very upset Carefree Citizen
Name withheld by request


Blessed to be born in the U.S.A.

When I turn on the news and see the shooting of unarmed mothers, father, children, co-workers and police, my heart hurts for their loved one. It’s sad to think in this country, being born into a land of promise and opportunity, there are people that would take someone’s life for no reason, when the only response should be self defense, defending one’s family, home, business, car-jacking, saving ones’ life in distress, war or the unexpected situation.

I see the news; I read about it; I possess the common knowledge of what’s happening in the world, and what sets us apart from them. Just look and take note of the many nations where the people are fighting to be free, throwing stones, using sling shots, knives and fire bombs, against tanks and well- armed troops.

Our Founder and framers were doubtless and inspired I believe by our Lord, who helped them write the words of wisdom and foresight. “We the People” should never have to go through with what our pioneers went through under the King of England.

We live in perilous times. Wake up my fellow brothers and sisters. You see the men in high places, usurping their constitutional powers and dictating, rather than legislating according to their job description in the Constitution, using executive powers to bypass not only your elected congressmen and senators, and saying things like “transforming” or “updating,” while making outright changes to or eradicating the Second Amendment in fear of “We the People,” and against the will of the people, ignoring our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our way of life.
The one word that fits my position is NUTS! These are the very things we hold dear to our hearts; the liberty that our young men and women died for and the rest of the world craves and prays for. It’s time “We the People” stand together and be counted. We have had enough of your agenda and “We the People” demand that you keep your word, when you, in front of the American people with your hand on God’s book, swore to protect and defend the Constitution “So help you God.” “We the People” demand no less.

I thank God for the N.R.A. and pray for their leadership, their honesty and courage in this constant uphill battle against our own government and all the radical fringe groups. I encourage every gun owner to do your part and join the N.R.A. If we’re “All in” we win!
I vote my Second Amendment right.

Name withheld by request


Is that the sound of gagging I’m hearing?

Obama plays the "blame game" by blaming Republicans, Christians, Veterans etc. etc ad nauseam ("home grown terrorists according to the very useless Janet "Nappy" Napolitano) for the failure of domestic policy … after all "he" is the second coming.

Anyone who can read and think knows that's a pack of lies being utilized to cover his incompetence and lack of background on the economy and just about all American values.

However there is NO DENYING that this inept "president" along with Hillary Clinton are the responsible parties for the total and abject failure of foreign policy.

Liberals, progressives, Marxists, socialists, lame stream media, Hollywood blowhards and leftist pseudo intellectuals of "the View," I'm waiting patiently for your excuses and apology tour as you genuflect at the altar of B. Hussein Obama.

Is that the sound of gagging I hear?

Tom Carbone