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Becky Fenger Fenger PointingParty hearty

Never have so many made so much about so little. I'm speaking here of course about Kate Middleton's breasts. An Italian gossip magazine published a special 20-page edition of the Duchess of Cambridge based on her sunbathing topless in France. The Queen of England is miffed and tired of seeing nude pictures of her grandchildren around the world. So are we.

Now that the top (or topless) story is out of the way, let's move on to some thoughts on the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. I watched the entire production through the lens of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz and Lawrence O'Donnell. And lived to write about it.

Race-baiter Al Sharpton is a real piece of work. His abuse of the English language is second only to his outrageous statements. He summed up the entire Republican National convention with these six words: "The nitwits have money this time." As to Barack Obama's performance, Sharpton gushed: "The president gave an epic speech tonight. He did a substanative (his word) job." There is no end to Al's lucubrations.

A glaring irony of a convention devoting itself to the virtues of subsidized abortions and women's rights over their own bodies is that the star speaker was Bill Clinton, a credibly- accused rapist and serial solicitor of gratuitous sex. Also invoked was the specter of Senator Ted Kennedy, who left a young woman to die in order to save his political career.

My favorite comment on Bill Clinton's convention speech came from economist Thomas Sowell, who was awed at the former president's statement that Republicans want to go back to the same old policies that got us into trouble in the first place. "That is world class brass," Sowell states. "Bill Clinton's own administration, more than any other, promoted an unsustainable housing boom, which eventually and inevitably led to a housing bust that brought down the whole American economy." There you have it.

For all those speakers who got big applause for claiming Democrats would remedy the plight of women who get paid less for doing essentially the same jobs as men, consider this from June O'Neill, an economist who used to direct the Congressional Budget Office. After laboriously studying the data, she found the pay gap virtually disappears when factors such as education, continuous time in the workforce, and part-time versus full-time work are considered. Professor O'Neill also found that among middle-aged adults who have never been married and who have no children (a condition abetted by women like Sandra Fluke), women actually earn eight percent more than men. Even though the pay gap is not statistically significant, this should stifle the harpies for awhile.

Here's a mystery for you: the large number of Jews who vote for Obama. Any Jew witnessing the debacle of San Francisco Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa having to falsify the vote to put God and Jerusalem back into the Democratic platform (only because of the negative fallout from deleting them) should think long and hard before reelecting this man. How much more denigration can you take?

A real rising star in the Democrat Party is featured speaker San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro who hoped to lock in the Hispanic vote for Obama. He reminds me of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, only Rubio speaks Spanish.

"Gov. Mitt Romney's wife told the Islamist killers, the Russian gangsters and China's murderers that her husband, who should lead the free world, ironed his own shirt that very morning and does his own laundry." ~ Talk radio host and author Michael Savage.

"Democrats just have more fun than Republicans. They're not always logical, though." ~ Tingling MSNBC host Chris Matthews.