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Mayor Lane is serious business

Let us not be mistaken by artificial conservative values. Scottsdale Mayor Lane is not. His reforms speak volumes. Mayor Lane has been a statewide leader in the effort to end gifting subsidies to developers, and he initiated the voter approved amendment to Scottsdale’s City Charter that eliminates this past practice. As a private property rights advocate, he opposed the eminent domain attempt on a private water system company. And the secrecy era is over. Transparency today brings daylight to the financial condition of the city. Further, the city now works under a council-manager form of government, and accountability reigns on City Charter Officers. Fiscal responsibility is important too. Scottsdale is one of the few cities in Arizona to balance budgets during the recession without sales tax increases. He did so by cutting spending and reforming the way Council does business. The Mayor removed any uncertainty, and the city is open for business. Economic activity is flourishing, and it provides for the revenues needed for basic services such as public safety. It is downright foolish for anyone to question Mayor Lane’s conservative values. He gets my vote on August 28. 

Ray Torres


Wild about Harry

I'm just wild about Harry, that mealy mouthed, libelous sock-puppet of the Obama Administration. Reid, the low, deceitful, despicable, lying little Obama foot soldier would be facing a jail sentence for libel were he not protected by his position as Senate Majority Leader. Above the law is how he sees himself while accusing Mr. Romney of a decade-long felony tax evasion, offering nothing in the way of evidence but hearsay. This is the same Harry Reid, who with willing accomplice Princess Nancy Pelosi, back-stabbed the American people with the scalpel of Obamacare; demanding we accept it on blind faith. 

Does our criminally negligent media investigate or report on Harry's shady land deals, miraculous home stretch re-election win, his tax records? Hell no, they're on the same team. Does his boss admonish him for falsely accusing a decent man? No again. B.O. was too busy planning his annual White House Ramadan dinner. 

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Obama and the “hot air” he blows

I have a great idea for you regarding Obama and the “hot air” that he blows. Knowing that Obama is big on wind power generation he can be a one person source of the wind to power those wind mills.

Regarding his recent speech in Iowa is there a way you can get your editorial cartoonist to draw a picture of Obama in Iowa helping to blow enough wind to generate enough electric power for 100 percent of Iowa’s electrical requirements. Every time Obama visits Iowa their energy costs go down. The windmill should be spinning so fast that they should be flying apart.  
Reference his statement: “If he came here to Iowa, he might know that 20 percent of Iowa's electricity now comes from wind energy. (Applause.) Over the past 4 years, America has doubled its – the amount of electricity that is produced from wind, and this is enough to power 13 million homes with clean and renewable energy.”

Also, remember how Obama spoke about improving a car’s gas mileage by inflating the tires and getting tune-ups? Do you think you cartoonist could make a drawing of Obama in his car and blowing enough hot air to blow the windmill of top of the car to generate the electricity to power the car that he is driving? Of course he should be pulling out of a fast food restaurant with a bowl of Bosintang soup to go to snack on (a Korean boiled dog meat soup.) By just using the word Bosintang any of those with Korean heritage should recognize the reference and anyone that curious could look it up.

Reference Obama’s statement yesterday in Iowa: “Now, I know he's tried some other things on top of a car. (Laughter and applause.) I didn’t know he had tried windmills on top of a car. (Applause.) But maybe he tried it. I would have liked to have seen that. “

Dave Thompson
Dodgeville, Wisconsin


Just how stupid does Obama think you are? Pretty stupid!

Dividing a country with class warfare was a tactic used by Lenin of Communist Russia and Barack Hussein Obama II of God knows where.  Your ObamaCare forces companies with more that 50 people to provide health insurance or pay a $2000 fine (Unless they were large contributors to Obama's or some other Democrat's campaign.). Thus companies have delayed hiring any new employees until they are sure that ObamaCare will be NOBAMA. The number of 50 employees was chosen because it lulled those entrepreneurs with less than 50 not to fight ObamaCare. Now that it is law you will see that number drop lower and lower until everyone will have to capitulate! Remember Obama doesn't think you created your own business anyway! So what's the big deal in having Barry's hands on your purse-strings? Right? "Share the Wealth" sucker!

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Presidential candidate Gary Johnson

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states and has an amazing record as Governor of New Mexico. He was the Governor for 8 years and changed that state for the better. When he started they had a $1 Billion deficit and when he left they had over a $1 Billion surplus. What is amazing about that is he was a Republican and the state is 2 -1 Democrat. He brought people together and vetoed any unnecessary items. In fact, he vetoed more in his 8 years than all the other governors combined at the time. He also cut taxes 14 times and never raised them. Job growth exploded in his state when he was Governor, at a rate of 12 percent.

Gary has a plan to bring military levels back to 2003 numbers, which would cut the budget by 43 percent without hurting our strategies. He realizes how much money is wasted in the government and has ideas to make things better. His record in New Mexico proves he can back it up. Gary is an athlete as well and after his two terms as governor he climbed Mt Everest, with a broken leg nonetheless. He also started a very profitable construction company and knows business. The Libertarian party believes the Government should be fiscally conservative, but socially tolerant. That doesn’t mean we advocate abortion, gay marriage or items like that, it just means we believe it is not the government’s place to interfere. In poll after poll, I see most Americans feel similar to this and other polls suggest as many as 60 percent would vote for a third party candidate.

I believe we have the best person running for president.

I have created a petition to get Gary in the debates so his message can be heard: www.change.org/petitions/american-voters-allow-gary-johnson-to-be-part-of-the-presidential-debates?utm_source=guides&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=one_thousand_signatures
The first debate is being held in Denver. I have over 1100 signatures right now and that is without any media coverage. I have gotten every signature by word of mouth.

Adam Gibson


Letters to the FEC demanding action on election fraud

To all concerned: Obama is breaking Federal Laws. Formal complaints were filed years ago with the FBI, ICE, Tonawanda Police, and many other officials. Please read the attached linked letter and do your duty to stop Obama from his continuing criminal acts and omissions.

Robert C. Laity



Swift and permanent economic recovery

Fellow Americans, there’s been a proposal before Congress for over a decade that would put America on track to a swift and permanent economic recovery. Congress won’t pass it unless we demand it. Its adoption would drastically reduce elected politicians’ power and control over US citizens. It’s called the Fair Tax.

Adoption of the Fair Tax would (1) do away with the IRS, (2) put American businesses on a level playing field with their global competition, (3) ensure those living below the poverty level pay no taxes, (4) bring both capital and jobs back to America, (5) ensure everyone pays their fair share including tourists and those in the country illegally and (6) result in an economic boom.

From page 106 of The Fair Tax Book: “Economists estimate that in the first year after the Fair Tax Act becomes law, the economy will grow 10.5 percent.  Exports will grow by 26 percent.  Capital spending will increase by more than 70 percent.”

Every candidate running for congressional office must be asked about their support of the Fair Tax at every opportunity; Town Hall meetings, public appearances and every debate.  Read the book, push hard and the Fair Tax could be adopted soon.

Glen Terrell
Arlington, Texas


Iran and a nuclear bomb

I am a vet of WWII and know what countries like Iran and the "old" Germany can do to all of us. Iran must be stopped from building a nuclear bomb. We must support Israel if they attack Iran to save their country from disaster.

William D. Lawrence MD


The Non-Aligned Movement is sabotaging peaceful efforts

•Iran's leaders are defying U.N. resolutions and world opinion by continuing to develop nuclear weapons while issuing frequent threats to destroy Israel.

•Tough sanctions and diplomatic isolation of Iran may be the only peaceful ways to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state.

•By attending the Non-Aligned summit in Tehran on August 26, world leaders and the U.N. Secretary General are sabotaging these peaceful efforts to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program.

•Any leader that shakes hands with Ahmadinejad is condoning his anti-Semitic attacks on Israel and the Jewish people.

•The United States should make its friends and allies aware they should not attend this meeting and their attendance would be viewed by Washington as a negative and unfriendly act.

Yury Davidov


Save American lives. Deport all criminal illegals immediately!

I am writing to respectfully demand that you SAVE AMERICAN LIVES. Make Obama Deport ALL CRIMINAL ILLEGALS Immediately and pass the HALT Act (H.R.2497) that would prevent the Obama Administration from:

      * Granting parole for illegals who commit crimes
      * Issuing work authorizations
      * Extending voluntary departures
      * Giving illegals TPS (temporary protection status)
      * Executing deferred actions (authorizing them to work in the U.S)
      * Authorizing cancellation of the removal of illegal aliens

A recently released House Judiciary Committee report details the murder of 19 Americans and 142 sex crimes committed by illegal aliens. But the most shocking statistic of the report is that all these crimes could have been prevented. Hold the Obama Administration Legally Responsible for the 19 Deaths and the 142 Sex Crimes committed. Enforce Immigration Law - STOP ILLEGAL ALIENS at the border.

The HALT Act could put an end of to all of Obama's schemes to make illegal aliens U.S. citizens - for good. It's about time we sent Obama a strong message that we aren't going to put up with his tricks anymore.

It gets even worse... Obama's sneak amnesty policy allows the "good" illegals to stay and the "bad" ones will get deported. Obama should know better, things aren't that simple. If an illegal alien commits a crime in Mexico, there is no way for the U.S. to find out about it.

That means, if an illegal was a mass murderer in Mexico he could be getting the royal treatment in the U.S. - a work permit, a job, free medical care, free food... you name it. Heck, most American citizens aren't treated that well.

Thanks to Obama, now the government will have to perform a case-by-case review of over 300,000 illegals stuck in the federal court systems. Given our government's terrible record of getting things done efficiently, the process could take years. And guess who will pay for all this? You and I.

We will pay for the government workers' salaries, the attorney's fees, the medical care, the processing costs, the food and the upkeep of the prisons. You name it and we pay the bill.
Enough is enough. I demand that you SAVE AMERICAN LIVES. Make Obama Deport ALL CRIMINAL ILLEGALS Immediately and pass the HALT Act - now. Before it is too late.


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