Medical marijuana, it could just be what the Phoenix Green Cross Clinic doctor ordered

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green cross symbolMention medical marijuana and folks snicker. Despite whatever image pops into one's mind regarding spacey people saying silly things, medical marijuana is really quite a remarkable medical remedy. For more than a year, Phoenix Green Cross Clinic has been helping those suffering obtain relief from various conditions approved by Arizona's Medical Marijuana Act. For details on what qualifies, see If curious about the connection between glaucoma and marijuana, MMJ helps reduce the pressure in the eyes that causes pain.

Dave Berkovitz said many people who suffer chronic pain or nausea allow fear to keep them from exploring this option. "It goes back to the Nancy Reagan era of 'this is your brain on drugs.' It's not like that at all. There are no negative side effects."

As a matter-of-fact, where marijuana used to be deemed an entry drug to worse addictions, now it's touted as an exit drug for addictive pharmaceuticals and narcotics. The professionals at Phoenix Green Cross will sit down, take the time to review medical records, answers all questions, assuage any fears and help those who suffer finally get relief. They'll even take your photo for your MMJ card. Some may not know you need not smoke cannabis, you can use it vaporized or even eat it!

Berkovitz is a believer in MMJ. "It's an amazing herbal medicine. There would never be an instance if someone had legitimate chronic pain that I wouldn't encourage them to give it a shot. It's a wonderful alternative to pharmaceuticals and narcotics." And remember, your worst side effects may be a case of the munchies or feeling a teensy tired.

Call to see if you qualify at 480-443-8665.