VOL. 18  ISSUE NO. 35   |  AUGUST 29 – SEPTEMBER 4, 2012

AUGUST 29, 2012

The Arizona Department of Homeland Security Encourages Arizonans to Pledge to Prepare During National Preparedness Month

Ninth annual National Preparedness Month (NPM) helps Arizonans take steps toward becoming prepared and self-reliant during disasters.
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(PHOENIX, ARIZONA) – Citing the importance of preparedness in Arizona, Governor Janice K. Brewer has declared September as Arizona Preparedness Month to coincide with the ninth annual National Preparedness Month (NPM). In support of this declaration, the Arizona Department of Homeland Security is proud to be partnering with the Arizona Department of Health Services and Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to spread the word on community preparedness in observance of the ninth annual National Preparedness Month.
Sponsored by FEMA’s Ready Campaign, NPM is a nationwide effort encouraging individuals, families, businesses, and communities to work together and take action to pledge to prepare for emergencies. This year, NPM focuses on encouraging Arizonans to take active steps before a disaster occurs; toward becoming informed and prepared for any type of emergency. Because disaster preparedness is everyone’s responsibility, we all have to do our part individually to ensure that our families, businesses and communities are ready to handle any type of disaster that might come our way. Take a Pledge to Prepare.

Through this partnership, Arizona State agencies hope to encourage every Arizonan to become better prepared to handle emergencies at work, at school and at home by following these simple steps:

Get Informed
Learn about the various existing information sources now that can provide you with the timely and accurate information in the event of an emergency. Bookmark the Arizona Information Emergency Network (www.AzEIN.gov) as a resource for real-time emergency information that is updated around the clock. If you are a Twitter user, follow AzEIN (www.twitter.com/AzEin) to be notified of Emergency Bulletin System posts. You can also view videos at www.youtube.com/AzEinvideo. Remember! Often times during emergencies, power and communication services can be intermittent or out all together. That is why it is always a good idea to have a battery or hand powered radio on hand.

Plan Now
Create an emergency kit that includes enough food, water, and medicine to take care of your family and pets for 72 hours. Plan in advance what you will do to communicate in an emergency by developing a family communications plan. Decide now, how you will let family, friends of loved ones who live both in the same house and outside of the state or city where you live where you will be and how to get in touch with you. Make pre and post disaster communication part of your disaster plan. Family emergency plan templates, an emergency supply kit checklist and other resources are also available at www.ready.gov or www.listo.gov. The Ready Web site also has a special section for children and businesses.

Work Together
Work with others in your neighborhood, community or on the job to raise your collective level of preparedness. As a group you can make a bigger impact on the safety and resiliency of your surrounding area. Consider joining your local Citizen Corps, FEMA's grassroots strategy to bring together government and community leaders to involve everyone in emergency preparedness and resilience. For more information about Citizen Corps, visit www.citizencorps.gov.
Take action today and Pledge to Prepare!

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