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September 12 – 18, 2012

stargazerFor All Signs:  The power of the Uranus/Pluto square creates a blanket over the next four years, but in particular, the next three weeks.  As I have written before, Uranus represents social justice and equality for all.  Pluto, because of its association with raw power, represents the corporations, banks, governments, and the stock market.  Tension between these two principles is rampant now. Numerous events that represent this “war” will no doubt be in the news during this period.  At some point in this time frame between now and 2016 there will likely be a bank crisis.  It feels to me a bit soon in the process for that to happen yet.  However, if there is a run on the banks, the government will surely declare a “bank holiday.”  Prepare alternative resources.  I hope we will never need that backup.

Aries:  A significant relationship or a creative venture that began in Aug—Oct of 2010 is arriving at a point of full ripeness.  If it has been good, you can review it now with a sense of satisfaction.  This is the time in which you cultivate the soil for future growth, or let it begin to shrink naturally.

Taurus:  You have arrived at another turning point with respect to one or more significant relationships.  Think about what you started in the fall of 2010.  It may have been a new relationship or a fresh creative plan.  Now is a time of full maturity of that relationship or new beginning.  You can now see clearly what you have learned.

Gemini:  Prepare yourself for surprises and “off the wall” events.  If you feel ungrounded, go to the gym or exercise in some other way.  This kind of electrical energy can send people reeling, feeling as though the ground has given way.  Attending to your body is the antidote.

Cancer:  You are in a reasonably good place with yourself at this time.  Your heart and mind are flowing together.  You have no conflict between your feelings and your thoughts about those feelings.  This is a time for reflection on important subjects.  You can make good decisions now.

Leo:  Surprising news, related to finances or relationships, may tilt you on your ear this week.  You will need to take time to consider it.  However, in your high spirited way, you will find a way to rebalance the situation.  You just didn’t expect it right now.  Dig deeply into your psyche.  You probably already knew this change was coming.

Virgo the Virgin: (Aug 22--Sep 22)   You have been aware through the summer that you need to make some changes in your life.  Somehow you have become tied in knots by everyone’s expectations.  You may just declare your freedom in some areas, and it is time that you do.  Some honesty is necessary in your life.

Libra:   Your energy is high and your mind is busy at this time.  You want to enjoy things of beauty and romance now.  It could be hard to concentrate upon mental work that requires attention to detail.  If you must do so, then check everything twice.  This is a week for the arts, for love, and for fun!

Scorpio:  In the fall of 2010 you brought one relationship cycle to an end and made a vow to yourself not to repeat the errors again. You began at that time to move forward in your world seeking a new sense of self.  Now you are ¾ to completion and you can see the results of that new cycle.  This is about your education, not the Others in your life.

Sagittarius:  Forward motion may be hard to accomplish this week.  It seems as though there is a blockade in many directions.  Do what you can and take a few naps while you wait for the dust to settle.  Your unconscious mind, and thus the world, is preventing you from doing something premature.

Capricorn:  Pluto, which is transiting your sign, is turning direct after a 5 month retrograde period.  You may find that your daily activities pick up and you have more balls in the air.  Prepare for changes concerning home, hearth and family very soon.

Aquarius:  During the next two weeks surprises and sudden shifts of circumstances will be prominent in your life.  You may decide it is time now to make a change you have considered, but no one else knows about.  Or you may be surprised by the twists and turns of others in your life.

Pisces:  Your imagination could go overboard this week and you might be overly reactive to imagined slights.  Double check on facts, data, and directions that come your way.  Misunderstandings may go either way.  Make a special effort to keep up with keys, tickets, and other small items. 

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