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Hello Don,
My wife and I are newcomers to the Carefree/Cave Creek area moving here in July 2011 after 20 years in Tucson. We were delighted to discover Sonoran News and look forward to each edition. Regarding the upcoming election, we have done research on those seeking office and along with your endorsements have made our decisions with the exception of the candidates for District 23 State Representative. We are undecided on which two candidates are best qualified and would appreciate your recommendations among Kavanagh, Petersen and Ugenti.
Thank you and best regards,

Pete and Jeannie Cunningham


Josh Wolf should be our Secretary of Energy!

I just finished listening to Jack Spirk’s¯ regarding 16 year old Josh Wolf of Elk River, Minnesota producing biofuel from algae for less than $2-3 a gallon. President Obama is still insisting on forcing $26+ a gallon algae biofuel to the US  Navy.
And that price does not even take into consideration the development costs we paid for. Is this going to be another cash cow like ethanol production was for Archer Daniels Midland?  More BTUs was used to produce the alcohol than it produced in our car engines?  Will one Congressman or U.S. Senator propose that we make a deal with this kid who apparently will not bankrupt this country as Obama’s plans call for? I know, according to our president, Josh did not create this process on his own and we should take it away from him. After all without the rest of us, Josh would be nothing! Right? Good for you Josh!

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Media matters – a lot

Mainstream media gave Obama a complete pass during his quest for the White House and it now seems that, in spite of dissent among even some of its own members, they intend to do whatever it takes to get him reelected.

You know you are in trouble, when news outlets openly admit, "We are all about doing Obama's bidding."  And, the moderators of the up-coming debates themselves are laughing at conservatives, not one of the four has even a trace of conservative values. Obama will be sternly questioned.  "President Obama, how do you take your coffee?"  Romney will be given the easy ones.  "Governor Romney, how do you intend to eliminate the $16 Trillion deficit built up by your predecessors without cutting spending?"  Sounds like a fair and balanced debate to me. 

Conservatives and conservative values have two strikes against them when they take the podium and it doesn't take liberal moderators long to issue the third strike with partisan questions.  And, IF a conservative did manage to "knock one out of the park," that news would somehow be omitted from the sound bites by the media.   Rather, we would get endless photos of Obama sipping his coffee. 

Do I sound bitter?  Good, because I am!  If media would just report unbiased facts, the American people and America would be a much stronger nation. 

Deanna Drab
Payne Springs, Texas


My opinion about the movie "Obama 2016"

I just returned from watching the movie "2016" and I want to give my opinion about this movie.

I highly recommend it. It is factual, not a diatribe. The theater here in The Woodlands, Texas, was full. When it finished everybody applauded. It is frightening to see what could become of the United States of America if Barack Hussein Obama is re-elected this November.

One thing that attracted my eyes is something I never saw mentioned in ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN. I never heard Barack Hussein Obama was born premature. His parents married on February 2, 1961 which makes him a 6 months premature born baby or boy conceived as a bastard.

Please, whether you are for or against Obama, watch the movie and decide for whom you are going to vote. I have never been a Communist and my friends never considered me an idiot.

My vote is going to be for Romney-Ryan.

Dr. Carlos J. Bringuier
The Woodlands, Texas


National sovereignty unimportant if government acts properly

Governments have only one legitimate function and that is to protect individual liberty. And if governments restricted their activities to this role no one would care about national sovereignty. If you owned a piece of property why would you care which government protected your property rights? Would there be a dispute if the country next to you said they wanted to protect your property rights? If you entered into a contract would you care who assisted you in enforcing the contract? Similarly, would you care which government protected you against theft or protected your life. No

The only time that citizens care about which government is exercising its authority is when those governments are exceeding their proper role and exercising authority that they should not have, such as to steal from you (even if it is via the ballot box and even if they sanitize the theft by calling it taxation), or regulating your peaceful activities, or forcibly redistributing your wealth. When government engages in these activities we all must be concerned and involved and fight to make sure that government doesn’t steal too much from us and that, if it does, we get a large portion of the stolen property back in form of payments and benefits.
Unfortunately, we live in a world where the majority of what government does falls into the second category, stealing our money, regulating our behavior, and redistributing our wealth. Imagine a world where governments only performed their proper role; nothing to kill or die for. It’s easy if you try.

Roy Miller


Our next VP

Greetings Don,

At least there is something good that comes out of Wisconsin.
Not all are crooks and sleazebags.

Paul Ryan is a class act. I got to see him when he stopped by with the Romney campaign bus just before he was asked to be Mitt’s running mate. He is good, knowledgeable, smart, intuitive, and very sincere nice human being.  

I’m spending more time at the Republican headquarters in Waukesha making phone calls. What you see in the media regarding the democrats is true. They are rude, the profanity runs rampant, they are vulgar, and etc if they don’t hung up the phone when you say why you are calling. It gives a person a good perspective of what big pigs they are in real life. They are in a class by themselves for sure, sort of like Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is a real ditz, which is being kind to her.  Some of those who come into the campaign office describe how their cars are scratched vandalized when the display bumper stickers and other signage.  

This goes along with the mentality of the president’s apparent approval of this type of behavior seeing that he is blatantly not tried to distance himself from these lowlifes. What is intriguing to me is that these people are defending that they defending that they are democrats to their death by take offense when you ask why.  They can’t give a reason that makes sense but are quick to defend the president because he was dealt bad cards.

At this time the phones are programmed to make calls to democrats and independents to weed on the brain dead democrats from the data base and to maybe allow some meaningful discussion with the independents. You don’t know what pain is when a (608) phone prefix comes up on the phone which is basically SW Wisconsin and Dane county, the liberal heart of the state. I was just waiting for my mother’s phone number to pop up and she is a big time brain dead democrat along with the rest of my family. As volunteers we don’t get battle pay either.

Oh well, I hope that this has lightened your day a bit.

Dave Thompson
Dodgeville, Wisconsin


An exercise in aggressive, non-partisan political activism

Megyn Kelly, Fox News
Re: Allegations of Voter Intimidation and DOJ Corruption

Dear Ms. Kelly:

I am the same "Roy Warden" identified in a story you did on Voter Intimidation and DOJ
Corruption several years ago, though oddly enough, it was only this morning that I saw your interview with Christian Adams.

I would like to make the following observation:  The entire interview was predicated on the factual basis set forth in stories printed in The Arizona Star and The Citizen, both confirmed left wing publications.

However; no one bothered to interview Russ Dove or myself, or ask for copies of the film we made, which would have confirmed the legitimacy of the DOJ' attorneys (correct) decision not to further investigate or to indict.

I respectfully submit: it's impossible to have rational discussions or draw legitimate conclusions on whether or not the DOJ is "corrupt" in the way they deal with allegations of voter intimidation, without first knowing the facts on which they based their decision.

This morning I submitted the following commentary (with minor editorial corrections) to a story in the Arizona Republic, which may shed some light on the issue.

Roy Warden

"Prior to the 2006 election I wrote an article stating I had obtained "face recognition software" from Homeland Security, and that I had cameras recording 4 precinct voting stations in South Tucson. All faces would be recorded and cross-checked with voter registration rolls, ICE, etc.
Naturally it was all "BS," aka "a bluff."

However, The New York Times took the bait, sent a reporter out to the precincts, where they found Russ Dove and I on election day. Prior to the election, the news of our activity was widely distributed locally, to the extent that the ACLU showed up, Derechos Humanos showed up, with cameras, to catch us "intimidating" voters.

Guess What? Russ Dove and I just stood there (outside the 75 foot limit), a Glock (lawfully) on our hips, with a hand held camera and clipboard.

What did the ACLU, and Derechos Humanos actually film?

A whole bunch of angry Hispanic American Voters who came up and asked us: "Are YOU the guys stopping the Illegals?"

When we said, "YES," they said "Good! We want to help!"

We signed them up for membership with Arizonans for Immigration Control, as indeed we were lawfully entitled to do. So much for the "racial and ethnic solidarity" claimed by the Left Wing!
The ACLU filmed the whole event, took it to the FBI, said we were engaged in "Voter Intimidation," etc.

Were we "intimidating"? Of course not. If we had been, we would have been indicted.
The FBI reviewed the film, saw no crime, and told the ACLU to "shove off."

However, The Arizona Daily Star and The Citizen each published highly inflammatory accounts that we were "Intimidating Voters."

Later we read that Hispanic Voting levels were DOWN 3% in Hispanic Neighborhoods. In other words, 3% of local Hispanic Voters decided not to vote in that election, for whatever reasons you can guess.

The Bottom Line? Confrontational, Non Partisan, Political Activism DOES WORK!  And the Left Wing Media continues to spin the truth.

Don't believe me? Google the incident, you'll read plenty about it.


Veterans: Doing the job of our legislators?

When it involves Vietnam veterans, some (not all) of our legislators turn a deaf ear. Those who do understand our health problems do try to help. They are the minority.  I speak for Navy Blue Water Sailors, as well as some Air Force and Fleet Marines.  These veterans of the forsaken Vietnam War did not have Boots-On-Ground.  For the most part, these veterans are not eligible for Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care or Compensation for Agent Orange presumptive exposure.

Who is doing the job of some legislators?  John Bury, US Navy, retired, John Rossie, US Navy veteran, Susie Belanger, wife of a US Navy veteran, Heather Bowser, daughter of an US Army veteran, and Kelly Derricks, daughter of an US Air Force veteran.  We are advocates for the passage of the Agent Orange Bills.  We are just a few of many who are involved, yet, we advocates take on the job that some legislators fail to do.  Is it fair for us to seek meetings with members of Congress and Senate and plead the needs for Vietnam veterans?  Is it fair to continue to ask the American people to write to their legislators to do their job and pass House Bill HR-3612 and Senate Bill S.1629?  We ask for these Bills to restore VA Health Care and Compensation Disability.

We Vietnam veterans who are sick with diseases caused by Agent Orange Dioxin poisoning are doomed, unless those Bills are passed.  Is this our death sentence for serving our Country?  Is this the legacy we are to leave our children and grand children?

We advocates understand veterans issues are not the only items our legislators must deal with.  Is it fair to say, we who served deserve to receive fair and equitable priority?  I ask the American people once again to support us.  Write the Congress and Senate.  Urge them to pass the aforementioned Bills.

John J. Bury,
US Navy/retired/Vietnam War veteran
Media, Pennsylvania

We sincerely apologize for incorrectly attributing a July 18 Letter to the Editor to John Bury, US Navy, Retired. The author of “Voter ID and our 44th or 45th President” is Joseph DuPont of Towanda, Pennsylvania.


Why pick on idiots?

Dear Ghost,

I just stumbled across your editorial called "Conversations With Two Blinkers," from on August 22, 2012. It seemed like a waste of your time. You are a pretty smart guy who could probably do something useful if he put his brain to it. Your editorial, however, came across as a pretty transparent and condescending effort to demonstrate your brainpower by showing just how stupid a pair of knee-jerk ideologues are when caught off-guard by someone asking them (albeit in decidedly snarky fashion) to consider challenges to their viewpoints. The companion to that effort--i.e., the heavy-handed and gratuitous intent that you, by comparison, appear clever and insightful--was painful to endure. Maybe that intent was simply ancillary and your main point was less self-serving, like simply showing that the world of outspoken political adherents, regardless of stripe, are fools by and large. But no intelligent person would debate that point. Most idiots wouldn't debate it either (they just don't realize they are among the fools). You (not to mention Sonoran readers generally) would doubtless find much greater fulfillment engaging persons of intellect so that your ideas can actually be tested and perhaps even modified or (brace yourself) improved.

C. Krett Ryder