Mass murder in a Colorado theater

Those who want to disarm innocent citizens should pause and consider what might have happened if just one person sitting near the assailant in that Colorado theater had been a law abiding armed person. There would certainly have been some carnage but nowhere near the amount that results when citizens are denied the right to defend themselves.
Remember, when seconds count, police are only minutes away.

Roy Miller


An open letter of Thanks to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office:

Dear Sheriff Arpaio,
We watched the news coverage of your press conference that took place yesterday on July 17. As usual, the reporters attacked you the messenger and refused to look at the substance of your message. Although the attacks were disheartening, they ultimately revealed the true state of affairs in America. We are no longer a nation guided by the respect for the rule of law. It would appear that the media has embraced political and legal anarchy. We’re sure that during your 51 years of public service as a law-enforcement official, you have probably never experienced or witnessed such a flagrant abuse by the media at this level. We would also speculate that you are shocked that no government authority has given your investigation any credence.

On August 18, 2011, Denise and I, along with three other citizens met with you in your office on the 19th floor of the Wells Fargo building. We presented you with a petition with the signatures of 242 concerned citizens who requested that you investigate the authenticity of President Barack H. Obama II’s Certificate of Live Birth that the White House posted on their website April 27, 2011. We presented you with the White House document that we downloaded into Maricopa County, hoping to establish jurisdiction. You willingly accepted our request to investigate the document because there are Arizona criminal statutes against fraud and forgery. We said to you at the time that we considered you “the last hope for America.” The past eleven months have only confirmed that belief.

Denise and I want to personally extend our gratitude for you having the courage to take on this formidable task. The evidence that your office developed proved to us that Barack H. Obama II’s Certificate of Live Birth is not authentic. You successfully accomplished what we requested. You gave us an answer to a question that no one else in America would seriously consider. You cannot be faulted by the media and government officials who choose not to perform their duties and responsibilities.

Thank you for your efforts to preserve our Constitution and the rule of law. You are a true American Hero. Denise and I wish you continued success during the next four years as Sheriff.


Brian & Denise Reilly


Forgeries and cover-ups: breathtaking!

On July 17 Sheriff Arpio and Mike Zullo presented startling information and findings which they have uncovered during their year long investigation into the forgery and cover up relating to where Obama was born, forgeries and felonies.

The word "breathtaking" was used to describe what Zullo had uncovered and in fact, it is.  But not nearly as breathtaking as the continued cover up by journalists, news organizations, Congress and talk media.  Yes, breathtaking!

A lot will be written about this by bloggers and the new media as the main stream media and conservative talk shows will continue to ignore it.  Not one national, so called conservative talk show host will even mention this news conference (I hope to be proven wrong on this, but it’s doubtful).

You know the ones I mean, you can hear them daily talking about our beloved Constitution while ignoring every aspect of it that may cause them personal ridicule or discomfort. Brave fellows all.



Don, thank you

I just read your article in Sonoran News; it is truly what needed to be said so thank you for writing it. I have been a Suns fan for years with Season seats that cost me over 30k. When Nash and Sarvor supported the "Los Suns" thing a few years ago in opposition to 1070 on Cinco Demayo I decided not to attend the game and have not been back since. The team lost my support but more important my 30k. If more people had the balls to stop supporting these teams by not attending or buying tickets I'm sure this kind of political influence people like Nash have would lose steam. What happened to real men!

Cecil Swyers
President, CBD/TomeyUSA


GM’s theme music

GMC (Government Motors Cartel) should use the theme from the film, “Chariots of Fire,” to advertise the Chevy Volt. Now, THAT would be a perfect example of truth in advertising!

J-P. A. Maldonado


Who is truly pulling the strings of power in our government?

I have written Congressman Marino and Senators Casey and Toomey to call for a complete investigation as to why the White House issued a FAKE Birth Certificate and why the President of the United States still insists it’s real. God bless Sheriff Joe Arpaio for looking after the Constitutional rights of the citizens in his county. The question is, who is looking out for the rest of the country. Had Barry Soetoro done ANYTHING to make America stronger in any positive definable category this might be a moot point. But seeing the suicidal direction AKA Barrack Hussein Obama II is leading us, and the fraudulent Birth Certificate he issued demands a through and complete investigation. The implications of Congress not investigating this matter are scarier than even a rogue impostor president.

Due to the critical importance of denying Obama four more years to finish his destruction of America,  I don't need Mitt to choose a right of center candidate. I implore him to choose the best candidate to attract those voters who were gullible enough to have voted for Obama.

Unfortunately, many of those who have not yet observed Obama's devastation of every aspect of our economy, industrial base, National Pride, Family Values and economic solvency may be beyond being swayed away from the Obama-Bucks mentality. We can only hope and pray that Barry Soetoro, or what ever his legal name is, won't have four more years to complete his late Communistic father's and socialistic mother's vision of our society! May God have mercy on our souls!

I just heard Senatorial candidate Ted Cruz talk about his defense of states’ rights as solicitor General of Texas. He challenged 94 Nations of the United Nations and GW Bush from imposing foreign law which attempted to force Texas to release murderers to the county of origin of the murderer! Cruz's actions protected US Sovereignty and may be a thorn in Hillary Clinton's and Barrack Hussein Obama II's attempt to allow the United Nations to disarm us!  For his successful defense of our sovereignty he not only deserves thanks from the good people of Texas but from all freedom loving Americans across this failing nation.  God bless you Mr. Cruz. The check is in the mail!

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Capitol Hill Democrats attempting to "scam" Americans, again

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) is saying that Capitol Hill Democrats are threatening to go over a "fiscal cliff" if Republicans don't agree to raise taxes on the rich.

Sen. Murray, you, President Obama, and other Capitol Hill Democrats have already pushed America to the "fiscal cliff" with your "out-of-control" spending and over-taxing.  Your spending is costing Americans more than $1 trillion more annually than taxpayers' currently repay.

When will you and your Capitol Hill Democrats come to realize that you are spending "too much" of the taxpayers' money and/or to realize that taxpayers are over-taxed, or how much exemplifies over-taxed?

When will you and your Capitol Hill Democrats come to realize that over-taxing the people and businesses is depressing our weakened economy even further?

When will you and your Capitol Hill Democrats come to realize that it is not the government's job to provide "all the services," "for all the people," "all the time?"  To do so is "pure" Socialism and contrary to our Constitution freedoms.

Senator Murray, your "out-of-control" spending of Capitol Hill Democrats has already pushed America toward another "recession" and it is your Democrat Party's fault.

Your scam is to continue your spending, raising taxes even higher, and blame Republicans for your "Democrat recession."

If you really believe your claim, will you please ask all 2012 Senate Democrats up for re-election to come forward and stand with you?  That will not happen as your plan is a "scam."

Oscar Y. Harward
Monroe, North Carolina


ALG praises AZ House Republicans for supporting defunding Obamacare, urges other members to join in effort

FAIRFAX, Va. – Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson praised 127 House Republicans for signing a Republican Study Committee letter urging immediate action by House Speaker John Boehner to not only repeal Obamacare, but to defund every aspect of it:

“On July 11, 239 House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare. Inexplicably, however, only 127 members have committed to completely defunding it. We thank every member who has signed the letter urging Speaker Boehner to support every effort to defund Obamacare. But we are left to simply wonder why other members appear reluctant to actually do something to stop the implementation of the law by cutting off its funding.

“There should not be a single piece of legislation that passes which funds any part of Obamacare, and the House must demand that this liberty-robbing law not be implemented.”
House Republican members in Arizona who signed letter:


Gosar, Paul


Franks, Trent


Quayle, Ben


Schweikert, David


Flake, Jeff