AUGUST 8, 2012

Local author and childhood friend launch effort to help Maasai tribe

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maasai tribeMarilyn Parver of Kingman and Karen Keilt of Carefree know life without water is not doable. But what if you lived somewhere where the only water available was the water you could collect after it dripped off your mud hut, following a rare storm? Or if the only water around was at a vile muddy river pit a five mile hike away from your hut and everyone in your village used that same muddy water to wash, to cook, and to drink?

Marilyn is spending a year of her life living in a Maasai tribe village in the Rift Valley of Kenya in Loita Hills. Some 20,000 Maasai live there. She needs our help. That’s where Karen came in .. reaching out to put together a plan to get a well for the Maasai. You see there is water underground there in Kenya, you just have to have the technology to get it.

They became affiliated with World Serve International, and John Bongiorno and Doug Pitt (Brad’s brother). World Serve International is a bona fide 501(c) 3 charitable entity that digs wells and handles all sorts of amazing projects like bringing water to people who really need it in Africa.

Their goal is to raise $50K ... enough to dig a well and bring CLEAN water to that village of 20,000. They are also trying to provide solar lights since there is no electricity. Just under $30K will provide 2,400 solar lights.

They can accept donations via Paypal on the web-site of WorldServe International a 501-3 (c) under the heading Loita Hills Cultural Center Project. Just visit and click on the DONATE tab in the upper right hand corner of the page ... fill in your information and pick LOITA HILLS MAASAI PROJECT.

They are also looking for a sponsor for their Water For Life bracelets. If you need more information and would like to help please contact Karen Keilt at or Marilyn Parver at or follow them on FB and Twitter.