Spoof Space: The real meaning of … “TO ROB”

STEELE CODDINGTON IN SPOOF SPACE“To Rob” means, “to deprive someone of something unjustly or injuriously ...” It is also a mystifyingly strange coincidence that the letters ROB form an acronym for the names of three leading proponents of a scheme to rob this country of an honest presidential election. Using a despicable campaign containing lies, misinformation, distortion and fake claims of political success, their act really conveys more of an impression they are impersonating the stupidity of the old time Three Stooges. The acronym ROB uses the first letters of the perpetrators – REID, OBAMA and BIDEN, and describes the nature of the political crime being committed. The positive consequence of their gutter level politics is the speed at which it reveals how much their collective basic personalities have taken on the bad odor of the old Chicago meat packing plants.

The absurdity of Reid as a mouthpiece on impropriety only reinforces his reputation as a seedy clown and amplifies his squirrelly leadership record devoted mainly to covering for Obama. His universally recognized label as “Dingy” Harry was portrayed in a recent political cartoon by Ramirez in Investors Business Daily showing a caricature of Reid with an enlarged head with nothing in it, and the headline. “Harry Reid has no brain.” As proof of no brain it lists all Reid’s lies about Romney’s taxes. It should have shown Harry leading a chorus of “Bring on the clowns” as a tribute to his Senate majority liberals.

But the more serious robbery suspect in America is the O in ROB, increasingly demonstrating in the political arena that his social justice charade amounts to nothing more than robbing Peter (anyone who earns an income and pays taxes), to redistribute to Paul (left wing radicals, government employee unions, education unions, GM auto union pension funds, environmental wackos). His motto for unions is a perversion of the “teach a man to fish” proverb, “Teach a man to bitch and he’ll complain for life.”

O’s robbery campaign, with increasing frequency is one of distraction, sowing whatever seeds of hatred, envy, class warfare, cleverly worded distortions and untruths to rally a perennial class of “victims” and malcontents dedicated to fundamentally change the direction of a free, individual loving America to a collective social nightmare. The list of lies and distortions is getting so hot that “Dingy” Harry has heard a rumor from Bain Capital that even Joe Biden is singing “Liar, liar your pants are on fire.”

Biden’s role, or the B in ROB, is never clear, but there’s always some balloon or stimulus that needs hot air or a foot to stick in his mouth. My dog Arbuckle says O is such a good liar he doesn’t even know it when he does it. At one point it’s rumored O said, “How could anything I say be a lie? It was right there on my teleprompter.” Biden backed him up and said, “That’s true, I heard it myself.”

But you know things are getting tough for the Obama team when the only lie they can come up with this week is that Mit Romney took money from the Tooth Fairy and gave her a false tooth. The spirit of the Tooth Fairy said, “There’s an abscess in the White House that needs an extraction in November.”