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Don SorchychEndorsements • Paul Ryan, V.P.

In the upcoming primary election there are many choices. In some cases we have intimate knowledge of the candidates and others our knowledge is sketchy. Our choices have been guided by conservatism. Candidates are most often Republicans (avoiding Republicans in Name Only, RINOS, as much as possible). We cover offices which are not in our marketing district of six zip codes because all of our editions are online worldwide.

U.S. Senator:
Wil Cardon is exactly who the founding fathers hoped would run. He is a conservative, successful businessman. His opponent, Jeff Flake, is for illegal immigration, open borders and opening up Cuba.

U.S Representatives in Congress:
District No. 6
David Schweikert: long-time financial expert, conservative and current congressman.

District No. 9
Martin Sepulveda: conservative ex-Navy SEAL is a great candidate.

State Senator:
District No. 15

Nancy Barto is unopposed, unfortunately. Wait for the general election to give her the boot.

District No. 25
Russell Pearce, the most conservative and patriotic American in Arizona. He was recalled from the Senate presidency by a cabal of illegal aliens and open borders advocates. His voice and knowledge is needed by the State Senate. He was the author of SB 1070, which attempted to do the job federal officials refuse to do. Naturally, the left wing Arizona Republic recommended his opponent.

State Representative:

District No. 1
Karen Fann and Lori Klein are both conservative Republicans. Andy Tobin is a RINO who joined Barto by sabotaging an important Russell Pearce bill.

District No. 15
David Burnell Smith: a tough minded conservative.
James Bearup: a decorated combat veteran and conservative Christian.
Reject Heather Carter, delivered by the AEA union and mindlessly for schools, although they already consume more than half the state’s budget.

Corporation Commission:
Bob Burns, Bob Stump and Susan Bitter-Smith are the complete Republican line-up. Sadly, they are generally RINOs but still aren’t Democrats. Unfortunately they said they wouldn’t get rid of the stupid Renewal Energy Mandate passed by Democrats. But they will never be able to compete with fossil fuels anyway.

Desert Ridge Justice Court:
Bill Ponath is a clear choice over incumbent Justice Clancy Jayne, who was reprimanded three times by the Judicial Conduct Commission. Ponath is a lawyer, Jayne isn’t, and Ponath was endorsed by Russell Pearce. Jeff Shapira was a Democrat until 2010.

Scottsdale Council:
I have to follow Becky Fenger’s choices, since they make a lot of sense.
Mayor: Drew Bernhardt
Council: Joe Meli, Chris Shaffner and Guy Phillips.
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors:
Andy Kunasek is unopposed.
Lester Pearce, brother of Russell, is a great choice.

Romney and Paul Ryan
The long sought decision is now behind us. How do you feel with Ryan as the chosen one? One comedian said the debates with the Democrat Vice-President would be entertaining and fun. I think it is no contest as Ryan is a splendid speaker and is very bright and his opponent is not. Obama wanted a political hack as his VP and Joe Biden fit the bill.

We strongly endorse the Tea Party and I hope they get over the snit that Ryan’s plan would take 30 years to balance the budget. I think Ryan did what he could, knowing he would be a big target for the Obama administration. As it was, they accused him of planning to push old people in a wheel chair off a cliff. Politics are bad enough without having a Chicago thug opponent.
It was interesting to watch the carnival surrounding the V.P. choice. For a while Governor Pawlenty was the man. Then it was Governor Portman. The conventional wisdom, with some merit, is that a V.P. should have substantially governed, which governors have. Until Obama, a senator never made the grade.

Recently, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was believed to be under active consideration but for whatever reason he was not chosen. Unless he has skeletons in his closet he would have been terrific. Where do you find a politician that outspoken?

There were two key polls which showed Romney between six and nine points behind Obama before his choice of V.P. Republican. Sources said the a V.P. choice and the Republican convention would give Romney an 11 point kick. They pointed out President Bill Clinton got a 15 point increase following the Democrat convention.

The election is bearing down on us and reelection of Obama would lose this country.

I can’t understand why the Republican Party doesn’t ask a simple question, “Why are you hiding your past, Obama?” Donald Trump suggested Romney answer Democrats’ demands for tax records by simply saying he will release them when Obama releases a real birth certificate, admission records to colleges, grades, social security number discrepancies, passport information and all the rest of it. Obama has spent an estimated $2.6 million to hide his past. There has to be a reason.

It amazes me that even the Republican Party doesn’t seem to care if an imposter is in the White House. Even conservative talk radio and television are controlled on this subject. There has been a four year running hoax that Fox TV was going to let it all out. They didn’t and now the rumor is that Fox Owner Rupert Murdoch axed the idea. I don’t know the facts, but Murdoch held a big fund raiser for Hillary Clinton when she ran against Obama in the Democrat primaries and in his case it is all about money.