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Don SorchychRacists

I received a Charlie Brown cartoon via email. The first panel had a black boy telling Charlie Brown, “I like being black.” Charlie Brown says, “That’s nice.” In the next panel. Charlie Brown says, “I like being white.” In the last panel, the black boy says “Racist.”
That is how the upcoming election is. It is OK to celebrate being black and 95 percent of black voters voted for Obama. However, tell me how it would be received if anyone said they were voting for Mitt Romney because he is white? Should 95 percent of white people vote for Romney for that reason?

Ponder that.

I received an angry call from a Scottsdale woman who was bent out of shape because Linda Bentley had used the term mulatto. In the first place, Linda was quoting another person and mulatto is a dictionary word. Obviously the woman had bought into limitations about what we say, regardless of the First Amendment.
vote cartoon
Let us hope voters will vote based on the quality of the office seeker. Barack Hussein Obama has proven he is a know nothing and a racist to boot. Although the answer is, it is politics, how can a know-nothing like Obama criticize the incredible life of Mitt Romney? So far his attempts to criticize Romney have fallen on deaf ears if you believe the polls.

All indications point to Obama’s relationships forming his angry anti-American views. His migration to Chicago gave him the support he needed especially the friendship with Weatherman Communist terrorist Bill Ayers. Chicago is so crooked, Ayers is now a retired University of Illinois Chicago professor who did no time for his bombing and killings. His wife, terrorist Bernadette Dorn, hid out for years with the help of Ayers and was given a slap on the wrist when she finally turned herself in.

Remember Obama told the press he barely knew Ayers and he was just someone who lived in the neighborhood. Not only did Obama sit on boards with Ayers but some believe Ayers ghost wrote his books. Republican presidential candidate John McCain and all of the national media let Obama get away with his lies and evasions. The national media continues their news black out of the many questions about Obama’s background. How much publicity has Joe Arpaio gotten for his investigation of Obama? None, just disputes about Arpaio, not Obama.

The government’s treatment of Arpaio is criminal. Their lawsuit against him and their policy of voiding the 287(g) agreement to protect illegal aliens is an obvious attempt to get Hispanic support for Obama’s candidacy.

The Department of Homeland Security policy of only deporting criminal illegal aliens is unconstitutional and a huge blight on the security of our borders.

I recently received an American Thinker article we published on April 11 entitled “Obama: The Affirmative Action President.” The article is all about Obama’s shortcomings.

Columnist Matt Patterson, who wrote this piece, is also affiliated with the Washington Post and the San Francisco Examiner. Patterson seems to be driven by a Wall Street Journal article by Norman Podhoretz. Podhoretz, formerly a liberal, is now often called a neoconservative. He has an incredible number of articles to his credit and is the editor-at-large of Commentary Magazine.

“Podhoretz puts his finger, I think, on the animating pulse of the Obama phenomenon – affirmative action. Not in the legal sense, of course. But certainly in the motivating sentiment behind all affirmative action laws and regulations, which are designed primarily to make white people, and especially white liberals, feel good about themselves. “

The article expands greatly on this thought. It is worth a read if you missed it: or click on Archives and search for Matt Patterson. The public should be bothered by so many proven facts. Obama has used an attorney to block anything about his background and he would only do that if he was ashamed of his past. Podhoretz’s statement tells us why people are so afraid of the racist label and that is why the media and the public are so afraid of criticizing Obama and his legions, like Eric Holder.

The current situation is clear. Not only is Obama a Marxist, he is a Chicagoan, where corrupt politics reign supreme. Remember when Joe Kennedy used his mob connections to give his son a plurality there? They used every trick in the book, including voting by people in the cemetery.
Richard Nixon had ample proof of why he lost but refused to contest the vote because he felt it would be damaging to America. I hope that Boy Scout attitude is gone. Every state, to one degree or another, has illegal voting going on and it has to be stopped.

Joe Arapio, and yes we strongly support his candidacy to retain the Sheriff’s title, has issued a challenge to Congress. His Cold Case Posse had sufficient evidence to indict Obama; now lets see who in Congress has the courage to run with it.